Unravelling the Mystical Magical Collections from Thomas Sabo

From dressing up because the occasion calls for it to dressing up because you feel like it, fashion has always had our back and made it possible for us to personify the wildest looks and styles. Ornaments and jewellery are the essences of everyday fashion. Be it any kind of outfit, event, occasion, or mood, jewellery is sure to bring out you’re a-game in every single time no matter what kind of enhancement you require of for the day. While there are countless styles, trends, materials, designs, themes, and special collections available out there, some stick forever, and some stick out. Brands and designers are always on the trail of creating something new and exciting which captures the individual spirit of the wearer ideally. Some of these dreamy collections have recently surfaced from Thomas Sabo capturing the magic of nature within.

To the Enchanted Land – Magic Garden

The Magic Garden collection signifies the spirit of nature with its beautiful inspired designs featuring elements found in a garden. The collection is the personification of elements of nature like flowers, wings, serpents, birds, and charms. Displaying beautiful intricate designs, these jewellery designs are extremely versatile and can be styled with most kinds of outfits, be it the casual-day-out outfit or a smooth, silky evening gown. You can try on the Kaleidoscope golden butterfly pendant is you are more of a sweet and sensual kind or the shimmering multicoloured snake pendant if you want to style your jewellery in a classic but rebellious way.

Glimmer Your Way to Fashion – Magic Stars

Harbinger of the stars and the magic that they hold, Magic Star collection holds your spirit jewellery piece if you have a thing for celestial beauty. The Magic star collection has jewellery pieces that embody the beauty of the wonders often seen in the night sky such as stars and constellations. Down to every detail, these intricate designs are all you need to instantly glam an otherwise ordinary dress or outfit. Fit to be style with both casual, semi-casual, and casual outfits, you can style these runway-worthy pieces stand-alone in the day when its time for work and layer up for the parties in the evening. You can go for something like the White Gold Zirconia Magic Stars Moon necklace for a standard minimalistic look or go for the White Magic Star Constellation Necklace for a chicer and jewellery heavy look. Match the necklace with Constellation ring, drop earring, and multi-star bracelet.

Purring the Sound of Trend – Magic Cats

Specially designed for the fanatics of animals – cats to be precise – this Magic cat collection from Thomas Sabo is all you need to set yourself apart from the crowd. Eccentric and unique in a very obvious way, this beautiful cat collection is carved with such intricacy to get every single curvature and detail of the animal right in the pieces. Form necklaces to pendants ring to earrings, the collection holds something from every category made with all the top preferred materials like sterling silver and gold. Go for a solid multicoloured gold cat pendant or a cat gold ring for a bold and statement-making look. Or you can pick something like a multicoloured cat pendant charm for a sleek hint of your love for the animal.

Style Set in Stone – Magical Stones

With colour combinations that have never been a thing before, Thomas Sabo Magic Stone collection is the way to go if you are a fashion child, like to keep things bold and do not shy away from unique colour combinations. Stones with ruby red, emerald green, topaz, and various other shades, are the essence of this collection. It focuses more on the beauty of the big and tries to combine and create hues that are incomparable in beauty and grace. Get the huge magic stone cross pendant with basic colourful stones for a statement look right out of the trend books or choose the variant with intricate silver work on the pendant frame to add a classic touch to the picture. Pair pieces with each other and mix and match the whole set to design a look which is a unique representation of yourself.

Authentic Designs at Acotis Diamonds

Finding a design and work that will speak to you on a personal level is usually the first course of action when selecting jewellery. While you must get exactly what you wanted, imagined or pictured in terms of design, there are other parameters to look out for as well. Ensuring that the eccentricity of your jewellery matches the authenticity of the design and purity of the material when buying so that you not only get the best of the designs but also the best of the quality. Acotis Diamonds is a platform that presents you with several top brands like Thomas Sabo which keep benchmark quality right beside beauty and design of a piece of jewellery. Find handpicked designs from such globally renowned brands in the jewellery world other like Elements Gold, Elements Silver, Swarovski, D for Diamonds, Beginnings and more exclusively at Acotis Diamonds. 

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