Reimagining Engagement Ring Trends: A Modern Twist

No stone is left unturned when it comes to selecting engagement ring trends. Millennials are moving away from old-fashioned trends of opting for the typical engagement rings textured yellow or just a plain white stone. In today's day and age, there are multiple options such as multi-stone bands, antique designs among others. From which you and your partner can choose from. Every fashion-savvy femme and every guy who wants the proposal truly unforgettable for his partner, want something out of the box to make their special day, extra special and that should be the goal because everyone wants to seize their special and frame-worthy moments. Here are some of the redefined trends that will help you choose the best love rock.



Painted Diamonds and Gemstones


Plain diamond rings are so exposed to the world because they are classic and well explored. New aged couples want a little colour added in their jewels and prefer sapphires, rubies, emeralds, and even morganite, which is a more affordable alternative to pink diamonds. Elements 9ct White Gold Blue Sapphire And Diamond Marquise are crafted with finely cut sapphire, which will be perfect if you are looking to add an element of blue in your ring. A sign of class and elegance, the subtle yet bold look of this ring will surely entice you and the onlookers.


Bands that Best Signify the Circle of Your Relationship


Life is often defined in terms of a full circle. With that unique thought, you can pick a simple-looking, timeless diamond band. Bands are crafted meticulously with patience and finely cut tiny diamonds. Rose Gold Pave Set Diamond Ring by Elements can truly leave you spellbound with its sheer charm and look that stands out. A dash of rose gold adds the vibrancy and the contemporary in an already beautiful multi-stone piece of jewel. The multi-stone band is also available in white gold. Modern couples are increasingly looking for unique pieces like this.



A Return of the Antique Cuts


The pre-Victorian era had proliferating jewellery that reflected the culture eloquently. Contemporary times have seen a return of such rings but with a happening twist. From Art Deco to Edwardian look, an antique is coming back to style with some modern medleys. Rose Gold Diamond And Morganite Ring by Elements perfectly define this twist in an exquisite way. Rock, cut with precision in classic style is fitted on top of a rose gold ring that accentuates the diamond in a gorgeous way. White Gold Ring Twist Aquamarine Pave Diamonds ring can also be a fine and refreshing choice because of the quirkiness of aqua colour. This piece allows you to stand out on your D-day in a charming way.



Abstract Shaped Cut Diamond Rings


Why always stop at the idea of plain single rock? Experimenting a little bit when it comes to your jewellery pieces is a mark of modernity and novelty. As an added benefit, you truly look different in the most stunning ways when you pick something unique. A presentation of excellent craftsmanship, White Gold Diamond Loopy Ring by Elements gives a mystical appearance and adds a dash of charm to your appeal when you go on your knees to propose your lady love. The sleek and stylish look of this ring can be savoured.


Flower Shaped Cut Diamond Rings


There are some trends that are timeless, in the sense that they do not fade away in the name of the trend at any point in time. Flower-shaped cut rings are sure to allure your heart with their peculiar look and magnificent appeal. Modern couples, when they are in doubt, go for a flower-shaped diamond ring because what better way to confess your love than floral beauty, that too as an engagement ring. Small stones settled amidst the petal-shaped stones render a feminine feel in a subtle yet heart-stealing way.