Nomination charms

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Strengthen Your ‘Links’ with Nomination: One for Me, One for You Collection

Relationships are the essence of life and Nomination jewellery communicates the messages of strengthening the vital ones. The new “one for me, one for you” collection by Nomination is the spirit of sharing not only jewellery, but heartfelt emotions and sentiments. Every day comes by with new friends and heart-rendering experiences that everyone wants to cherish through the years. The way we carve relations and put together emotions piece by piece, the new collection by nomination presents a line of customizable jewellery that lets you string your feelings link by... Read More

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An Arrow Straight to The Heart – Nomination SeiMia Collection

There is a fashion-forward part of everyone that holds jewellery dear. Being able to create pieces that define your personality is something that intrigues everyone! Stringing charms and ornaments that exude hints of your character onto chains and bracelets helps formulate pieces that make a statement for you. Nomination presents a new line of jewellery for you to customise your jewellery with your own style. Breathing a personal essence into beautifully crafted jewels and charms, the SeiMia collection lets you pick the perfect ones for your loved ones or to... Read More

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Mesmerizing and Jaw-Dropping Collection from NOMINATION

Jewellery with a special message and meaning! Nomination has always been a trustworthy name when it comes to buying exceptional quality and unique jewellery. Be it rings, charms, watches, or earrings, each piece of jewellery reflects the true craftsmanship and gives a distinctive look when carried with any of the outfits. Nomination offers endless options to select from and has everything for every occasion. The beauty and uniqueness of the jewellery steal the show. These are not just a mere piece of jewellery but a memory of a lifetime. The... Read More