Elevate Your Style: Minimalistic Accessories Guide

Some people are jewellery people, and some are not. It may be a matter of comfort of personal style but the trend, fashion and a bit of outfit styling is something that everyone swears by. So, no matter how minimalistic a person may be, they always look and find one or two pieces that go with their personal style and comfort zone as well. One of these ‘ever-loved’ pieces of accessories is watches.


Timeless fashion dedicated to time itself is what watches are. From unique to the classic, there are no designs, trends or occasions for which a person will not be able to find a suitable watch. Watches are everlasting and versatile, the safe way to accessorising -- effortless and fabulous in all terms.





Liven Up the Party with a Tad Bit of Bling


For the queen bee in you, a shiny casual watch is perfect. Imagine leaving for a party with a fabulous bracelet on one wrist and an even more fabulous rose coloured watch from Link of London on the other. Wouldn’t that turn heads around in the party? This is the magic of a well-designed beautiful watch. It elevates your outfit, increases the appeal and does not let you go overboard in the terms of accessorising. Casual watches are such beauties that they can be worn as they are or paired with some bracelets and handcuffs. Something chic like Links of London Sunray dial watch or something a bit extra like Versace Plazo quartz two tone watch look equally magnificent and pretty.  Evening parties, a disco night with 70s era as the theme, a get together or even traditional functions like weddings and bar mitzvahs- casual watches goes a very long way indeed. 



Set Traps in the form of Leather Straps


While chained, bracelet straps and cuff watches are more in-demand these days, one cannot deny the value of a classic leather strap watch. Leather straps are the perfect accessory to add some elegance to your outfit. Equally suitable for a tuxedo and a casual jean and t-shirt combo, strappy watches, like Garmin brown leather band watch, are great to pop-up all kinds of styles and fashion statements. The world of the designer being the ever experimenting industry, leather straps watches have been the subject to some add-ons and mutations as well. Now love for Goth culture will not need you to get countless piercings to make a statement. Get an endearing watch from Thomas Sabo with a skull watch stopper, skeleton king dial, or a rebel spirit compass dial and be in Halloween spirits year-round.



From Crystal to Diamond- The New Definition of Luxury


You got that extra special dress for the upcoming ballroom party and cannot decide on your jewellery. We understand. Pairing very exquisite piece of jewellery with the equally exquisite dress will undermine the value of it. This where your minimalistic but extra special watches comes along. The layers of your flowy dress will be complemented perfectly by a Versace Palazzo empire yellow gold watch. Luxury does not fall behind when it comes to watches. There is an abundance of options for people who choose to wear some certain materials on some selected occasions and for those as well who choose to wear them as an everyday accessory as well. Swarovski crystalline pure watch adds on to the charm with minimal efforts. Some of these options do not even require any added accessories to make the outfit work. Add on some stud ear rings and you are good to go.



Close to Heart and Feelings


Jewellery is one of the perfect ways to express yourself and make your feelings clear to someone without having to say a lot. And that includes expressing your fashion choices and even some personal ones. Even for the people who prefer the most minimalistic style, jewellery can be their something new or something blue and watches stands at the top of minimalistic fashion accessories. From being passed down for generations, watches are often the symbol of a lot more than just fashion and trend. They get the elegance, class and emotions- all in one go. Watches looks beautiful and goes well for most occasions including parties, family events, college school and more. Not just styles and colours, but patterns can be mixed and matched to create a look that none has seen before.


Match Exclusivity with Quality at Acotis Diamonds


Experimenting with style should not mean compromising on quality and authenticity at any point. Jewellery - be it watches or earrings or anything else - may be a great way to express yourself, but it should also be bought only after taking factors like quality and genuineness into consideration. A number of online stores that offer a wide range of style and variety of jewellery, ornaments and adornments, but authenticity is a benchmark that one should always live by. Acotis Diamonds is one such store loaded with amazing designs featuring top-class quality. Find amazing piece handpicked from globally renowned brands in the domain such as Swarovski, D for Diamonds, Beginnings, Thomas Sabo, etc.