What to Expect from the Newly Assorted Winter Collection by Trollbeads

Making a fashion statement takes a lot and accessories only make it easy when worn in the right way. Enhancing the overall appeal of any outfit, accessories are undoubtedly a must to have. From a gilded bangle to gleaming pendant, anything can heighten the glamor of even the soberest of looks. Trollbeads is a jewelry brand that has been established keeping these factors in mind and serves those accessory lovers who dedicatedly follow fashion trends and want to stay updated at all times. The brand has lately launched a unique collection of awe-inspiring trinkets that are perfect for winters. Designed exclusively using Sterling silver, 18k gold, and precious stones, each piece speaks for itself.

This winter collection features a gamut of eclectically crafted neckpieces, bracelets, and bangles that can be customized and styled using colorful quality beads. Scroll down to learn more about the appearance and craftsmanship of these accessories.


There is nothing better than a bracelet that can accessorize your wrist the best. Bracelets by Stardust are perfect both as a self-pampering gift and thoughtful present to someone—all thanks to their exclusive features like captivating beads made of quality materials, embellished lobster claw clasps, and quality Sterling silver or gold finishing. These wrist adornments can even be customized by stringing different types of beads to bring versatility.


Crafted by keeping up with the aesthetics, neckpieces in this series are sure to add subtle glitz. The necklaces have a Christmassy feel to them, becoming the perfect accessory for gifting during festive season. Holiday Spirits Necklace, for instance, embodies the merriness and mysticism of Christmas as reflected by More Cookie Joy bead, faceted glass bead, and Yellow Twinkle bead. Featuring attractive pendants and beads, each necklace in this series is a designer’s masterpiece.


A traditional yet trendy accessory, bangle is the most worn and desired piece of jewelry by women. Subtle or exuberant, a bangle is enough to bring about a lasting impact in your overall style. In the new collection by Trollbeads, you get to choose from a variety of bangles that can be customized using preciously crafted beads. Heart Bangle by Stardust can either be worn alone or in combinations. The plainly crafted Sterling silver bangle can be adorned using beads with similar finish.


The colorful and oxidized beads reflect diverse ideas used by the designer in assorting them. Many beads have been crafted using the stones extracted from earth’s crust, symbolizing and holding some or the other kind of higher energy. For instance, a Pyrite bead embodies good luck and fortune and is believed to be a guiding force for your spirit towards higher wisdom. Use of natural materials in the making of these beads helps enhancing and maintaining the respective mysticism. The others like Sterling Silver beads are handcrafted using an ancient technique called Circe Perdue. This 3000-year-old method is also used to design 18k gold beads. These beads can be used for accessorizing a bracelet or worn as a pendant with a neck chain in similar finish.

Designed by professionals, Trollbeads jewelry is specially assorted to make an impactful fashion statement; always keeping its customers updated with trends. The new series by this brand, Stardust is all about soothing winter hues and dainty beads. Not only the accessories by this series do a justice to wintery and festive vibes, they can even be personalized using beads that are available in a wide array. Each piece of jewelry in the winter collection has been designed with utmost precision and effective creativity because of which you can expect unique motifs.

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