Your Ultimate Guide to Buying the Perfect Stone

Gemstone jewellery can be perceived as a blend of fashion aesthetics with astrology. The endearing gemstones are worn in the form of a ring, bracelet, pendant, earrings and necklace. Stones are being used in designing jewellery, crown and costume since antiquity. They not only bring charisma to your appearance but also carry healing properties. A jewellery stone can bring myriad positive impacts to your innate energy fields with its distinctive features. Combining and wearing these stones together can bring you a whole set of benefits.

There are many precious and semi-precious gems that carry concealed energy along with external grace. We have delineated a compact list of gemstones, describing their beauty and influences on your physical and intellectual personality.

Amethyst: Transformation of Spirit

Amethyst is a beautiful gem with unusual healing powers. This stone is associated with nobility, spiritual awareness, peace, balance, and positive transformations. Purple amethyst is the most sought after and highly regarded healing crystal. Thomas Sabo February violet charm is an amethyst pendant, which is best suitable for people desiring inner peace and self-awareness.

Moonstone: Shield of Humane Soul

Moonstone is a sacred stone associated with powers of moon and goddess Diana. This stone fosters good luck, hope, happiness, abundance, and wisdom. It is also considered as a protective shield against pain, illness and negative energies. This stone is believed to stimulate easy childbirth, new beginnings and safe travels.

Opal: Stone of Fertility

Opal is a quite attractive gemstone, deemed to enhance your ability to understand your own desires. It is worn to bring marital bliss, fertility, companionship and to degenerate harmful behaviour. People born in October are recommended to wear this stone to get blessed with all the luxuries and comforts of life. Although opals come in a variety of colours, but the most precious ones have a variable internal colour play. Discover the whole range of genuine opals at Acotis Diamonds.

Pearl: Purity and Wisdom

Pearl, the oldest known jewel stone has its own lustre, shape and size and need not to be modified. This stone is vastly known to foster purity, integrity, concentration, wisdom and innocence. It is also recommended to people with short temper, aggressive behaviour and those born in the month of June. Thomas Sabo Silver Freshwater Pearl Zirconia carries two beautiful pearls embedded in a silver ring.

Sapphire: Symbol of Wealth and Charm

Sapphire has a privileged position among all the gemstones for its amazing colour and merits. Blue sapphire is the most eminent and attractive of all the available colours. If worn during the right phase of one’s life, it would bring instant wealth, amazing luck and sincerity. Sapphire is also available in yellow, purple, orange and green colours and is polished to appear like jewels.

Rose Quartz: Feeds Love to Heart

Rose Quartz is one of the most beautiful gemstones that enhance all forms of love. The presence of several minerals gives this crystal a pink hue, making it the first demand of most women. This stone leads our heart to kindness, peace, care, forgiveness and unconditional love. It also fosters self-acceptance, self-love and personal worth.

Emerald: Perfect Healer Stone

Available in yellow, blue and green colours, Emerald is known to hold unusual healing powers. This stone strengthens the respiratory tract, eyesight, liver functions and even immune system. Its energy range is considered to detoxify body and bring growth, peace, fidelity and much more to the wearer. Acotis Diamonds offers you with the purest, green and transparent emeralds to outshine your jewel box.

Diamond: Beauty of Victory

Diamond is the hardest and strongest substance on earth, prized as the rarest stone. This stone gets its brilliance from three factors of light — reflection, refraction and dispersion. Diamond attracts strength, power, purity, harmony and abundance while also filling the negative inner spaces with love. Apart from immense beauty, it also uplifts the wearer with victory over enemies. Thomas Sabo Sterling Silver Ring is a beautiful embodiment of faceted pave diamonds circling a cultivated freshwater pearl in an exquisite ring.

Finding Genuine Gems and Stones

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