You Can Always Find Something You Love, Especially on Black Friday!

Jewellery is an investment in style and personality and not only in the love for shiny metals, so make this investment worthwhile this festive season. The dream for all jewellery lovers, find all your favourite jewellery and accessories at heavy discounts in the Black Friday Sale! The Friday after thanksgiving marks the start of Christmas shopping with unbelievable discounts levied on everything and anything! Use this excuse to buy yourself something chic this Christmas or buy the perfect present for someone special.

Out of the innumerable styles of jewellery, find the perfect one that will enhance your personality and make the fashion statement you want to, or push the envelope a bit this time over and try something new.

The Classic Black and White

As elegant a fine piece of jewellery embellished with pearls is, it is timeless. Complementing any attire, pearls can be worn to strengthen your graceful aura and make a statement bold, yet classy. If you are not an owner of black pearls, treat yourself to this redefinition of beauty.  Exquisite pearl rings make a gallant statement and a classic string of pearls can never go wrong. Creating a posh look or a casual one; there is always room for pearls. For the overwhelming smile on her face when she opens the gift box, or for yourself, spoil someone this season. Pearls will always be cherished by the damsel in you and there, so if there isn’t a piece of pearl jewellery gracing your jewellery box, get one now. If you already have some, there’s no harm in starting a collection!

Fashion Styles Set in Stone – Literally!

Whether you want to wear something to focus your birth month or just to make a style statement, gems and stones are the way to go. Stones make an extravagant addition to your collection, and each one tells a story. Some believe In healing properties of stones but without limiting yourself, Shine with stones or gift the gleam one to loved ones. Dazzling rings and necklaces or bracelets and charms, with endless possibilities, find everything at the Black Friday sale!

Wildlife Ambassadors of Personality

Not only for animal lovers but for those who enjoy some quirky jewellery too, animal and insect themed jewellery has gained immense popularity over the years. From as little as the housefly to the king to the jungle, you can find all sorts of bugs and animals waiting to add a charming and eccentric look to your attire. Make a tribute to your pets or gift someone an accessory to symbolize everlasting love for their beloved pets. Find bracelets and pendants with cute animals or make bolder statements with rebellious rings and charms. Get ready to pick from a huge range of jewellery and unlimited styles with all the prices hiked down, this Black Friday!  

Fusion of Colours this Black Friday

Find yourself the perfect match from the colour-wheel to complement your outfit.  Combine and contrast to pick out the precise piece of jewellery for your outfit, or just generally indulge! Single out something in multicolour to accompany everything you wear as a safe option or mismatch with your ensemble to create an original look for your unique self.  Find something in the favourite shades and hues of your loved ones to bring a smile to they’re face. Show them the thought that went into picking a heartfelt gift!

The Black Friday Sale at Acotis

Available here is the finest crafted pieces of work of numerous brands. With the Acotis Jewellery easy navigation system and filter facilities, indulge in the Black Friday sale, finding the perfect gift for loved ones and yourself! With guaranteed quality and the most delicate workmanship, Acotis jewellery promises to fulfil your fashion desires with the highest of excellence, without having to spend a fortune on the luxury, especially during the long awaited Black Friday Sale!

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