Trollbeads – Creating Jewellery with Jumbo Beads

Creating a medley of jewellery that exudes your personality has its charms and let’s just admit it, everyone loves doing it! The best way to customise your accessories and add a hint of your character into them is with beads. Strung into bracelets and necklaces, selecting your own beads for your own style can be undoubtedly satisfying and well, fun! Contrasting and matching beads to fuse together beautiful pieces can become overwhelming with the myriad of choices, but this particular style of beads will surely take your breath away…yes, you guessed it right! The Jumbo beads by Trollbeads! These glamourous beads have an allure any jewellery addicts will give into and will not be able to resist.

These unique beads need unique styling, and here we will explore ways that can help highlight these beads and add a statement to your personality with them.

Creating a Focal Point

Incorporating these jumbo Trollbeads into daily-wear designs is not only about accessorising and embellishing, but also about enhancing your attire and finding the right way to help these accessories emphasize your over-all ensemble. The jumbo bead can be beautifully blended into your jewellery such as bracelets and necklaces, as anchor beads. Within an assortment of other beads, adding the jumbo one in the middle to direct all attention to it, will create a focal feature to catch every eye. Adding it to the middle of a bangle or a bracelet will augment the style of the jewellery, and this focal point will balance your accessory and outfit perfectly.

De-Emphasising the Jumbo

Creating focus and drawing attention doesn’t always mean the underlining feature has to be the brightest amongst others. Letting your jumbo bead stay humble, with the surrounding beads holding a larger colour impact will surely do the trick of creating a dazzling piece of jewellery for you. By allowing the surrounding beads to take the higher colour contrast to de-emphasise your jumbo will help create a balance in your design. The jumbo will have a sharp and distinct colour difference to the other beads and hence, will still steal the show despite keeping attention on the smaller beads around it.

Laying the Jumbo Foundation

Swivelling out from making the jumbo bead the central point, you can experiment with making it the base of your drop earrings and necklaces. With its extensive size and quality of attracting, it can easily become the base and can be layered upwards for a dramatic effect. This way, keeping the jumbo bead the main colour inspiration and stacking it with contrasting shades will help create a bold design. The compatible colours don’t have to fight for attention but at the same time will harmonise with the jumbo to tie together the accessory. You can try inverting the pyramid, bringing the jumbo at the top if you want to make an unconventional statement, the versatile jumbo bead will always work in your favour.

Combining Beads for Abstract Fusions

Sticking to a certain pattern or guideline is definitely not what creating the perfect piece is all about. Mix it up with different jumbo beads and smaller beads for an array of styles that define you. Use contrasting colours or take up a theme for inspiration – florals, animals or anything that accompanies your outfits and personality. Take a few jumbos and a few normal beads to create an abstract blend or spread them evenly on a bracelet for a classy look. Experiment with colours, styles, themes and all sorts of designs to find what calls out to you.

Keep your pieces soft or make bold contrasts, use subtle hues or take a dive into the bright pool of yellows, oranges and blues and make something extravagant because once you start, there is no stopping!

Trollbeads for Something Inventive Each Time

A very young venture, aging just above four years, Trollbeads has made a significant mark in the jewellery world so far and strives to keep doing so. There most prominent feature is their ability to personalise from client to client and create jewellery that will make heads turn inevitably. Highly customised necklaces, bangles, bracelets and more, are just the beginning. With thousands of unique Trollbeads, anyone can customise their own, unique collection. Find a beautiful pre-designed pick if that you love or create your own to make your statement your way. Our collection of Trollbeads jewellery will give you the ability to create your own unique style, without having to spend a fortune for the privilege.

Finding Your Beads with Acotis Diamonds

The limited ability of Trollbeads is an indication of their uniqueness. Making them popular among collectors, you can enhance your jewellery collections here at Acotis. With a range of filter and an easy navigation system, you can cruise through the site and find your pick at the ease of a click! With an extensive selection of bead and other Trollbeads hits, Acotis Diamonds is readily equipped to help you find your signature jewellery on our online webstore!

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