Sparkle Your Christmas Proposal with These 5 Unique Rings

Diamonds have been a part of romance in fiction, history, the movies, and contemporary art. When worn on a woman’s ring finger, diamonds do a lot more than simply say that the lady is engaged or married. A real diamond ring is about narrating tales of love, symbolic of loving someone for eternity. Not just the era of silent movies or those that had legends enact scenes in black & white, every movie generation has romanced the idea of a gentleman going down on his knee with a diamond studded ring, desperately waiting for a ‘YES’. This still remains the classic and new-age standard for a romantic gesture that usually leads to the altar. So, if there is a proposal awaited or if you have been planning to pop the most important question of your life around the Christmas season, we have something really special for you… Drop All Apprehensions about Proposing during Christmas This is perhaps the best time of the year to express your love and your intentions to get hitched, and take vows forever. Christmas vibes are also about the gifting season, when emotions like generosity are in abundance. The snow, lights, and love make the entire setting more affable. Perhaps, the only question that remains is about what type of Christmas proposal rings is perfect for such momentous occasions. We have listed 5 diamond rings that will leave your beloved awestruck…

  1. Nothing Conveys Love Better than a Heart Shaped Ring

The heart is a profound symbol of feelings. The Silver-White Zirconia Heart Ring is among our most frequently bought rings among couples about to get married or engaged. The diamond-studded ring would definitely make her heart skip a beat. A huge heart-shaped diamond in the middle with small diamonds outlining amps the graceful look. The diamonds on either side make it more alluring. The sparkle is hard to miss. This ring would probably speak out your love if you happen to get tongue-tied with emotions!

  1. Cupid Hits you with an Arrow

Romantic and unconventional and yet it gets the job done? Perhaps, this is patronizing a ring but this cupid arrow ring leaves nothing to chance. If your girl has a quirky personality who has an unusual sense of style in jewellery then this ring is the perfect way to get a Yes from her. The arrow-shaped ring covered with diamonds is the perfect match for her personality. In ancient Greek traditions bow & arrow was associated with tools of goddess Artemis. This is why bow & arrow jewellery designs also represent female empowerment. This Modern Silver White Zirconia Arrow Ring would take her breath away!

  1. A Ring to Cherish her Simplicity

If your beloved idolizes the idea of ‘Plain Jane’ then this ring fits in the picture. This elegant ring would take her into the world of the Victorian romantic era—somewhat of a period ring that has the ultra-classic looks. The ring has 10 round-shaped diamonds which decorates the ring, giving it an exclusive look. This ring is for women who believe in a unique, minimalistic style. Your woman can wear it daily, the simplicity is such that this can be an everyday fashion accessory, at the workplace or at romantic evenings.

  1. An Evergreen Solitaire

A classic solitaire is on every girl’s checklist. The charm has managed to engage and overwhelm every lady over the centuries. If you aren’t sure about your woman’s style then play it safe by picking up a solitaire. A Silver-White Zirconia Solitaire Ring would never go out of style. A diamond solitaire goes with every dress, style and occasion. It doesn’t look flattering and also imparts class. The solitaire remains a benchmark for expressing your love. This ring has class written all over it – you won’t regret this choice!

5. A Purple Affair!

Purple is often associated with royalty and wealth—there is something very upbeat and opulent about the shade. Purple often symbolises power too. So, if you are planning to make your proposal seem bigger-than-life, purple should complement your moment. This ring is unlike other solitaires because of the purple stone in the middle. Several small diamonds covering the purple stone gives it a sophisticated look. This Silver-White Zirconia Solitaire will remain a sight to glare at any venue. You beloved would not feel anything less than a princess! Why choose Diamonfire for buying rings? Diamonfire is a perfect blend of style and sophistication—as a jewellery brand it chooses not to be caught in a stereotype. The designs are refreshing. The range is often updated and the additions are usually hailed by trend-spotters and fashionistas. Diamonfire often uses hand-cut diamonds with precision without over-pricing their merchandise. The brand has a huge variety of rings, necklaces, earrings, and bracelets for women. You can find a suitable piece of jewellery for the most special moments like wedding and engagements. Many popular UK TV stars have been spotted wearing these spectacular pieces while other celebrities and lifestyle bloggers have the best things to say about Diamonfire. Why buy special occasion jewellery from Acotis Diamonds? Acotis Diamonds is an online store which has created the perfect way to shop for fine jewellery from the best of global brands. This includes a wide variety of diamond jewellery. As a buyer, you get instant access to well-categorized inventory, products with detailed information, and the best online prices along with the promise of quick order processing. Expect only genuine merchandise with hand-picked selections.