Versatility should be the middle name of the jewellery pieces given the number of ways and styles one can carry them into. The level of charm and grace that a good piece of jewellery will add to your outfit is simply unmatched to anything else in the fashion world and this is why accessorising is probably even more important than makeup. To add to this fantastic quality of this beautiful little adornments, top jewellery brands keep releasing more and more new and unique designs every few weeks. The newer and better designs are always an amalgamation of the classics loved and cherished by all, mixed with some new elements of designs creating a beautiful combination of the vintage and the modern. Consorting many other elements from the surroundings, jewellery pieces and accessories become the window to our personal fashion sense and a way to express ourselves beautifully. Similarly, Chlobo has released some beautiful new designs of accessories to decorate your ears and wrists inspired by nature and its beauty. Let’s explore what Chlobo fashion has in store for you.


The Moonflower Hoops – Bloom of the Night



The moonflower hoops come enveloping the essence of the moonflower – a flower that symbolises that beauty resides even in the darkest corners of the night. With a very elegant shape, these hoops are the personification of both bling and sobriety. The minimalistic charm of the hoops is ideally combined with gold and silver tones to offer some flexibility of options. The large hoop has a beautiful moonflower on a round plate on the bottom which gives the hoop the design of a pair of drop earrings.


The elegant moonflower hoops can be styled in multiple ways including stand-alone and layered with other accessories. You can style the hoops with casual, business casual, party, brunch and vacations outfits without any apprehensions. The classic gold and silver tones available for the hoops make them perfect to be layered with necklaces and bracelets instead of being styled alone.


Rainbow Bracelet with the Charm of Rain



The epitome of simplicity and feminine charm, the Rainbow Bracelet form Chlobo could be your next go-to accessory. The beautiful classic shades of gold and silver are endowed on the delicate design of the bracelets. The chain is designed with beautiful pearl strings while a small rainbow charm hanging between two bigger pearls. The charming Rainbow bracelet can be styled when paired with multiple other bracelets or you can pair it with a simple watch when going minimalistic. The elegance of this piece makes it perfectly versatile to be paired with both casual and formal outfits. The best way to bring out the beauty of these exclusive pieces could be to style it with a minimum of additional pieces without charms so that the rainbow charms can shine perfectly.


Acotis Diamonds for Authenticity and Quality


While jewellery from brands like Chlobo is all about beautiful designs, colours, tones, bling and other similar factors, some other factors should always be taken care of when investing in jewellery and two of these important factors are the authenticity and quality of the material. Quality and beauty are required to go hand in hand when jewellery pieces are concerned so that you get the best of both worlds. Out of many online and offline jewellery stores out there, Acotis Diamonds is one such platform that constantly goes all-out to combine authenticity with your favourite designs and believes in serving quality right beside beauty to its customers. With a vast collection of quality jewellery pieces from all the globally-renowned brands from across the world like Elements Gold, Elements Silver, Links of London, Swarovski, D for Diamonds, Beginnings, and Thomas Sabo, Acotis Diamonds is the perfect place to find the best picks for your jewellery box.