Rejuvenation of Spring: Trollbeads 2020 Collection

Jewellery has a way of defining character and augmenting any personality. Creating a piece of extravagant jewellery to tell your story is what Trollbeads is all about. Beautiful bracelets, necklaces, and rings that reflect who are, cannot be created without custom beads elegantly being strung into a medley of cascading hues of spring. Selecting your own beads for your own style can be undoubtedly fun! Fuse together rejuvenating shades of pastel, soft hues, and charming patterns with the new Trollbeads Spring Collection. Trollbeads 2020 Collection features beautiful glass pieces in a myriad of choices, representing the joys of spring to make glamorous beaded jewellery.

These unique beads need unique styling to add a statement to your personality.

Apart from a striking, monochrome rose glass bead, two new glass series will mesmerise everyone with the Trollbeads Love Song Kit and Trollbeads Love Story Kit. These can be purchased as kits or even individually to help you create striking bracelets.

Glass Story Beads

The love song kit features an array of colours flowing from warm oranges, pale spring greens, and soft plums. The name of the series comes from the elegant birds perched on the glass body of two charming bead designs. Others have pastel flowers in a medley of gentle shades with glittering petals.

The love story kit, on the other hand, takes a more subtle way. It consists of a mix of glittering scrolls and a new fern-like abstract design painted in the glass. The warm colour scheme in combination with the glittering swirls makes a luxurious, yet delicate glass pieces.

Gemstone Story Beads

Making their debut, two new royal gemstone beads highlight the extravagant fashion accessories that are Trollbeads. The new Trollbeads Feldspar Quartz Rock, is a faceted stone that makes a thrilling entrance in the world of jewellery. The soft colour of the bead would graciously balance the other charming colours from the collection for an exquisite variation. The Trollbeads Serpentine makes a bold, accent addition to the beads in an acidic shade. In contrast to the subtle quartz rock, this serpentine makes a dramatic statement and creates a distinctive addition to the collection.

Silver & Gold Story Tellers

Besides the glass, the new 2020 collection features oxidised sterling silver beads, spacers, pendants, and rings. A twist on the typical storage design, a smiling floral bead with matching floral earrings make a fantastical statement. With a ladybird bead, a heart is where the home is a bead, an abstract flowing bead, and a classy spacer, the line of jewellery accessories sees a charming unification with colourful beads. A very unique design is the love rings beads which showcase two rings with a heart. They are also available in precious gold. The line consists of a first dance pendant that depicts the spirit of the new collection, Love, and all its stories.

Free Flowing Story Rings 

A chic part of the debuting collection is two abstract rings with unique, free-flowing designs. The Trollbeads Elegant Fantasy Ring and the Trollbeads Swirling Fantasy Ring both are open-ended to allow beads on if you are looking for a touch of additional panache. Though they can be worn alone, for a classy look, adorning the silver sterling rings with beautiful glass beads creates a majestic look.

Trollbeads Silver Story Locks 

The finishing touch to your bracelet compositions, Trollbeads locks make just as much an impact as the beads do. The line introduces two new bracelet clasps for you to choose from. Trollbeads Ladybug Lock offers a cute feel, while the abstract Trollbeads Flow Lock makes a unique touch for your jewellery pieces.

A Romantic Creation with Trollbeads

Trollbeads has made a significant mark in the jewellery world so far and strives to keep doing so. There most prominent feature is their ability to personalise from client to client and create jewellery that will make heads turn inevitably. Highly customised necklaces, bangles, bracelets, and more, are just the beginning. With thousands of unique Trollbeads, anyone can customise their own, unique collection. Find new collections to blend your own fashion style with the beauty if jewellery with Trollbeads.

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