Embrace Protection and Luck: Hamsa Jewellery Trends

Popularly known as the Hand of Fatima, Hand of Mary, Hand of Mariam or Hand of the Goddess, the Hamsa jewellery is a palm-shaped amulet that depicts the open right hand. It is believed by some, primarily Muslims and Jews, to provide defense against the evil eye. The early use of Hamsa has been traced to ancient Mesopotamia. The image of this open right hand is prominent in the Mesopotamian artifacts in the amulets of the goddess Ishtar or Inanna. At that time this symbolism was used to protect the women from the evil eye and boost their fertility and lactation. It promoted healthy pregnancies and strengthened the weak.





The Hamsa symbol is an open hand that often features an eye through the middle of the palm. This symbol is popularly used in jewellery and art to represent protection. However, it carries several other meanings in different cultures. The word Hamsa means five. In Jewish and Islamic traditions, digit 5 represents the five books of the Torah. It even symbolizes the fifth letter of the Hebrew alphabet, “Heh”, refers to one of God’s Holy Name. It also denotes the Five Pillars of Islam for Sunnis and the Five People of the Cloak for Shi’ites. In Christianity, Hamsa is the symbol of the position of Mary, exalted above all mankind, as a compassionate and caring Mother. It implies fertility and blessing. It is a good luck charm that wards of negativity and brings luck, health and good fortune.


Hamsa as a Jewellery Piece


The Hamsa hand is a symbol of protection and brings the wearer happiness, luck, health and good fortune. With many popular religious symbols, the Hand of Mary has become a fashion symbol. It never outdates and can be adorned as a jewellery piece. Its beauty never fades and possibilities to personalize it are endless.


Wearing an upward-facing Hamsa hand is meant to offer protection from evil energy. A downward-facing Hamsa hand denotes good fortune and abundance. It invites goodness into one’s life. Hamsa hand is popularly worn on pendants and necklaces. However, now anklets and bracelets are also becoming popular. What makes it special is the fact that the relevance of Hamsa never dates. It is the protection of the mother bestowed upon her children.



A Gift of Gratitude for Mothers


Hamsa jewellery piece perfectly represents the strong personality of a mother who shields her children against the negative energy. With Mother’s Day around the corner, gifting your mother a piece of jewellery with Hamsa is a great gift idea. What could be better than gifting her protection against the evil eye? It is a suitable gift for expecting mothers. It protects them against negative energy. You can present her with pendants and bracelets. It can also be converted into earrings and rings, which are rare and can prove to be precious to her.


Express through Jewellery


Jewellery is not just a styling accessory but also a mode of expression. This Mother’s Day acknowledges the presence of your mother in your life by gifting her Hamsa charms, pendants and accessories. As Mother’s Day approaches, purchase some of the best jewellery pieces. Buy the best diamond studded Hamsa for your mother and make her feel special.


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