Wear Your Personal Style with Guess Jewellery

Jewellery is the one thing that sits closest to your skin and what most people notice first about your outfit. Striking yet elegant, the range of styling accessories from Guess Jewellery is made to cater to every taste and preference. From dusted earrings to understated necklaces, the chic collection from Guess Jewellery is a popular choice amongst the fashion-conscious crowd. The versatile selection of Guess is always resplendent with glamour. Balance out whimsy and sophistication with this collection that has eyes fixated on it the moment you step out.

Boasting the unmissable G logo intertwined with the design, the versatile collection can easily go from being casual to dressy depending on the outfit they are paired with. A blend of contemporary design and elegant finish, each accessory by Guess Jewellery adds grandeur to your outfit. Seal that winning look by getting the most exquisite bracelets, earrings, neckpieces, engraved jewellery pieces, infinity rings and many more.

Earrings to Enhance your Look

Earrings are not only mere pieces of jewellery, but symbols of love, emotions and relations. A pair of statement earrings continue to be a must-have jewellery piece to accessorize and amplify even the simplest of outfits. Promoting personality, bestowing colour or adding a dose of glamour – whatever your reason to indulge in this audacious trend, bold and beautiful earrings will always be a focal point of every modern woman’s jewellery box. The Guess Jewellery earrings collection has on offered multiple stainless steel body ear hoops with gold/silver finishes. Featuring shiny crystals or the embossed Guess logo, these shiny accessories have an elegant yet trendy appeal.

Necklaces for Beautifying every Outfit

The everlasting favorite of the red-carpet, the necklace is capable of not only completing a look but adding to it as well. It is one of the most elegant pieces of jewelry any woman can have in her collection. Necklaces are a timeless fashion statement for women of all ages. A Necklace adds more grace and beauty to the overall personality of the lady, enhancing her looks and making her feel more confident. Get waterfall, infinity charm, embossed Guess logo and heart frame necklaces from the Guess Jewellery collection.

Bracelets for an Elegant Appeal

You can’t go really go wrong with pretty bracelets. Unlike other pieces of jewellery like necklaces and earrings, you can see bracelets and enjoy their beauty more! Perfect for layering and stacking, bracelets have been worn by women and men throughout the ages. Paired with a casual outfit or with formal dresses, bracelets are evergreen and go well with everything. You can go for a chain style bracelet or one with studded crystals in an overlay fashion. Guess Jewellery houses the best collection of women’s bracelets with options available in silver, gold, rose gold and enamel finishes. These bracelets can be carried solo or can be paired with some other jewellery piece to complete the look.

Why Guess Jewellery

Founded in the year 1981, Guess Jewellery embodies iconic designs perfect for the modern lifestyle. The brand draws inspiration from the American and European styles and makes stunning pieces of jewellery. Known for its trendsetting designs, the brand has had famous personalities like Jennifer Lopez, Claudia Schiffer, Naomi Campbell, and Drew Barrymore endorse the brand and wear Guess jewellery. Made from only robust materials like ion-plated steel, stainless steel, silver and PVD gold, all products from Guess are quality checked and built to last. With a plethora of styles for neckwear, earrings, and wristwear to choose, Guess helps you choose a perfect jewellery option to compliment your current style.

Where to Buy?

The Guess Jewellery range is all about expressing your fashion-forward style and Acotis has a variety of intricately designed jewellery from this collection on their online store. Acotis Diamonds is your one-stop-shop for buying the high-end jewellery designs from some of the most prestigious brands across the globe. The easily navigable site brings premium quality jewellery to your fingertips and the carefully designed filters cater to every personalized requirement. Browse through the Acotis website today and find the perfect jewellery for you!

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