Travel in Style with Nomination Jewellery: Choosing the Perfect Vacation Accessories

Summer brings along a lot of festivities with many holidays marking the season. Whether you are planning a meandering road trip, a thrilling hiking trip, a big trip abroad, or an adventurous visit to the beach, the question about which accessories to leave behind and what to carry must have crossed your mind.

As you prep up for your much-awaited vacation, bundling up your sparkling jewellery pieces is a must. After all, whatever you are carrying with you to your destination will have a role to play, adding to your overall experience. Packing up the right jewellery will not just help you look good, but also feel good. A vacation is a great excuse to expand your jewellery collection and add some eclectic pieces that will dress up even your most basic travel outfits. Check out our ultimate guide for go-to-go accessories by global brand Nomination, as you get ready for your Insta-worthy vacation.

Go for Versatile Accessories

The rule of thumb that should be followed when packing for a vacation is to go light and versatile. An easy way to do so is packing essential pieces to refresh and upgrade your look from one day to another. Instead of packing dainty, statement pieces that probably go well with only one of your outfits, opt for versatile jewellery that would look amazing with distinctive combinations. Try for multi-coloured bracelets or necklaces and other pieces that raise high on the mixing trends. Sterling silver stellar zirconia ring, sweetrock moon ring, moon amor mixed bracelet, multi-coloured stone strawberry necklace are just a few of the amazing designs.

Fuss-free Accessories

Vacations are full of surprises, when you are in a new place you wouldn’t want to waste time in packing and unpacking those delicate jewellery pieces that need layers of coverage. Ditch those intricate little accessories and opt for something low-maintenance but with eminent design. Stud earrings could serve the purpose, as they are all light and high on fashion trends, they add an undeniably amount of oomph to your ensemble, taking it from zero to hundred in a matter of seconds. Nomination zirconia silver stud earrings, sun earrings, fini earrings, small circle rose gold earrings are few of the options in the domain.

Flaunt your love for Charms

Charms are a very easy and eye-catching choice for your travel accessories. Wear them on your favourite chain one day and on your beaded bracelet the next day. This versatile ornament never ceases to amaze and offers a new appeal to your outfit every single time. With our collection of beautiful charms such as cubic zirconia still silver charm, tree life pink gold charm, feather gold charm, padlock gold charm, and much more.

A New Place and New You

As you open yourself to new people and experiences, indulging in different cultures, don’t forget to explore and experiment with accessorizing. If you are not a fan of bracelets, how about wearing one with your favourite outfit or pairing it with your exquisite watch. Try daring styles and accessories when you are out there in the new city. If your jewellery box is all about minimalistic pieces, you can go for some quickly playful pieces to enjoy those ultimate laid-back vacation feels. Try layering some rings or necklaces together to create a personalized statement loud and clear.

Eccentric Jewellery by Nomination

Nomination focuses on delivering expertly crafted accessories that not just scale high in terms of fashion but also express one’s personality in luxurious ways. Bringing forth an exclusive range of enchanting designs, the brand offers new definitions of accessorizing. Boasting craftsmanship of highest calibre, Nomination jewellery has crossed Italian borders and earned the trust of the global customer base. Whether you prefer minimalistic designs or bold dainty pieces, Nomination has it all to savour the fashion enthusiast in you!

Express Your Style with Acotis Diamonds

Featuring the jewellery collection of widely acclaimed global brands, Acotis Diamonds is a one-stop destination for all your accessorizing needs. This online platform combines fine artistry with authenticity, bringing along fashion players such as Nomination, Thomas Sabo, Kit Health, Elements Gold, Links of London, and more. Pamper yourself with immaculate designs or find the perfect gift for all occasions with a promise of genuineness.

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