Thank Heavens for Thanksgiving!

Be it a formal Thanksgiving dinner or an informal Friendsgiving gathering, everyone wants to come bearing gifts to be able to show their appreciation and to give thanks for each other. With Thanksgiving approaching, it’s time to start putting thought into gifts for this joyous day!

Say it with Swarovski this season and watch your loved ones’ faces light up. Select the perfect gift from the vast collection they offer and make a statement of gratitude in style.

Here’s a guide to help you decide which way to go.

Expression of Jewels

Jewellery is the crowning glory of gifts. Whenever we consider gifts and presents, it’s the first thing that comes to mind. The assortment of jewellery is such that, there is always a perfect piece for the perfect occasion. One can never go wrong with jewellery. The Swarovski store has a flawless collection for you to dive into this Thanksgiving, and give your loved ones the gift of timeless Jewels. With the most delicate workmanship, classy rings and bracelets, elegant bangles and cuffs, exquisite earrings, charms and pendants constitute a medley of abundant designs for you to grab today!

The Timeless Gift of Time

A classic gift for both him and her, watches are a blessing if you are puzzled for choice. Offering a different style for every personality, they can be worn with class, anywhere you go! Take a glimpse of the extravagant Swarovski watches and you’re sure to stay. There are hundreds of new designs to relish the fashion bug in you, while you settle on the one you want to gift. From a line of wrist watches that shine with the temperament of the wearer, to ones that are simple yet, elegant, you will not be disappointed!

Accessories, Galore!

Planning on giving something more casual but still want to do it with panache? Accessories are a great way of expression and can be gifted as something more personal.  For those with an attachment to their phone, you can find bright Swarovski phone covers to enchant them. They are sure to be overwhelmed to receive something so special for something so close to their heart! Find dazzling Swarovski pens in an assortment of colours or get your hands on poised tea light holders to set the mood. Graceful wine glasses are also available to win hearts. 

Crystal Sculptures  

Gifting can be tricky, and where everything fails, ornaments and sculptures are always to the rescue! Adorning your fireplace and mantles, show pieces are a win for everybody; Easy to choose and always appreciated! Swarovski provides a great range of different crystal sculptures crafted with consideration to a variety of tastes.  You can find star wars themed crystal figurines for the fans and of course! Disney, Disney all the way! There is a collection to bewitch all Disney lovers. In addition to all the sophisticated and elegant pieces, take a trip back to childhood with the ones who will be receiving these figurines, and what their faces light up with delight!

A Present for the Kids

How can there be a gift-shopping spree without shopping for the young ones! Swarovski never forgets anyone and affectionately, presents an entire selection of products that children will love! Beautiful Disney themed jewellery and crystal sculptures will make them ecstatic, along with other modest jewellery, figurines and sculptures that can be gifted to them. Seeing the gleam in their eyes, thanksgiving is sure to feel complete and wholesome this year!

Yours lovingly, Swarovski

One of the most highly acclaimed designer jewellery brands in the world, Swarovski delivers to its self-built standards as finely as their crystal cutting techniques and perfection.  The precession and attention to detail ensure highest of quality and designs. Swarovski keeps in check with all new styles and trends, infusing them in their 120 year old craftsmanship and creating exquisitely brand-defining pieces.

Shopping for Swarovski Made Easy at Acotis

Simple navigation makes shopping for your Swarovski gifts even easier at Acotis Jewellery. The fine quality of Swarovski crystals is never compromised and detail to manufacture is always delivered to the best. To avoid the dilemma the huge variety of products can create, apply the easy-to-use filters and add the perfect gift to your shopping bags this Thanksgiving!

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