Royal Ascot – A Collection that Captures Elegance and Iconic Style as its Hallmark

Royal Ascot is not just about elegant dresses, smart suits, and beautiful hats, its inventory of beautiful and on-trend accessories will surely make you explore more! Every year we come across a bizarre of photographs from the events being awestruck and star-struck with the attires and accessories of the racegoers.

Well, everything that is royal and special has some history associated with it and so does the Royal Ascot. Let’s dig a little deeper to know more about ‘Royal Ascot’.

Royal Ascot: A Royal Heritage

It has been over 300 years that the Ascot racecourse is considered to be synonymous with prestige, tradition, and heritage. Ever since then it has been a highlighted event on every social calendar. The tradition began when Queen Anne, in 1711, saw the potential of a site as a racecourse. It has been an event which is thoroughly enjoyed and occupies a special place within British psyche. Watched in around 200 countries every year, the dresses and outfits worn by the racegoers at the event have always grabbed attention and soon became the fashion trend. And, the tradition still continues.

Explore the Classy Accessories carrying Style and Legacy of Royal Ascot

Ascot has a range of exclusive jewellery pieces specially designed to revamp your styles for an Ascot-Inspired look. Here is a quick style scoop introducing you to some of the best designs of the Ascot collection.

Gorgeous Drop Earrings

Whether you are heading to a racecourse event or a special party, Ascot collection of gorgeous drop earrings will give you multiple options to get you the style edits. Adding elegance to your attire, the forever-trendy drop earrings lend class and elegance to your attire. Ascot’s range of drop earrings has also been favored by the likes of Duchess of Cambridge. Well, there can never be a better inspiration for Royal Ascot than the royals themselves!

Rose Gold Ascot Charms

Rose gold is like the new fashion favorite for everyone these days. What can be better than wearing an Ascot charm on the event with a rose gold touch to match the theme and be on top of your fashion game? You can pair these pendants with more stylish and feminine outfits like a collared shirt or a dress and let them be the statement piece of your look.

The Royal Cufflinks

The collection of Ascot is not just limited to the ladies. It has a whole new range of cufflinks for men who are more particular about their looks and styles. You may explore, Crown TBar Cufflinks, Barbell Cufflinks, Knot cufflinks, Cross Cufflinks and other varieties and choose the one to grace up your suit.

Gold Crown Charms

An absolute treat to eyes, the crown charms is a range of exclusively designed pendants for a classy and poise look you adore. Very elegant and rather subtle looking because of the settled color, you can easily play around with other jewelry items for a personalized style ensemble.

Sterling Silver Bracelet

Going bare hands is not what Royals do! A classy alternative to the casual strap watch is a classy silver bracelet which is a versatile little wonder and looks perfect when paired up with your Ascot outfit. Find out the best piece that reflects your style and fashion sense! These feminine bracelets are enough to add a generous scattering of glitz and glamour to any look.

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