Redefining Christmas Gifts: Jewellery, not Chocolates, for Kids & Teenagers!

The most awaited time of the year, Christmas gives us every reason to feel happy and spend time with our loved ones. Christmas vibes invariably inspire buying gifts – something that no one can resist. Christmas preparations and often the gifting too follow some patterns. While preserving some traditions is a great idea, Christmas gifting can be rethought, with a slightly different approach, by choosing something beyond chocolates and teddy bears. Young adults and kids are very conscious about their style. Fashion accessories and greetings cards are good enough but jewellery can be everlasting, turning a gift into something to be preserved for a lifetime. The choices are not limited these days as younger individuals are turning more expressive, wearing everything that layers them in style. This includes stylish neckpieces, earrings and bracelets. We have listed the best of trending jewellery options that can be come great Christmas 2018 gifting options…

White Pearl Bow Charm Bracelet

Being minimalist is what many young adults prefer. Pearls are classic yet an endearing choice that continues to be popular across all age groups, including the high school and on the university campus. The idea of wearing a Pearl Bracelet too remains largely unchanged, as more people are understanding that wearing pearls is about saying a lot with very few pearls. Very wearable to any formal event or a birthday, pearls can come with a studded bow that makes this fine piece of jewellery a big part of any modern wardrobe ensemble. The white pearl bow charm is skin-friendly and can be carried easily. It makes sense with nearly evening dress or when getting ready for a date night. Truly, a gift that defines opulence, this bracelet comes in a bright shade of pink, dark blue and red star gift box accompanied by a card that allows you to pen a personal message—personalized Christmas gifting without any confusion! The bracelet and card are delivered in a bag that makes the gifted item even more beautiful.

Rose Gold Plated Smiley Pendant


This Cheek to Cheek Smiley Pendant would be perfect to make adulting kids gush over their latest acquirement. Impeccably carved smiley face with gold plated cheeks held together with chain makes the perfect Christmas Gift! You know that kids would definitely love wearing Smiley Pendants that are playful and opulent, ideal to be flaunted at birthday parties or casual outings with friends. Teenagers love wearing such Emoticon Pendants as they exude a bold, but personalized sense of style. The pendant is skin-friendly and the parts don’t get stuck in the clothes. Perfectly wrapped with a card along with the gift box and a personalized message, this can be the perfect gift for Holiday Season 2018-19

Yellow Enamel Starry Night Stud Earrings E5363


Gift kids this exceptionally studded Yellow Enamel Starry Night Stud Earrings. This fine piece of jewellery is definitely a must-have for kids who want to dress-up in style for a party. The style is rather lively with bright shades beautifully blended into earrings—a feat not many jewellery designs can boast about. A perfect Christmas gift that can uplifts a teenager’s sagging energy immediately, the enamel earrings are wearable throughout the year. The vibrant colour means more scope for shade contrasting or colour coordinated looks. Pamper your kids with this classic and simple pair of earrings that can be paired with any attire. Teenagers have sensitive skin and thus, the use of premium, quality-tested materials makes a lot of sense.

Enamel Child and Balloons Pendant P4420

The first thing that comes in mind while arranging a birthday party is to fill the room with balloons—what if this exuberance could be captured in a piece of jewellery.? The Colourful Balloon Studded Pendant does this seemingly impossible job with amazing ease. Just like bright party decorations, this pendant will glimmer and spread the happy vibes from every viewing angle. A fine pendant that goes perfectly for birthday parties, casual outings, and picnic, it has multi-coloured balloons that are in-sync with the Christmas spirit. Wrap this in a gift box along with a personalized message and a touch of love—ticks all the boxes for the perfect Holiday Season gift!

What makes D for Diamonds a preferred name in this domain?

The sparkling and eye-catching collection by D for Diamonds has a special place in the niche of jewellery for kids and young adults. D for Diamonds understands the preferences of this segment, the cheerfulness associated with youthful energy. This is why you find unique design elements, such as emoticons, bow, balloons, and stars that attract young jewellery wearers. The jewellery parts have been optimized for the lively lifestyle that means more caution to prevent breakage or jewellery bits coming loose.

Why trust Acotis for premium segment jewellery?

Acotis Diamonds is among the biggest online stores for the finest jewellery. Expect impeccable creations that are find to hard anywhere else. Acotis stands out in the marketplace for fine jewellery with its multi-segmented inventory. The bestsellers and emerging favourites from top jewellery-makers are organized under one roof for your shopping ease. Expect everything from minimalist collection to the most spectacular designs and the ultra-stylish creations that are worthy of red carpet events. If your wardrobe needs a makeover, think about the vast array of bracelets, earrings, necklaces, and other luxury jewellery options at Acotis Diamonds. Take a minute to browse through the expanding range of classic, contemporary, fusion, modern, vintage, and retro jewellery, each ready to be shipped to an address of your choice!





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