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Nomination Jewellery: An Anecdote of Collection

Founded by Paolo Gensini, Nomination Jewellery was established in Florence, the centre of fashion and high-quality craftsmanship. Composable was born, the modular bracelet you can personalise. Nomination, today, is the world leader in gold and stainless steel jewellery. The brand’s innovative and original creations are explored in seasonal lines for everyday use and life’s most memorable moments. This blog is an anecdote of the various collections that the brand has launched. Carsouel Collection The Carsouel Collection brings the joy of long-lost youth, innocence, memories, and unchanged patterns of life. Nomination... Read More

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Strengthen Your ‘Links’ with Nomination: One for Me, One for You Collection

Relationships are the essence of life and Nomination jewellery communicates the messages of strengthening the vital ones. The new “one for me, one for you” collection by Nomination is the spirit of sharing not only jewellery, but heartfelt emotions and sentiments. Every day comes by with new friends and heart-rendering experiences that everyone wants to cherish through the years. The way we carve relations and put together emotions piece by piece, the new collection by nomination presents a line of customizable jewellery that lets you string your feelings link by... Read More

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Give a New Meaning to Eccentricity – Nomination Composable Collection

Jewellery is a versatile road to take when it comes to picking your outfit. It can be a powerful element that works as the signature piece or it can be the laid-back element that highlights the whole appeal of the look. While this is the popular notion, jewellery does a lot more than just elevating your look. It serves as a memento of precious memories or becomes a way for you to express your inner artist. Those jewellery making classes that you took when you were a young kid can... Read More