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Follow your Instincts with Nomination Jewellery: Instinct Collection

Nomination Jewellery brings exquisite pieces of accessories as a part of their Instinct Collection. This collection is made for style-savvy women who always manage to look stunning with their simple and sophisticated style. They like styling their outfits with elegant pieces of jewellery. Keeping it chic and sleek with minimal jewellery is what styling demands. The range of necklaces and bracelets feature stunning designs and materials, bringing the best of both worlds on the table. The accessories are made from stainless steel and include gemstones which make your jewellery all... Read More

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Men’s Bracelets: Accessorise Your Look in Style

Many might think bracelets are a feminine accessory, largely because of the difference in market size for males and females. How about we tell you that bracelets are a breed of jewellery, relaxed and laidback, that every man can wear without feeling out of place. Men’s bracelets add a touch of class and style to your overall look. Sunday luncheon, biking day or just a casual workday – a bracelet is sure to amplify any outfit on any occasion. A bracelet is a versatile accessory that reflects your personality and... Read More


Steal the Show with a Ring of Charm This Valentines… Literally!

Rings are not only mere pieces of jewellery, but symbols of love, emotions and relations. Finding the perfect ring for the perfect one will reap a wonderful reaction and an experience laden with sentiments and affections. To take her breath away, or to make him feel adored and special, rings are a timeless offering and the perfect gift for Valentines. Even if not someone else, pamper and spoil yourself with beautiful designs and elegant style for some self-loving! With millions of designs afloat in the world of jewellery, it can... Read More


Watches Powered by Light

Technology advances and so does the art of making watches. Over time, there has been a significant use of technologies that make the wrist watches more convenient. One such technology is Eco-Drive by Citizen-Better Starts Now. What makes these watches special is that they harness energy from any source of light, whether artificial or natural. The energy is stored in rechargeable lithium-ion cell. It can be charged continuously and operate forever. This can make you fall in love with watches all over again the battery exhausts. The Eco-Drive concept became... Read More

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Singing the New Hymn of Sharing with Nomination Jewellery

#oneformeoneforyou Life is all about unexpected encounters with people who eventually become special over time. Therefore, it is necessary to express the significance of their presence in your life. Nomination Italy has come up with a new campaign “One for me, One for you”, a new hymn for sharing. This new collection includes link that represent your loved ones, the relationship you share with them. One for me, one for you promotes the signature Composable Links in a fresh and modern way, emphasizing the common and personalized feeling of the... Read More


A Unique Gift This New Year

Gifting is an art that is mastered over time and with practice. Knowing what to gift someone requires skill and an in-depth knowledge of the recipient you are presenting a gift to. To select the best and be reciprocated with the gift of smile, one must invest time and thought. This New Year, whether as the show stopper at the end of a year full of festive presents or as the commencement of one bearing heartfelt gifts, chose the perfect present to make loved ones feel special. So don’t let... Read More

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Dive in the Ocean of Spunk: Eccentric Jewellery for Men

Men’s jewellery and apparel are often plain and minimalistic in comparison to the huge reservoirs which are available especially for women. While there are many people who would say they are happy with the minimalistic jewellery options that they have at their disposal, some would favour the term “experiments with look”. If you fall in the second category, then rejoice because unlike the far forgotten past, there are plenty of designers and brands which have shifted their focus a lot towards creating fabulous designs to aid all fashionista men out... Read More


Timex: A Twist of the Wrist

We live in an era where a wave of transformation has hit, and that too hard! Watches have been revolutionised from the traditional ones to high-tech bands and gadget watches to do way more than just convey the time. While traditional watches have reduced simply to collectibles and the occasion of seeing someone’s wrist adorned with one has become scarce, for those who do wear them, it’s time to wear the best!

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Cufflinks to Complement your Outfit: Trendiest Collection

Accessories add a delicate touch of style and grace to any outfit, expressing how you managed experiment with your look. Since many men aren’t very fond of accessorizing themselves or wearing jewellery. And if you fall into the category of one of them, we suggest, you should give it a go. We are here to offer some tricks and tips before you decide to venture into this experimentation, which will make your journey easy of pulling-off this perfectly chosen outfit.