Unlock Your Style: Master the Art of Layering Accessories

Every time we need to cheer up our outfits, jewellery comes to the rescue. Nothing can add zest to a wardrobe as jewellery does. Want to change the appeal of your regular dull dress? Throw on a bold necklace or shimmering drop earring and see the overall vibe elevate. Add some delicate bangles or chunky rings for a boho look. Pick some vibrant and dainty earrings to lend a dash of glamour to that regular shirt.

Fashion accessories work like magic and make the basic outfits look like new every single time. When it comes to accessorizing - wearing and repeating what you love seems to be the best mantra to keep yourself in style and your closet sustainable. There is a thing about layering and stacking accessories that makes you look so unique, adding an incomparable charm to your outfit. To pull off an effortlessly chic look and take it to the level you desire - just follow these simple tips of layering, stacking and make the accessories speak for your mood.

Bold & Delicate Rings

Layering and stacking together an assortment of delicate and stunning rings is an incredible way to create a loud and clear personalized statement whilst including most of your favourite pieces. Since experimentation and creativity seem to be the best mantra to follow when attempting layering, there are a few things that might work for you, creating the perfect look you wanted. Always try with alternative placements options, since mixing remains as the scaling trend, you can stack together rings with different metal colours across you hand or on a single finger. Don't forget to explore different gem shapes or contrast a plain setting with an ornate one. The interlocking stacking rings, Thomas Sabo eternity rings and organic band ring by Beginnings are few of the many inspiring designs.

Chunky & Statement Earrings

Seasonal parties and celebrations bring along various photo opportunities. That being said, you must pull out a perfectly glamourous look – do your hair and pick statement earrings to steal the limelight. If you wish to explore a multi-earring look, one thing that you will have to pay attention to is to get the placement and combinations correct. Try with a drop or large hoop earring on the lowest point of your ear. Follow your way upward with a delicate cuff or you can add some glimmering studs to pull out a more bold and elegant look. Pick from the most exclusive and elegant styles such as white hoop gold earrings, zirconia elongated earrings, Swarovski lifelong heart earrings and more.

Dainty & Elegant Neckpieces

Necklaces must be worn only with an open neckline is a common misperception. On the contrary, the necklaces worn over a high décolletage or under a sheer layer of clothing look equally eloquent. Whatever design you may choose, layering the multiple delicate and intricate pieces or combining your signature pendant with a dainty choker is sure to elevate your style.  If you want something minimalistic and austere, you can always try wearing multiple necklaces with different lengths to create a cascading effect across the neckline and that extra glitz to your ensemble. Don't forget to combine different styles and patterns. Choose from Beginnings multi charm magnesite pendant, fantasy pearl necklace and more.

Bold & Chunky Bracelets

The trend of stacking bracelets is growing strong. Combining multiple bracelets flaunts your personality, be it bohemian or glamourous, there is always a way to express yourself. This art of choosing and pairing the right styles gives a unique look that cannot be attained with a single bracelet. When we say the word bracelet we include styles such as bangles, charm bracelets, watches, crystal bracelets and many more. For the starters, you can try mixing different bracelets with some similar traits, like colour. Perhaps a silver diamond bracelet with a couple of delicate bangles in the matching metal tone. While you get more comfortable and confident with this stacking style, you can play around with styles or even textures. If you want to bring an interesting edge to your stack, you can opt for different geometrical shapes or if you want to go for the minimalistic, try mixing delicate chains, pearls or diamond bracelets.

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