Celebrity-Inspired Engagement Rings: A Style Guide

For quintessential glitz and glam, you can simply wear a celebrity-Inspired crystal Swarovski necklace, bracelet, or statement piece to your next fancy party. Swarovski reveals your unique sparkle and the latest collection of jewelry, watches and fashion accessories help get you noticed. When it comes to fashion and style we always turn up to our favourite celebs for getting some inspiration on the latest trends. We all know that celebrity relationships have always been the favourite gossip in H-town and so have their engagement rings. We have thoughtfully compiled a list of some celebrity inspired engagement diamonds and bands that’ll make you crave for these rings even more. Trilogy Ring Duchess of Sussex and the former actress Meghan Markle has set a new hotshot trend of wearing a ring with 3 diamond stones. Her engagement ring showcases an elegant and marquise-cut design. This kind of ring features 3 diamonds of different shapes encrusted together in a band making it a timeless classic with everlasting shine. You can now easily buy a similar kind of designer ring in the ring collection of Swarovski. Diamond Studded Gold Band Victoria Beckham has an amazing style sense that we all adore and want to follow. There is a lesser known fact about her that she owns 10 different engagement rings. But, this one ring from her engagement rings collection has a simple yet classic design. It is a yellow gold plain ring-band adorned with a precision cut diamond resting in the centre. This vintage combination of yellow gold and diamonds is a timeless classic. Heart Shaped Diamond Ring This category is setting a new trend for buying beautiful engagement rings for your beloved. If you ever doubt the fact that a heart-shaped diamond ring is a stunner, then just have a look over Lady Gaga’s engagement ring once. It is a white gold ring that is adorned with a heart shaped solitaire which looks intriguing. It looks like Taylor Kinney really did a great job at finding the best ring for his love. You can also buy an elegant piece like that at a designer jewellery store and bling like your favourite celeb. Sapphire Studded Diamond Ring Who in this world is not obsessed with knowing what royals of UK do, wear and eat? Their royal attires, accessories and diamonds are what the world is gossiping about. Well, the Duchess of Cambridge has always been in the news for her custom-made blue sapphire ring. Prince William thoughtfully designed Kate’s ring, including his mother’s diamonds making sure that Princess Diana does not miss out on the auspicious occasion of his engagement. Blue sapphires have a charm that can make you look royal in any attire. Swarovski has a mesmerizing collection of rings studded with sapphire, get the best deals online. Stacked Diamond Rings Jennifer Meyer is one of those celebrities who is known to accessorize with poise. She has been experimenting with a lot of stylish jewellery items that are making a buzz in Hollywood. Stacking up rings is the new fashion trend, but she has taken this trend to a different level by incorporating yellow gold vintage rings paired with yellow gold vintage bracelets on the wrist. She is known for carrying bling with style and now you can do it too. There are some amazing vintage stackable rings that are redefining fashion this 2k18. Where to get the best variety of rings online? If you are someone who loves to be in the spotlight grabbing all the attention, then you need to have your accessories on fleek. When you are choosing the rings, you need to be through with the latest fashion trends and contrasts that will complement your personality. For picking the best ring you need to have access to vast options and designs. Acotis Diamonds gives you an opportunity to explore an inventory of stunning designer rings that are inspired by the style sense of your favourite celebrities. The retail store is offering the best deals so, get your hands on the gorgeous collection before its sold out! Why consider Swarovski to buy the designer rings? Swarovski as we know of is one of the most celebrated brands of designer jewellery in the world. It was established by Daniel Swarovski with a thought of providing the fashionistas with an inventory of masterful designs of crystals and precious metals. Swarovski is also a preferred choice for many celebrities like Anne Hathaway and Priyanka Chopra. Their collection provides you with a variety of necklaces, rings, bracelets and earrings.