Unlocking the Glamour of Ear Cuffs: A Style Guide



Jacqueline Jossa wearing an ear cuff


There’s nothing like a pair of statement earrings to add a bit of sparkle to your outfit, be it casual or formal attire. 


While looking for your next pair, you might have heard a lot about three key trends emerging in the jewellery scene: ear cuffs, ear climbers, and ear jackets. You also might have asked yourself, “What on earth are they?”


Don’t worry. We’ve prepared a guide for ear cuffs, jackets, and climbers. Let’s dive into the latest jewellery trend!





What is an ear cuff?




Ear cuffs are small earrings worn on your ear's outer edge or upper part.  This unique piece of jewellery slips over the cartilage - the thin, top part of the ear - creating the appearance of a helix piercing.




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What are ear cuffs, and where do they originate from?


Ear cuffs were originally called a ‘kafa’ and date back to as far as 2000 BC. Each cuff was made to attach to the outside of the ear and crafted from brass. Ear cuffs were created without stones but did have ornate, rather large designs. 


Commonly, the greek aristocracy wore ear cuffs as a symbol of wealth and status, while in India, the style was incredibly popular as wedding jewellery.


By the 1800s, more subtle ear cuffs were taking North America by storm and by the 1950s and ‘60s, film and TV stars such as Lucille Ball began wearing elaborate designs embellished with stones. 


Ear cuffs continued to be worn over the decades, and there were moments when their popularity increased and fell. However, the trend had a resurgence during the 1990s as grunge took the world by storm.


Do ear cuffs fall out easily?


Ear cuffs are very secure and will sit on the upper part of your ear if worn properly. Ear cuffs only fit on the top of the ear, so it's important to ensure your earring is the correct size to avoid it slipping down §12 3. We advise those looking for ear cuffs to choose pieces with a fuller, longer body as it covers more of the ear and will fit properly. 


Can you wear an ear cuff without a piercing?


There’s no need to get your ears pierced to wear an ear cuff! These beautiful jewellery pieces are perfect if you want to rock beautiful hoop earrings without committing to a piercing.


How to put on an ear cuff


Check out our three simple steps on how to put on an ear cuff:


  1. Start by gently opening your ear cuff, then pinch the top part of your ear to pull it lightly. 
  2. Slide your ear cuff over the thinnest part of your ear and gradually bring it up to the top cartilage. 
  3. Swivel it round to the inner ear and delicately pinch the cuff to regain its shape. Your ear cuff should feel comfortable and not feel like it is pinching or pressing into your skin. 


What can I wear with an ear cuff?


Anything! We particularly love the trend of having an elaborate ear cuff complement a simple pair of diamante studs or a subtle design that lets a pair of hoop earrings make a statement. 


Ear cuffs can add an edge to your evening wear or make a glamorous statement to your smart-casual attire. Ear cuffs are a versatile trend, and various designs are available in our collection at Acotis Diamonds. 


What is an ear climber?


A close up shot of an ear wearing hoop earrings and an ear climber


Ear climbers are often mistaken for ear cuffs, but they’re slightly different! While an ear cuff gives the illusion of one piercing, an ear climber uses your existing ear lobe piercing to create the effect of multiple piercings. 


As part of the effect, the main pendant design on the earring ‘climbs’ up the earlobe to appear as if there are more earrings.


Ear climbers can be worn if you have one or more existing piercings per earlobe. If you have numerous piercings, choose the piercing on your ear that best suits a climber. We recommend wearing climbers in simple ear lobe piercings - just like wearing a longer version of ear studs


How do ear climbers work?


A close up shot of an ear wearing an ear climber


Since you only need one piercing to wear a climber, they’re simple to put on. Ear climbers often have an s-shaped hook like drop earrings and should be applied like a normal earring. Once it is in, rotate the climber so the rest of the design can travel across your ear lobe. 


What is an ear jacket?


Brunette woman wearing ear jacket




An ear jacket is a type of earring uniquely designed with an extra drop pendant that cups the back of the earlobe while being partially visible from the front. Ear jackets were born in the 1970s when they were advertised as one pair of earrings that could create varying looks. 


Ear jackets are comprised of multiple sections; commonly, there is a classic stud that holds the earring, an ear post, and the ‘jacket’ that wraps around behind your earlobe.


Ear cuffs and ear climbers at Acotis Diamonds


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