Valentine's Gifts for Her: Jewelry Ideas to Express Your Love

February is the month of love and every year this month brings a rush of excitement, emotions, and a desire to extend an extraordinary gesture of love among couples. Valentine’s day marks a day for the celebration of love and just like every other celebration, gifts are a major part of it. When it comes to choosing the perfect gift for your loved one, the decision is not very easy. Everybody wants to gift something unique and as beautiful as the love that they share with their partner.


This article will make it easy for you to choose the perfect gift for your loved ones. We know that when it comes to ladies, jewellery possesses the power to give them a rush of happiness and emotions. This is why we have curated attractive and unique Valentines' jewellery collection that are designed with utmost love and mastery to make your valentine’s day as special as it can be.


Let’s dive into our collection and choose a gift that is as beautiful as your lovely partner.


Valentine’s Gift Ideas for Her


We know that choosing the perfect gift for your lady is not as easy as it sounds. It is a decision that requires a lot of thinking and comes with many boulevards of dilemma. This is my, we have shortlisted some items on your behalf to make the final choice easier for you. These items belong to different categories and are the best of the categories they belong to. Choose one and embark on a journey of class and style with your loved one.


Thomas Sabo Charm Club - Rose Gold Heart Necklace


Wearing your heart on your sleeve isn’t just a phrase anymore! This elegant Heart Necklace has a heart-shaped delicate and chic pendant that is made with 925 Sterling silver and premium 18-carat rose gold plating. The fine workmanship of this necklace is what makes it stand out from the crowd and gives it the flag of being the perfect Valentine’s day gift for your loved one. The anchor chain of this necklace is 45cm long and it can be worn and four different lengths because of three additional eyelets that are provided in it. Present this beautiful gold necklace to your partner to mark the love that you share with them.


Heart Necklace - rose gold plated - pendant necklace - sterling silver - valentines gift


Diamonfire- Cushion-Cut Cubic Zirconia Cocktail Ring


Our second pick is from another equally popular Valentine’s Gifts category that is Ring. This majestic platinum-plated silver Zirconia ring is designed by experts to possess the pure message of love. It has Platinum, Rhodium, and Palladium plating that gives it the unique charm and elegance that is a must in a valentine’s day gift. The cushion-cut cubic shape of this cocktail ring is purely royal and it would take no time to become the favourite of your loved one. Choose this ring and ensure that there is a brush or royalty in the greater gesture of love on this valentine’s day.


silver ring - zirconia ring - cocktail ring - valentines gift


Swarovski- Octea Lux Chrono Leather Strap Blue Rose Gold-Tone Watch


Step out of the ordinary and make your Valentine’s day as special as it can be by gifting this beautiful and modern Rose Gold Tone watch to your loved one. Flaunting a combination of functionality and modern design, this watch by Swarovski features a blue, faceted crystal ring on the bezel, which enhances the rose gold-tone of the watch. It features the chronograph mechanism and comes with a crocodile-embossed blue genuine leather strap.  This watch is a brilliant example of craftsmanship and the perfect gift for Valentine’s day to extend your love towards your partner.


rose gold tone watch - Swarovski watch - blue dial - blue bezel - leather strap - valentines gift


Small Valentine’s Gift Ideas for Her (under £25)


Gifts are a gesture of love and when it comes to love, there is no big and small. In fact, small gifts have their unique charm and attraction and strengthen the bond of love in their own way.  We have selected some Jewellery pieces that are not only beautiful but very affordable as well. Choose one from our choices and give a brush of excitement and emotions in her day.


Nomination- White Heart Silver Charm


Designed with state of the art craftsmanship and made with the best quality Sterling Silver and Zirconia, this charm pendant extends the untold expressions of love to your partner. Rhodium-plated charm stands for its name and is capable of making your valentine’s day celebrations more and more special.


silver charm - sterling solver - rhodium plated charm for necklace - valentines gifts


Joma Jewellery - Capri Howlite Ring


Belonging to the special Capri collection, this beautiful ring is designed to pour love and magic into your relationship on this Valentine’s day. The gold plated brass of this elegant howlite ring will take no time to become the favourite piece of jewellery of your loved one. Get this unique piece of small jewellery and make this Valentine’s day memorable for your loved ones and strengthen the bond that you share with them.


howlite ring - gold plated - brass - valentines gifts


Thomas Sabo Charm Club - Silver Hearts Ear Cuff


Last but not least of our choices of small Valentine’s day gift, is this beautiful and chic Silver Ear cuff. Designed to make you’re the day more special, this ear cuff requires no piercing. This delicate piece of jewellery is made with high quality 935 Sterling silver and contains small hearts bind together to give it a beautiful outdoorsy look. It can be easily clipped anywhere on the ear cartilage. Get this beautiful ear cuff and extend the gesture of love that your partner deserves on this valentine’s day.


silver ear cuff - hearts ear cuff - sterling silver - valentines gifts


Personalized Valentine’s Gifts for Her


Everybody wants to do something extra for their loved ones when celebrating a special day with them. Most of us order a special bottle of wine, take our loved ones to a memorable place, dance with them to their favourite song, but this year, you can do something out of the box for your loved one. Our collection of personalized jewellery is curated for those who want to do that extra bit for the one they love. Let’s browse through some pieces that we think are perfect Valentine’s Jewellery.


Swarovski Crystal Timeless Remix Rhodium Bracelet


Belonging to the award-winning Swarovski Remix collection, this piece of bracelet opens the doors of customization for you. This piece can be personalized with adornments that you desire. From a necklace to a choker, and from a single to a multi-wrapped bracelet, this piece can be whatever you want it to be.


Swarovski bracelet - multi-wrapped - chain bracelet


Swarovski - Crystal Engage Attract Ring


Featuring Rhodium-plated metal and a majestic square-cut stone, this engagement ring is ideal for mixing or matching with different jewellery pieces on this valentine’s day. Get this for your lady on this Valentine’s day to make her day special and memorable for the rest of your lives.


Swarovski ring - crystal ring - engagement ring


Swarovski - Power Collection Navy Blue Bracelet  


Made with glittering blue and gold-tone crystals, this bracelet is a unique and elegant piece of jewellery, and the perfect valentine’s day gift for your loved one. It can be adjusted to three different lengths to fit different wrist sizes. It can be worn solo as well as paired with different Swarovski pieces belonging to the power collection.


Swarovski bracelet - navy blue bracelet with blue gold-tone crystals


Luxury Valentine’s Gifts for Her


Every woman deserves pampering, and since we are planning Valentine’s day today, it’d be a sin to keep luxury out of the equation. The class of Luxury gives a unique statement of style and confidence and nothing does it better than luxurious jewellery. We have selected some pieces of luxury pieces that are perfect gifts for loved ones.


Elements Gold - 9ct Black Label Column Inspired Long Bar Bracelet


Made with delicate 9-carat gold, this bracelet gives an impression of decency and class when worn with confidence. Gifting this to your loved one would not only give a rush of happiness to her day but every time you’d look at her wearing this long bar bracelet, you’d also feel the same rush of emotions in you.


Elements Gold - 9ct Black Label Column Inspired Long Bar Bracelet


Elements Gold - Yellow Gold Knot Necklace


One of the most uniquely crafted designs of necklaces, this yellow gold knot necklace is indeed a piece of luxury and a perfect gift for those who deserve luxury. Present this to your lady at this Valentine’s day dinner and make her day as special as it can be.


Elements Gold - Yellow Gold Knot Necklace


Valentine’s Gifts Delivered to her Doorstep


We’ve seen very bad times over the last year because of the pandemic, and it has distanced us from our loved ones physically. But, the love that we share, the bond, and the emotions are intact. To make sure that you face no hindrance when it comes to extending a gesture of immense love to your partner, we at Acotis Diamonds are dedicated to delivering your gift of love on the doorstep of your partner. Choose from our diverse and large collections of jewellery, watches, and other majestic gifts and order the one that you this is as beautiful as the love of your life. We will take every necessary precaution and make sure that your message of love is delivered to the doorstep of your partner safely and at just the right time.


Just choose an item from our collection and enter the address of your partner and order to make her feel your warmth and love on this Valentine’s day, even when you are miles apart from each other.