Coin Necklaces: Knowing All About Them

The coin necklaces are nothing new to the fashion industry. They have been worn throughout history to bring luck and good fortune to the wearer. These are perfect everyday wear jewellery and are known to promote wealth and prosperity. The necklaces take inspiration from gold coins that people give to their loved ones as a meaningful gift. In fact, during World War, I and World War II soldiers sent silver and gold coin necklaces to their wives, girlfriends, mothers, and sisters. They gained popularity as ‘sweetheart’ jewellery, a great reminder... Read More


Choosing The Perfect Necklace for Your Outfit

Each one of us has been in a situation where we find the perfect outfit for the occasion, only to realise that none of our neckpieces goes perfectly well with what we are wearing or at the very least we fall in a dilemma which as to which one will look the best. Finding the perfect necklace to match the outfit, or more specifically the décolletage design is essentially a form of art, with a careful mix of experimentation and creativity. This trick when mastered can quickly transform your outfit... Read More

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From The Basics: Must Haves in Your Collection from Elements

While fashion trends are taking over the world with a gigantic magnetic force, the classics refuse to stand by and just get faded away in the storm. No matter how many trends come by and go away, there some signature styles, elements and ways that never gets old. These are things that are called the “must-haves” in the world of accessorizing and jewellery. Where oxidized and elemental jewellery choices seems to be overpowering the crowd, the desire to own something that will last forever does not wash away.


Create Your Own Personal Style with Nikki Lissoni Jewellery

Everyone is in pursuit of being unique. Fashion lovers choose the way of jewels to make their bold statements. With all the new trending styles, personalized jewellery is making a prominent mark in the industry. Nikki Lissoni Jewellery lets you run free into the world of accessories and find yourself. Club your outfit with Nikki Lissoni Jewellery, personalized for your style to make your own personal fashion statement loud and clear. Cruise through the elegant collection of coins, necklaces, earrings, pendants, bracelets and bangles for her. Mix ‘n’ match to... Read More