Staying Fashionable and Glamorous After 60

Staying Fashionable and Glamorous After 60

Just because you are a women over 60, does not mean that you should lose your sense of style. In fact, it is your excuse to become even more glamorous and express your uniqueness in all its glory. Becoming more fashionable in your later years is also an easy way to appear more youthful and vibrant, so ditch the sweaters, add a splash of diamonds to your jewellery collection and watch your wardrobe become the envy of your children as well as your grandchildren.

So what types of clothing suit women over 60? Perhaps a mini skirt is out of the question but pick up a few of the following items for your new wardrobe:

  • High waist jeans (great for toning)
  • Slim fit, cropped trousers (for a boost of confidence)
  • Lower cut blouses (to show a little skin the classy way)
  • Long leather skirts or a leather jacket (for a touch of youth)
  • Sparkling jewellery (diamonds or crystal to add a touch of glamour)

Clothing can give you a boost of confidence if you tailor it to match your body type. If you are of slimmer build, why not flaunt it in tighter fitting trousers? If you are curvier in shape and don’t feel quite ready for tighter clothing, add some floaty skirts and knee high boots to your wardrobe. Accessories like scarves, some sparkling statement jewellery or a stand-out hat or headpiece can spruce up neutral colours.

What items should you avoid adding to your array of jewels, skirts and jackets? Avoid wearing:

  • Dull colours, vibrant shades give the impression of youth
  • Too much leather or denim, avoid trying too hard
  • Too much jewellery, a statement pair of earrings says much more than various items
  • Anything drab or aimed at ‘older women’, you can wear what you like!

It is important you feel comfortable in what you are wearing or you the outfit will overpower you. Get some more ideas from the following article o n fashion ideas for women over 60 and get breathe a new lease of life into your wardrobe.

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