Thomas Sabo Karma Beads

Thomas Sabo Karma Beads

At Acotis Diamonds Jewellery we adore Thomas Sabo Karma Beads, cut from exquisite stones.  Crafted in top-quality Sterling silver, adorned with filigree ornamentation. The Karma Beads are masterpieces that combine to become personal jewellery creations.  The lovingly hand-crafted Thomas Sabo Karma Beads unite to create a positive energy, with individual significance.

The new way to wear Karma Beads: the bangle of sparkling Sterling silver is the ideal stage for the big appearance of one to five Karma Beads. Held by two stoppers, an individual look is created that draws all eyes to the wrist. Thomas Sabo Karma Beads send out positive energy, joie de vivre, happiness and an individual’s personal karma style. At Acotis Diamonds Jewellery we love to celebrate life with Karma Beads. A positive attitude to life and the beautiful things in life serve as a source of inspiration for this collection. The sparkling Beads capture the purpose of life and gives inner peace, particularly in combination with other beads, their light reflexes develop a special radiance. Thomas Sabo goes for ornate manual workmanship and noble materials: among the individual Karma Beads, whose design is based on Thomas Sabo jewellery, there are numerous hand-polished semi-precious stones and freshwater cultivated pearls. The filigree decorative beads are set with artistic ornaments or sparkling stones. They make unique style statements with 18k yellow gold or rose gold plating.

Every bead contains one’s own karma and this inspires strong thoughts and deeds. The “Wheel of Karma” – the heart of the collection – is designed with much love of detail and concentrates everything good and positive within itself.

Acotis Diamonds Jewellery enhance the desire to adore the beads. Thomas Sabo has developed silver bracelets, necklaces and ankle chains, each of which is closed with a bead element. All the beads selected can be strung together in any desired order. Different stopper elements vary the place of the beads on the bracelet or chain.

We all have an inner karma that needs to be encouraged and loved by wearing Thomas Sabo Karma Beads on a necklace, bracelet or bangle.  Treat yourself or a loved one today, make this day a day to be remembered at Acotis Diamonds Jewellery.

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