How to Choose Cufflinks like a Style Pro

Accessories add a delicate touch of style and grace to any outfit, expressing how you managed experiment with your look. Since many men aren’t very fond of accessorizing themselves or wearing jewellery. And if you fall into the category of one of them, we suggest, you should give it a go. We are here to offer some tricks and tips before you decide to venture into this experimentation, which will make your journey easy of pulling-off this perfectly chosen outfit.





Hunting through a number of men’s accessories like bracelets, watches, lapel pins, tie clips, rings, cufflinks. Today we are spotlighting our focus towards cufflinks to flatter your shirt game.


Cufflinks are the essential accessories worn to showcase the polite mannerism, which communicate for your elegance and composure. Cufflinks adorn the monotonous formals and project a sharp and striking look. Cufflinks speak for the class more than any other accessory of a well-groomed man. Cufflinks can be of various sorts,bullet back and toggle-closure, push-through cufflinks, double-faced cufflinks, chain-on cufflinks, to name a few. Cufflinks come in many shapes and sizes, with many designs, they are meant for the shirts which have button-like holes but no buttons.


Selecting Cufflinks


Cufflinks should be selected keeping in mind the occasion— they’re the go-to-go accessories for a man for every occasion for a formal dinner, or informal gathering, wedlock ceremony, or day at work. For formal occasions, more flat and refined designs are recommended. The timeless blacks, subtle silvers and small crystals could be an excellent choice. For informal occasions, one can do more with the experimenting, and opt for loud and bold shades, with big crystals, dazzling shades, and exclusive designs.


Planning to Gift Cufflinks?


When deciding on gifting cufflinks, one must contemplate the nature of the person for whom the gift is being chosen, people with more outgoing and bold personalities usually love to experiment with their looks, and thus you can opt for more onliest designs. When unsure, one should stick to the standard designs and muted shades. Not all men can carry the loud and bold designs, for it completely depends on their choice. And thus, to stay on the prudent side, one can opt for everlasting silvers and the blacks.


Our Suggestions:


Classic Squares


If you wish to add a classic grace to your Vintage outfit, Fred Bennett is here to save the day with Steel Polished Cufflinks, Tiger Eye Cufflinks, Gold-Rose Gold-Bronze Striped Cufflinks for the starters, with an endless list of Classic Squares.  



Bold Rounds


Round cufflinks are all about your audacious looks and fearless personality. For all your bold mannerism, you can hunt through the countless collection by Swarovski, Thomas Sabo, Fred Bennett. There are round crystals, black onyx, silver malachite, and many others crafted for your praiseworthy choice.



Onliest Chassis


If you are looking for something unorthodox and exceptional you can opt for the various seldom shapes available, like the anchors, hexagons, knot-shaped and many others.



Why are Cufflinks a Must-have Accessory


Since dressing up is a daily routine, one must be in possession of all the necessary accessories. Cufflinks are the most expressive accessory for a man. The artistry of coupling cufflinks of unique colors and designs with shirts expresses a man’s choice for coordination and creativity. A well-coupled pair of Cufflinks speaks most loudly of a Man’s Charm.


Choose Acotis Jewellery for a Wide Range of Cufflinks


Jewelry is forever. Styling should never be accompanied by compromising on quality. Cufflinks are the best companion accessory for a well-groomed man and are adaptable enough to go with a number of outfits. With a myriad of brands and stores surfacing on the internet, credibility and trustworthiness are the most important traits one must look out for when making a purchase. Acotis showcases the trustworthiness of millions of customers, delivering creditability for decades. You can hunt down for needs, from globally renowned brands, Thomas Sabo, Swarovski, Fred Bennett to name a few.