Runway Fall Jewellery Trends to Fall For

This year’s runway was hit by a heavily accessorized punk wave with glittering rhinestones, link chains, bright neons and oversized metal chunks. The gender punk vibes of the fashion month inspired the designers to blend cheeky accessories with opulent jewellery styles to create some dark and edgy looks. But, the runway trends were fun to gaze at and worth appreciating because of the fact that the accessories could be effortlessly paired even with the basic fall apparels. Revisiting the key motifs and standout looks that dominated the show, there were some unforgettable spotlight hits that we are going to share with you in this discussion.

This fall season is all about wearing earrings that go to great lengths. The age of accessorizing attires with minimalistic studs is gone. These oversized hoops dominated the collections of every designer, making them the highlight of every attire. Using these long hoops clearly means that you do not need any other accessory to add bling to your ensemble. Let your earrings do all the talking. You can go check out the Swarovski collection for buying the finest range of long loops to standout.

Unmissable Chain Links

One of the daintiest trends that we had our eyes glued on was the twisted and long chain links. The chain links are considered to give a sharp and visually distinctive appeal to any ensemble with their thick metal craftsmanship and chunky look. Different stylists layered different kinds of chains together to create a wild and textured effect. You can layer these chain links with charm necklaces or similar chain link bracelets. Thomas Sabo presents a range of thoughtfully crafted chain link necklaces that are versatile enough to blend well with most of your attires.

Arresting Crystal Earrings

We witnessed a very classic and timeless jewellery element on the runway – Long Crystal Earrings. These ear pieces lend a dash of unconventional style to any fashion ensemble to make you stand out in the crowd. The playful and glittering appearance of the crystals make them much loved among fashionistas. You can wear them alone or pair it with matching hand accessories, or necklaces to enhance the overall appeal. If you are someone to experiment with colours and glitters, then crystal earrings are a perfect pick for you!

Chunky Metallic Rings

This year’s fashion walk on runway was all about flaunting the brilliant shades of precious jewellery stores lined or embellished on metal bands. Going a little extra was the style that we came across the most. Emerald, amber, pearls, sapphires, and rubies dominated the show. The best part about wearing these large sized rings with stones is – you can get them carved in any metal band of your choice. You can stack them with other rings or wear them alone to make a bold fashion statement, looking flawless in any outfit you wear.

Unconventionally Trendy Mismatched Earrings

If you are looking for a fashion trend that can get you the desired spotlight attention, then nothing can beat accessorizing with mismatched earrings. To keep things interesting and look a little different pair earrings of different shapes, geometry, and sizes. You can also try styling two earrings of the same length in contrasting colours. Try embellished earrings with different metal tones like gold and silver or rose gold and bronze, or even the timeless combination of black and white. Browse through the great selection of Thomas Sabo or Swarovski to buy what you like!

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