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Celebrate this International Women’s Day with a Touch of Eccentricity

Every day is a celebration of life, but some days require special attention and celebration. Falling amidst countless birthdays, Valentine’s Days, Mother’s Day, Christmas and New Year celebration, there comes the International Women’s Day. A day that celebrates the social, economic, cultural and political achievements, International Women’s Day is observed across the world to honour the achievements of women. Being celebrated for over a century now, International women’s Day is not limited to a single community or group and it calls everyone to join in the celebration. There are several... Read More


Casual and Everyday Styling with Kit Heath

Living in an era where having a distinctive fashion statement is a must, styling yourself everyday can be stressful. Being fashion savvy does not mean dressing up glamorously every morning. Most of the times, adding a minimalistic element to your everyday casual attire can do wonders. Accessorizing your daily wear outfit can break the monotony, making you stand out in your simplistic self. Kit Heath, a celebrated brand for fashion enthusiasts, features exceptionally designed sterling jewellery that adds a unique element in your everyday styling regime. We have assorted a... Read More

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Exploring the Most Splendid from Swarovski

From every living being on the planet to every artificial manmade thing, all aspects related to our lives come with a certain set of perceptions which ground to their pre-signified roles. Jewellery and ornaments fall into this category as well. They are often perceived as something which is only useful in terms of styling outfit for a special occasion and seldom carried by men. There have been many potential changes led by various top jewellery brands in the ways jewellery has been perceived over time. . One of these leading... Read More

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Redefine the Classics: Shades of Gold from Nomination

All forms of art flourish on experimenting and continuous trial outs by the artists. The more the ideas flow, the more the experimenting and the more unique things the world experiences on daily basis. The art of creating jewellery balances on the same kind of sea saw. Regular mix and match of designs, materials and shades always leave a gorgeous final product, unique to its time and class. While some designers decide to go all out on the distinctiveness, some choose to stick to the classic designs and present something... Read More


Un-Stereotyping the Notions around Women’s Jewellery

As various cultures witnessed changes and the society became more aware, it was women who stood out. None of us can forget the historic date of March 8th, 1911, when the struggle for gender equality and anti-sexism commenced. We have come a long way since then. Women have managed to change several stereotypical notions pertaining professionalism, motherhood, marriage and individuality. However, there is a long journey that still needs to be covered and many ideologies that still need to be re-shaped. One such stereotype is about adorning jewellery. For years... Read More