Shop Online for Hot Diamonds Anais New Collection Available At Acotis

Shop Online for Hot Diamonds Anais

Anais represents your life’s beautiful story, your collection of Anais charms is unique and precious just like you. Anais is growing in the luxury goods market which has already expanded into major jewellery shows and retail stores. There is over 90 gorgeous pieces available in precious metals and genuine gemstones. Chains and lockets can be worn with exuberant style and length you desire.

Anais will aid your spiritual development with individual choice and style, Anais is one of UK’s most iconic and collectable jewellery brands which has entranced customers worldwide. Uncompromised craftsmanship and painstaking attention to detail has remained complete throughout the design process to insure that each piece is perfect. We are completely committed to producing the best quality products to the market.

The adorable lockets and amazing choice of chains enhance the charms. The lockets feature an open glass window to store your treasured charms. A real one point diamond is presented on the side opening, a touch of sophistication that will capture your heart. Our charms are composed of 925 sterling silver and precious gemstones are carefully inserted into the delicate opening of the locket Anais creates instantly wearable pieces that can be collected and composed over time.

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