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5 JEWELLERY Options You Should Consider!

There is nothing like a right time to gift someone special to you! You don’t need to wait for special events or typical moments that come with a high flavour of being heavily marketed. You should be thanking others and reciprocating their gesture with gifts that can perhaps never go wrong. How do you do it? We are talking about gift selection. Lifestyle bloggers continue to talk about creating surprises but this is not easy. Even within the niche of jewellery, the options are too many and often very pricey. How do you maintain the fine balance of elegance and affordability in gifts that can be given in any season? This discussion helps you by bringing together the most thoughtfully curated gifting ideas…read ahead

Birthstone The Timeless Keepsake

Birthstones are often relegated to being too controversial to be gifted. Often used in embellishing jewellery, including earrings, bracelets, pendants, and necklaces, gifting birthstones in any form is not easy. These semi-precious stones are usually categorized on the basis of birth months and there are many versions of how the same stone can help you with better luck. We provide an alternative way to get birthstone gifting right. For starters, buy them in the form of being incorporated in a jewellery piece. Stick to the basic fundamentals that rule all sparkling birthstones. Garnet (January), diamond (April), ruby (July), tourmaline (October), sapphire(September), emerald (May) – these are some examples of birthstone-month relationships. For gifting, you can pick a unique piece that has a beautifully engraved stone. Don’t try to get into the nitty-gritties of the ideal weight of the stone, its polishing, or the degree of contact it makes with the skin confuse you. For example, tourmaline gemstone silver earring can be the perfect gift for people born in October. This is a more generalized way of gifting birthstone jewellery.

The Unforgettable Charm of Personalized Jewellery

Whether you are looking for a perfect gift along the lines of what is gifted at Valentines or Christmas, personalized ornaments can be the perfect choice. These jewel pieces can make your beloved feel very special if you gift them with the element of surprise, dropping no clues that a personalized gift is on the way. A pendant with the first alphabet of his or her name can be a thoughtful gift. This “Letter E” pendant shown here, embellished with tiny, dazzling diamonds is a great gifting option. Brands like Thomas Sabo have a rich collection of letter pendants and charms that can play cupid or help you express your feelings.

A Little Surprise for a Sports Lover…lifestyle-inspired jewellery?

If the person you love is a sports enthusiast, then nothing beats the charisma of a sparkling football charm! This charm has a splendid golden white and red football, making it a timeless gifting option to cherish for life—just one of the many types of lifestyle-inspired jewellery options available these days. You merely need to identify lifestyle preferences and then match your research with a smartly selected charm. The football charm seen here can be further personalized—best done when used as a part of radiant bracelets or necklace chains.

Rose Gold Watch For Her

A bracelet, a watch or a fashion accessory? Some watches for women can accomplish all three, especially when the strap looks like an elegant, rose gold bracelet mated with a time-telling radial that has mother-of-pearls. A complete stunner for party dressing, this gift might stretch your budget a bit but is highly recommended to men who want to pamper the special women in their life. This watch is about expressing your love with something truly luxurious. Explore such unique women watches from the best of brands like Thomas Sabo!

Pearl Necklace It is about a Touch of Sophistication

Buying jewellery for women can be difficult if you look at the classics and trending pieces only. What seem like favourites might not be what your woman prefers. This is when you need a stunning pearl drop pendant necklace—a jewellery selection that can never go wrong. Why? It is about all-around elegance in a necklace that adds a splash of glamour to everyday outfits. This sliver necklace features generous use of enchanted pearls that are suspended from an elegant zirconia ring—a classical design with a unique twist. Nothing too crazy or predictable and just about perfect for every contemporary woman!

How you find a vast range of jewellery for gifting?

A simple gift can be memorable, more valuable than you think. It is about pure intention—nothing can replace your sentiments! However, when you are ready to spend a bit, when Life grants you a bit of monetary comfort, explore the world of unique charmjewellery or pendants. Very popular among women these days, they are best bought from renowned online stores like Acotis Diamondsthe one-stop e-store for men’s and women’s jewellery, designed and manufactured by some of the most trusted brands across the UK. The company also offers an impressive range of jewellery for gifting at special occasions like Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, Christmas and more!