Elevate Your Style: Latest Men's Jewelry Fashion Trends

Men’s jewellery and apparel are often plain and minimalistic in comparison to the huge reservoirs which are available especially for women. While there are many people who would say they are happy with the minimalistic jewellery options that they have at their disposal, some would favour the term “experiments with look”. If you fall in the second category, then rejoice because unlike the far forgotten past, there are plenty of designers and brands which have shifted their focus a lot towards creating fabulous designs to aid all fashionista men out there in experimenting and creating a look that they adore.


While experimenting is one thing, investing some time in choosing a pretty yet powerful piece of jewellery would definitely hype up your impression, add an interesting bit your daily outfits and express your personal style more evidently as well. Say, you are a businessman who has to wear suits to work every day because of the dress code. In such situation, the one way to flaunt your personality and quirks is by choosing a funky ear ring or using an unconventional cufflink or adding some other kind of spark to you suit. All in all, carefully chosen jewellery will not light up your mood by also plain everyday outfits.


Let’s Start From the Basics: Chains and Necklaces



The most common form of accessories, chains are usually made to be unisex and can be flaunted by both men and women. They are also the safest form of jewellery as well – you cannot go wrong with a chain now, can you? Guess not. Although the style and fashion statement comes in the frame when its tie to choose the thickness of the chains. If you are inclined towards a more visible and slightly heavy kind of jewellery but cannot carry funky ear rings and such than heavy chains are your saviours. They can be worn at all places without apprehensions and with less to no styling hustles as well. If you want to go for something different and out of the mainstream fashion then Thomas Sabo Silver Anchor Necklace is perfect for you and for the simpletons with a knack of jewellery, Steel Curb chain from Thomas Sabo works wonders.


Adornments for the Rough Hands: Bracelets



Decorated wristed are not a new concept in the world of fashion. Watches are the most commonly appearing pieces for both men and women when it comes to shopping for a pretty pick to make hands happy. The newest trends have brought in the fashion of styling watches some beautiful bracelets or bangles for both men and women. Some on the go everyday picks for men to carry along with their watches include the irregular tube link bracelet, Steel ID bracelet, and belcher link bracelet from Fred Bennet. Thomas Sabo Dragon bracelet is the perfect pick for you if you are someone who is a fan of those Avant Grade styles of musicians and rock stars.


Buzz the Sassy Style in with Statement Earrings



Dropping jaws is the only thing you will be experiencing when you step out in that razor sharp tuxedo flaunting a gorgeous pair of small stud earrings. Frantically versatile, earrings can be clubbed with the most formal outfit that you have with you and the Sunday brunch casuals as well. Choose from various small, statements, hanging and drop earrings depending on your style and requirement. Be it the blackened scorpion ear rings, zircon star earrings, clear bling ear rings or the bezel set ear rings from Thomas Sabo, each one represents a different style and can be used to make your own personal statement as well.


Rings for both the Subtle and the Sensational



Pair your rings with a stylish statement ring to complete the look. Rings designed especially for men have a lot bigger base than one would imagine. There is a plentiful of Goth themed collection, simple love bands, hope and faith rings, quirky statement rings and more. Flaunt them on a daily basis or combine them with that outfit you plan to wear at the upcoming rock show. And the best thing about rings – they can be passed down as family heirlooms to continue the legacy of style that you start. How dashing would that be?!


A Unique way of Expression


A bond that lasts forever if taken care of properly, jewellery endures all hardships with the owner. And the good part is that jewellery doesn’t let anyone feel left out. There is something for everyone - even for the people who prefer the most minimalistic style. Go conventional or go eccentric, every way can be a good way to express your unique inner self without making any special efforts. The jewellery looks beautiful and goes well for most occasions including parties, family events, college school and more.


Combine Individuality with Quality at Acotis Diamonds


Jewellery may be a great way to express your style, but it should come along with a sense of security and a certain level of quality in order to last fashion ordeals and abrasion that come with time. A number of online stores are there with a captivating collection of unique, classic, unconventional and such jewellery, ornaments, adornments, etc., but authenticity is a benchmark that one should always live by. Acotis Diamonds is one such store loaded with amazing designs featuring top-class quality including men's jewelry fashion trends. Find amazing piece handpicked from globally renowned brands in the domain such as Fred Bennett, Links of London, Swarovski, Beginnings, Thomas Sabo, etc.