Redefine the Classics: Shades of Gold from Nomination

All forms of art flourish on experimenting and continuous trial outs by the artists. The more the ideas flow, the more the experimenting and the more unique things the world experiences on daily basis. The art of creating jewellery balances on the same kind of sea saw. Regular mix and match of designs, materials and shades always leave a gorgeous final product, unique to its time and class. While some designers decide to go all out on the distinctiveness, some choose to stick to the classic designs and present something which is a variation of the old classics.

Nomination is a part of the latter group that creates and presents new and improved versions of the classically infamous jewellery designs typically worn in the shades of gold. Gold jewellery has evolved significantly over time and the shade has developed a wider meaning as well as a wider range to its options. From the generic gold colour to the rose gold shades as well as combination made with beads and more, the choices are never ending and so are the collections that Nomination presents.

Sway Away in the Melodies of the Night

Minimalistic is the keyword when looking to style in a subtle yet powerful manner. The Melodie Collection from Nomination explores the same theme with its simple yet elegant jewellery pieces designed in the shades of gold and rose-gold with contrasting black beads. Ideal for the lovers of the delicate jewellery, the pieces like Stone Tree life Bracelet from this collection are perfect to be styled with every day formal/work wear or brunch outfits. The delicate and simple design of these adornments makes it possible to stack on some layers and add some zing to the nevertheless plain outfits of the day without going overboard with accessorising.

Dress-Up in the Signature Nomination Style

Inspired form the signature Composable Line of bracelets form Nomination, the Extension Rose Gold collection offers an appeal contrasting to the one that the Melodie Collection inspires. The bracelets from this collection are designed to fit your wrist without any fitting problems due to their stretchable style. The exclusive designs and heavy detailing of these jewellery pieces makes them ideal to be styled with the casual outing outfits, evening gowns and even at functions like weddings and reception parties. The attraction of this line lies in its versatility to style and the expert blending of shades of silver and gold.

Celebrate Love with Spring Season Inspired Collection

‘Primavera’ literally means ‘Spring’ and that is the essence that is contained within this collection from Nomination. Flaunting the same classic Gold, Silver and Rose Gold colour scheme the designs of this collection explore the psyche of romance with its intricate flower and butterfly designs. Paired with delicate chains as well as slightly heavy beaded bracelets, this whole collection speaks the language of love and hence is the ideal pick for the women that you adore in your life. For love has no bounds, present these adornment to your mother, sister, wife, or friends who are a fan of classic delicates with a touch of modernity to them.

Effortless Classic Chic Picks

Whilst the Melodie Collection aspire to satisfy the nerves of an old school fashionista, the EasyChic Collection is specifically designed for the millennials born with a love for fall season, constellations, vintage plaid and the glittery 70s setting. The perfect mixture of modern art and classic hues, EasyChic collection from nomination presents an exhibition of charms, sparkle and eccentricity. These pieces are perfect to be styled with both dresses, the plain old white tee and blue denims, evening gowns, date night outfits and a simple early morning breakfast date. Adornments like bring the world of fantasy to life with their exceptional charm and appeal.

Get in Touch with Classics in Millennial Style

While we all try to find something different and unique for our loved ones, going conventional with something like jewellery may work better on cultural occasions. Many stores are flooded with exclusive design and intricate pieces of jewellery which are sure to bring every woman to tears with your love, gratitude and appreciation. The jewellery looks beautiful and goes well for most occasions including parties, family events, college school and more. So, wait no more and indulge yourself in the pleasure of giving.

Match Exclusivity with Quality at Acotis Diamonds

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