Unwrapping the Best Christmas Gifts: Fiorelli Silver Jewellery

Has to be Silver Jewellery by Fiorelli!

Christmas though the most festive time of the year can be very hectic, often cramped for time. While some folks get overwhelmed with family dinners, repeated shopping trips, and endless parties, others take pride in choosing the best gifts for people who hold a special place in their lives. While some Holiday Season gifts can get repetitive and don’t have that stand-apart aura, others are able to make a mark. The latter is about making an impression, about creating a moment with smart gifts that will be treasured forever. This is where most people struggle. What is often tag-lined as ‘special gifting’ is actually about extremely expensive things, including those that have very little practical use. This is where Fiorelli comes to the rescue. This is not just another jewellery brand but the choice of millennials, corporates, newly wed or engaged couples, and nearly every other gifting demographic out there. But what makes Fiorelli so special? This discussion provides a brief about the brand & Some of its best Holiday Season gifting options… Not just another floral design Take a break from the usual floral jewellery designs. These silver earrings, primarily moulded from sterling silver, are rhodium and rose gold plated. Their sparkle can light-up your lady’s face no matter how boring things get. The rose folding design sets this pair of earrings apart from other rose-themed jewellery options. Part of the Fiorelli Spring Summer 2016 collection, these earrings are meant primarily for gifting as they appeal to nearly every woman out there, making for smart surprise gifts too. These can also be worn to the office or as a part of everyday attire. These silver rose earrings by Fiorelli are a blend of classic and contemporary impressions, complete with genuine Swarovski elements. A gifting option you just cannot go wrong with!  Fiorelli Silver Knot Ring Twisted to enthral you Knots and jewellery have often been in cahoots when it comes to designs that defy the norm. This rhodium-plated silver sterling ring is a part of the Fiorelli Autumn Winter 2016 Collection. Rings from this collection are meant to be gifted. One look at the knotted ring and you realize it is perfect to be exchanged at weddings, gifted at anniversaries, or used to surprise your loved one at the Holiday Season dinner table. The ring, is both unique and suited for everyday wear—something about the smooth, but unpredictable loop, that makes the ring suited to bridal styling and for Christmas gifts. Innovative design of this Knot Ring makes it stand apart from the usual collection of rings with encrusted precious stones and similar embellishments. The design is trendy, a bit iconoclastic and the craftsmanship simply outstanding! Fiorelli Silver & Gold Pave Wavy Necklace Elegance speaks louder than Bling Talk about creating the perfect amalgamation of gold and silver and nothing comes close to the brilliance on display here. This silver and gold Pave Wavy Necklace is adorned with Swarovski elements that lend a definite sparkle. The glimmer is not loud but restrained and elegant. A part of the Autumn Winter 2016 Collection, the necklace is the perfect addition to your wardrobe for special occasions. This necklace, manufactured from genuine Sterling Silver, is gold plated. The Wavy Design Necklace can be a part of formal and casual dressing. Not scintillating but more elite and tastefully designed, gift this necklace with the assurance that any contemporary woman will love it! Fiorelli Silver Blue Degradee Baguette Earrings Rectangular masterpieces Women often complain about the need to segregate daily-wear fashion jewellery from fine jewellery reserved for special occasions. These beautiful earrings resolve the conundrum. For starters, their layout is very contemporary. The baguette design grabs attention with its geometric correctness. Made of Sterling Silver and Swarovski elements, each earring has a set of 3 brilliantly coloured Swarovski stones in different colours—Deep Blue, Oceanic Blue and Green. Suspended stylishly, the individual baguettes make an instant fashion statement. Part of the Autumn Winter 2016 Collection, this earring set is a perfect match for most attires! Why Fiorelli? Fiorelli is among the most appreciated lifestyle jewellery brands in the United Kingdom. It is renowned for its innovative craftsmanship and the skill with which the jewellery is created from genuine sterling silver. Fiorelli creations feature not only classic, but also edgy designs. Present in a wide array semi-precious stones and plating options, you can choose from Fiorelli rings, pendants, necklaces, and bracelets. Fiorelli consistently incorporates coloured Swarovski stones for better visuals. The collection can be accommodated easily into everyday use, special occasions, not to mention as a part of the bridal wardrobe and for festive season gifting. All Fiorelli silver jewellery is presented in Fiorelli packaging with gift bag and box. This includes some of the bestsellers like the Fiorelli Silver Pale Blue Agate & Rose Quartz Station Necklace. Where to buy jewellery this Christmas? Acotis Diamonds keeps a stock of the best designs from all over the world, handpicked by industry experts and procurement specialists. You get the convenience of finding all the leading jewellery brands neatly organized on your desktop or mobile. There are always new, seasonal and sensational additions where emerging bestsellers and designs voted for by trend-spotters are fast-tracked so that you get the latest without waiting. 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