Lustrous Engagement Ring Styles to Mesmerize Your Partner

If you have already said ‘Yes’ before having a discerning glance at your ring, then you might want to change your decision looking at these Engagement ring styles which will sweep you off your feet completely. For the men who have been looking for some avant-garde element in the rings, they are getting for their partners, the following is your guide to impress your lady love. An Eternal Bond of Love with Engagement Bands If a single diamond is not enough to compliment her personality, then getting her a blinged out band is what you need for your engagement to go perfectly. These are the kinds of rings that will provide as much bling as a big centre stone. Also, this ring can be an ideal ring for all those who do not prefer solitaire. Every engagement is special and all you need is a special ring to make it phenomenal. Let the Gemstones Boast about her Beauty If she is always full of colours and is always experimenting with different and unique things, then a ring with some lustrous coloured gemstone is the one for her. The gemstones are precisely given a name of ring enhancers and that is what they have been doing for a while now. Rings with a royal blue gemstone adorned in a white gold or platinum ring is what you should have your eyes on. Give her an engagement surprise that she is never able to forget. Add Sparkle with Elaborate Side-Views If she is very particular about her accessories then, get her something she can admire from every angle. The edgy details on every side and the luscious diamonds embedded throughout gives this ring an elaborate side view with an eternal shine. The chain link effect of this ring is just beyond amazing. It is depicting a blend of modernity and class. Multiple Shank Diamond Ring A women’s best friends are diamonds. If you have been in love with a Fashionista and you know that nothing less than glints of diamonds can make her jewellery perfect, then this double shank ring is tailor made for her. It is twice as pretty and it is too architectural and fashion forward for an engagement ring. A Glimpse of Timeless Treasure with Stacking Bands If she has an obsession with jewellery and you know how beautiful she looks with it then stacking bands should be your first option. These are customizable, giving you all the cool and modern vibes. Let her dazzle with varying shapes and styles as you know she was born to dazzle like a diva! Where can you buy the best engagement ring for your partner? Engagement rings are meant to be unique and representative of a person’s style. The markets and stores are keen on selling the replicas of designs we have seen over and over again from past decades. Acotis Diamonds, is an online store and a one stop shop destination where you can get a wide variety of rings that were just meant for you to pick. Their promise of delivering the very best in quality and prices are very much viable. Why trust Diamond Fire while shopping for an Engagement Ring? Burkhard Müller Schmuck’s new range of Diamonfire collection is what every bride or bride-to-be was waiting for. The brand Diamonfire is synonymous with enduring quality and a deep sense of designer trends. The marquise-cut diamonds and minimalistic designs, the luscious gemstones and the irresistible themes are everything that you have been looking for in your jewellery. Muller has been successful in establishing a brand that has bridged the gaps in the market.