Stunning Wedding Ring Photography Ideas to Capture Your Special Day

A woman whows her engagement ring to the camera in a close up of her hand


When you decide to seal your friendship with your partner into a marriage, the one thing that is symbolic of this union is your wedding ring. It is the emblem of love, a symbol of devotion, and a promise of a lifetime. You must have spent days and months to find that perfect wedding band that resonates with the personality of your partner; it should convey your feelings beautifully and effortlessly. Finding the perfect stone, diamonds or platinum is way trickier than you could have imagined. But isn’t the whole process so enthralling and exciting? 


The circular shape of a wedding ring represents infinity and how the endless love and affection you feel for your partner is eternal. By putting on that engagement ring you give consent to cherish one another for the rest of your lives. When you’ve decided to take this huge step to move in together as a couple and get married, how can you not flaunt this decision, and especially that sparkling ring, to your friends and family? Because you are on cloud nine so making a wedding announcement needs to be special, and what’s the perfect way to flaunt your gorgeous ring than through photographs. It is like telling people you’re getting married or you’re married without telling them – the classic way! 


Take a look at some interesting wedding ring photography ideas to let the world know that you’ve said ‘I do’!


A couples' hands showing their engagement rings


Take A Selfie with Your Engagement Ring


It’s time to think about taking the perfect shot with your engagement ring to share your happy news online and let the world know you’re going to walk down the aisle. A selfie is a perfect option to make an announcement for your Instagram and Facebook pages. Your visuals should create a setting and mood, and context, so make sure you thought out everything prior. Photos in a sequence of three slides are a fantastic way to tell your story as a couple. One could be a wide shot of the proposal moment, a close-up of the engagement ring, and a final selfie of the happy couple showing off their rings together. A candid selfie is a way to go, with some laughter, playful vibes, and natural ambiance. You can both pose your hands near your faces so it can highlight the engagement ring better. You can also use props like a bouquet of flowers to accompany your ring or simply hold each other’s hands in the shot while making your wedding bands the main focus. Pair everything together with a smile and click the jaw-dropping photograph. Another popular way to announce your engagement and show off your ring is by creating a collage. You and your partner can snap the ring in the same poses, accompanied with a smile and some sass then put the pictures together to catch your loved one’s attention mid-scroll.  For a complete look, try to accessorise with different jewellery pieces that complement your ring. Ladies can wear a subtle gold chain or subtle pair of earrings to create a sophisticated look. For men, cufflinks or a chain will look particularly dashing too. Remember not to go overboard with too much jewellery as this can divert the attention from your engagement ring. 


A bride and groom hold hands while the bride shows her bouquet in a close up


How To Photograph Your Wedding Ring with A Selfie


Your big day is here! Now you’ve got all your finery on like your bridal jewellery, accessories, and of course, your wedding ring, it’s time to snap some selfies! You can use your wedding outfit as a backdrop to click pictures with your ring or your bouquet as a floral background, along with props like champagne bottles and petals to really capture the atmosphere. When getting ready, consider using a calendar or a newspaper with the date of your wedding day to capture photos of your wedding rings. Later on, these special photos can make a lovely anniversary present or canvas to commemorate your big day. Tell your wedding photographer to capture candids with your ring, zoom in to snap the sparkling wedding jewellery piece on your hand. Consider asking them to take photos of your first dance together with your hands on the back of your partner’s neck to show off your beautiful wedding ring. 


Let’s not forget about your gorgeous bridesmaids and groomsmen in your pictures too! You and your partner can kiss each other while the bridesmaids and groomsmen can cover their eyes in shock or throw petals and confetti in the air. A tug of war between team bride and team groom can also be a unique and eye-captivating addition to your wedding photographs. All these poses add fun, joyous, and exciting mementoes to your photo album. 


A groom adjusts his cufflinks


Take A Photo of The Groom’s Cufflinks and Wedding Band


People always associate wedding excitement and preparations with the bride, but you can’t miss how important the day is for the lovely groom. The day is symbolising not just the love of two souls, but also the families and friends that have come together to celebrate the union of two people. The constant support of a groom during that time is his groomsmen, they are there to tease him, support him, and ensure that their friend looking their best. Grooms can also accessorize their look with matching cufflinks, watch, or chains. You can coordinate your jewellery, pieces with your pocket square or boots to create a chic and handsome appearance. 


The wedding photographer can capture sweet moments between the groom and his men, focusing on them waiting for the bride and also on their prep for the big day. You can get a little playful and dramatic with the boys as they stop their friend from entering into the marriage if they have a good sense of humour! All these fun and candid moments should be brought together beautifully in photographs to depict the excitement of a wedding day. 


The back of a groom's head during a first dance, his wife's hands can be seen on his back, showing her wedding ring


You have spent a lot of time, money, and energy in planning a proposal and then your wedding day, so make sure you capture everything from pictures with your engagement ring or wedding ring. Wear attire that complements your partner’s, your jewellery, and accessories so that everything looks coordinated. Shop our full collection of wedding rings and bridal jewellery online now at Acotis Diamonds, then why not pick up something special for yourself?