Buddha to Buddha: A Grateful Journey through Amazing Autumn Jewellery

Buddha to Buddha - the name evokes images of spiritual journeys and transcendent experiences. However, in the world of fashion, it's a brand synonymous with premium, handcrafted jewellery that effortlessly merges traditional craftsmanship with modern design. In a unique and ethereal journey, let’s explore how Buddha to Buddha fits into the summer fashion trends.


The Buddha to Buddha Story


The journey of Buddha to Buddha began in Asia, the home of the founder, Batul Loomans. Inspired by the tranquillity and mindfulness symbolized by Buddha, Loomans sought to create jewellery that was not just aesthetically pleasing but also a reminder of our spiritual journey. Each piece of Buddha-to-Buddha jewellery, much like its namesake, is a representation of peace, tranquillity, and self-awareness.


Handcrafted Excellence


What sets Buddha to Buddha apart from other brands is its commitment to traditional craftsmanship. Each piece is handcrafted by skilled artisans, transforming premium 925 sterling silver into timeless works of art. This process not only ensures the unique character of each piece but also guarantees its quality and durability.



Summer with Buddha to Buddha


As the warm summer days roll in, fashion-forward individuals seek accessories that reflect the vibrancy and joy of the season, and Buddha to Buddha fits the bill perfectly. Here's how:


  1. Simplicity and Elegance


Buddha to Buddha Jewellery designs are an embodiment of the principle "less is more". Their clean, simple lines and minimalistic design resonate with summer's desire for comfort and ease. Pieces like the Ellen Medium Bracelet or the Ben Small Ring offer a blend of simplicity and elegance that can elevate any summer outfit.


  1. Natural Inspiration


Buddha to Buddha’s jewellery draws inspiration from nature's beauty, and what better season to flaunt this than summer? The Chain Big Necklace, reminiscent of undulating waves, or the Nurul Ring, evoking the beauty of a blooming flower, are perfect to pair with your breezy summer dresses or chic beachwear.


  1. Versatility


One of the key fashion trends for summer is versatility, and Buddha to Buddha delivers just that. Whether you're dressing for a casual day at the beach, a summer brunch, or an evening soiree, pieces like the George Small Earrings or the Esther Small Bracelet transition effortlessly, adding a touch of sophistication to any outfit.


  1. Spiritual Connection


The spiritual symbolism of Buddha-to-Buddha jewellery adds a unique dimension to summer fashion. Wearing a piece of Buddha to Buddha is a subtle reminder to stay mindful and present, even amidst the lively energy of summer. The Barbara Link Bracelet, for instance, with its interlocking links, is a symbol of interconnectedness, serving as a reminder of our relationship with ourselves and the world around us.




The Buddha-to-Buddha journey transcends the realm of conventional fashion, offering a unique blend of style and spirituality. This summer, make a fashion statement that's not only chic but also resonates with your inner self. Remember, every piece of Buddha-to-Buddha jewellery is a step in a journey, an exploration of the self, much like the serenity of a warm, bright summer's day. As the summer sun shines brightly, let Buddha to Buddha guide your style and your spirit on a journey from Buddha to Buddha.