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  • Summer 2018 Designer Jewellery Trends

    The winter blues are creeping away and it’s time to welcome the spring with some serious bling. Yes, we’re talking about jewellery and the trends for Spring Summer 2018 are set to take your breath away with some remarkable pieces of designer jewellery for women as well as some timeless pieces of men’s jewellery. If you’re looking for some statement pieces to add to your collection of designer bangles, designer chains, or even some trendy children’s jewellery for your little angel, your search ends here. We bring to you a curated list of the hottest trends straight from the runways of London, New York, Milan and Paris. So take your pick and flaunt your love for designer jewellery with style.

    1] Designer Bangles Beaded bangles are a huge trend this season, like this delicate piece from Swarovski. An elegant piece, you can even wear it to work and get brownie points for your effortless style.

    Swarovski Edify Bracelet 5193123






    2] Designer Necklaces When it comes to necklaces, delicate chains are as much in trend as statement necklaces. The Links of London Timeless 18KT Rose Gold Vermeil Disc Necklace is the stuff jewellery fantasies are made of! Classic and yet in vogue, this eye-catching piece can be worn everyday or for a special night out.

    Links Of London Timeless 18kt Rose Gold Vermeil Large Disc Necklace 5024.1410






    3] Designer Pendants Charms are the flavour of the season yet again and it seems no one’s complaining! Designer charm pendants allow you to bring in a fun element to your everyday style, like this beautiful sterling silver Guardian Angel charm pendant from Links of London. A symbolic meaning of protection, it has an added twinkle with the addition of yellow gold vermeil detailing.

    Links of London Guardian Angel Charm 5030.2313






    4] Designer Rings The popularity of statement rings is evident, with leading designers showcasing their collections on the runways this season. Capturing the trend of sculptural pieces, the Treasured Ring from Links of London, is sure to stand out in your jewellery armoire. The three interlocking circles form a beautiful motif and it’s adorned with white and blue pave diamonds for that extra sparkle.

    Links Of London Treasured Ring 5045.6295






    5] Designer Earrings When it comes to earrings, gorgeous chandelier earrings are the rage this season and so are drop earrings. Here we have a beautiful pair that is a combination of both trends, which make it a must-have. Made of Sterling silver and inset with real diamond, this is the perfect accessory to every outfit.

    Hot Diamonds Chandelier Vintage Drop Earrings RGP DE496






    6] Designer Bracelets Flowers are the first thing that come to mind when you hear of spring. And with charm bracelets being a favourite this season, this one truly qualifies as part of your wish list. Made of Sterling silver, this delicate piece of jewellery features freshwater pearls.

    Elements Silver 3D Flower And Freshwater Pearl Drop Charm Bracelet B4444WZ362






    The other trends of the season include sparkling barrettes, chunky neckpieces and pearl-encrusted tiaras. Acotis Diamonds jewellery always strives to bring you the latest trends from the hottest brands. Discover designer watches, cufflinks and more from our packed catalogue. Buy online today at http://www.acotisdiamonds.co.uk.

  • 3 Essential Style Tips on Wearing Statement Jewellery

    While subtle pieces of jewellery are great for complementing your outfit, it has be said there’s nothing like wearing a big, bold piece of statement jewellery. From chunky designer rings to attention grabbing necklaces, there’s no denying that statement jewellery is a lot of fun to wear.

    To get the most out of these big, dramatic pieces, it’s important to be mindful of how they work in context with the rest of your look. Here at Acotis Jewellery, we’re proud to stock an extensive range of men’s and women’s designer jewellery that is sure to make a statement. Here’s how you can pull it off successfully:

    1. Think Simple

    Keeping things simple is almost always a winner when it comes to fashion, and jewellery is no exception. Statement jewellery, by its very nature, is bold and likely to attract attention, so it’s easy to over-crowd your look if you’re not careful. While you may be tempted to wear all your gorgeous pieces at once, doing so is highly likely to result in a busy, unfocused look. Avoid this by keeping things simple. Sticking to a singular statement piece is a safe option, but you can get away with wearing more if you avoid wearing them in close proximity to each other. For example, if you want to flaunt a striking designer ring, avoid wearing it at the same time as a statement bracelet as the pieces will probably clash and take away from the other’s beauty.

    1. Choose Designer Jewellery That Complements Your Features

    Perhaps the most important rule when buying designer jewellery is to always go for pieces that are suited to your unique personal features. Simply put, just because a piece of jewellery looks good on a model or mannequin doesn’t necessarily mean that it is right for you. For instance, when choosing earrings be sure to opt for a pair that complement the shape of your face, your natural skin tone and your hairstyle. Meanwhile, when it comes to designer rings, the width of the band and the cut of the stone can all affect how your fingers and hands look.

    1. Consider How Your Designer Jewellery Ties Your Outfit Together

    Remember that your choice of jewellery is just one part of the puzzle. To really get the most out of your statement jewellery, take some time to ensure the piece works in context with what you’re wearing and won’t clash with your outfit. Materials featuring busy patterns, bold colours or intricate detailing can draw focus away from your jewellery and may be jarring next to statement pieces.  In many cases, choosing clothes with simple cuts and block, neutral colours is a great way to create a canvas against which your statement jewellery can really shine.

    Are you looking for a piece of statement jewellery for a special occasion? Acotis Jewellery stocks an extensive range of beautiful designer jewellery that can add the finishing touch to any look. Check out our online store now.

  • Finding Jewellery That Suits Your Style

    Finding Jewellery That Suits Your Style

    We all have our own personal style that we express in everything from our clothes to accessories. However, it can be hard to find the right jewellery to match our styles. You may have a few pieces that have been gifted or even handed down, but how do you choose the right jewellery to suit your everyday and special occasion outfits? Here are some tips for finding jewellery that’ll match your wardrobe.

    If you like to keep it simple, then you can let your jewellery do the talking. If you are going out in a little black dress, then choosing a statement piece of designer jewellery can really liven up an outfit and give it an elegant look. For day to day wear, look for contemporary silver pieces, perhaps with interesting textures or abstract designs to add interest to your outfit.

    Hipster looks

    If you like your outfits to be on-trend and ahead of the crowd, then make sure your jewellery is too. Some big looks for 2018 include: • Chandelier earrings • Layered bracelets • Floral necklacesTiaras

    Of course, you can have a lot of fun with jewellery, and if you like the hipster style you can go for something a bit more unusual. Find women’s jewellery in bold colours, or opt for unique shapes that are as individual as you are.

    Glitz and glamour

    If you like to add glitz and glamour to your look, opt for classic styles with plenty of bling. A pair of designer earrings with diamonds, or something classic like sapphires, can add a stylish touch to your outfit. If you’re going to wear a lot of sequins or glitter, don’t overload by wearing big jewellery. Just a few simple pieces will make a much bigger statement.

    Sporty or casual

    Even if your look is quite casual, you can still upgrade your look with some simple jewellery. Opt for simple, stylish pieces that can be worn with a jumper and jeans. Even designer bracelets such as a bangle can make a big difference. Try not to choose anything that’s oversized or will get in the way, especially if you’re not used to wearing jewellery very often.

    Jewellery to suit your face shape

    As well as your personal style, you should think about whether your jewellery will suit your face shape. The types of jewellery that match face shapes are:

    • Oval – this proportioned face shape suits most styles

    • Round – wear jewellery that distracts from a round face, such as long dangly earrings or a long pendant

    • Square – soften your face shape with tear drop or chandelier earrings, and avoid chokers

    • Rectangular – opt for a statement necklace and small hoops to draw attention from angular features

    • Heart shaped – chunky necklaces and earrings that dangle to the jawline can balance out a heart shaped face

    Find jewellery that suits the look you’re going for at Acotis Jewellery. Browse and buy online, with excellent prices available on top brands.

  • Choosing the Right Piece of Jewellery for Valentine’s Day

    Choosing the Right Piece of Jewellery for Valentine’s Day

    Valentine’s day is one of the most popular occasions for giving jewellery. After all, there aren’t many gifts that are as romantic, and will be treasured for life. However, shopping for jewellery can be a daunting task, and there are so many styles and looks available, how do you choose? Here are some ways you can find the right Valentine’s day gift.

    See what jewellery she already wears

    The best way to see what kind of jewellery a woman might like is to pay attention to what she already wears. Does she have a favourite piece of designer jewellery already? Does she keep it simple, or go for large statement pieces? Pay attention to: • What metals she wears – does she like yellow or rose gold, or prefer silver? • The gems she likes – does she like coloured gemstones, or prefer classic looks like diamonds? • The shapes she wears – does she wear stud or drop earrings? Thin or thick chains?

    Look at her collection

    Some women own charm bracelets, stacking rings, or other collectable items from the same brand. For example, Trollbeads are popular in women’s jewellery, as are Thomas Sabo charms, and if your other half likes these brands, then it makes shopping much easier. Choose a Valentine’s themed charm from one of these collections so she’ll always remember your special day.

    Think about her style

    Is she someone who spends a lot of time on her appearance, or someone who is more practical? If she enjoys dressing up, she might want something like designer bangles with lots of sparkle, or more of a statement piece. If she doesn’t wear a lot of jewellery, but you want her to have something special, then something like a watch might be a better gift.

    Get the right size

    Most jewellery such as bracelets and necklaces will be adjustable, so it’s difficult to buy the wrong size. However, if you’re buying designer rings, you will want to know her ring size. You can find ring sizers online that can be printed for reference, or sometimes get a free one from a local jeweller. Find a ring that she wears often, and you can then measure it against the chart for the perfect fit. Don’t worry if it’s not quite right. You can exchange it for the right size, or get rings resized cheaply.

    Trust your instinct

    Many people are nervous about jewellery shopping, and can be overwhelmed by the choice, so take your time and trust your instincts. By shopping for designer chains and other jewellery online, you can browse without the hassle, and simply bookmark your favourites. You can then go back and decide which ones you like the best, and decide which one to give as a gift. As long as it comes from the heart, she’s bound to love her Valentine’s gift. Browse our range of designer jewellery and buy online at Acotis Jewellery. With many different styles available, you’re bound to find something perfect for her.

  • Thomas Sabo Karma Beads

    Thomas Sabo Karma Beads

    At Acotis Diamonds Jewellery we adore Thomas Sabo Karma Beads, cut from exquisite stones.  Crafted in top-quality Sterling silver, adorned with filigree ornamentation. The Karma Beads are masterpieces that combine to become personal jewellery creations.  The lovingly hand-crafted Thomas Sabo Karma Beads unite to create a positive energy, with individual significance.






    The new way to wear Karma Beads: the bangle of sparkling Sterling silver is the ideal stage for the big appearance of one to five Karma Beads. Held by two stoppers, an individual look is created that draws all eyes to the wrist. Thomas Sabo Karma Beads send out positive energy, joie de vivre, happiness and an individual's personal karma style. At Acotis Diamonds Jewellery we love to celebrate life with Karma Beads. A positive attitude to life and the beautiful things in life serve as a source of inspiration for this collection. The sparkling Beads capture the purpose of life and gives inner peace, particularly in combination with other beads, their light reflexes develop a special radiance. Thomas Sabo goes for ornate manual workmanship and noble materials: among the individual Karma Beads, whose design is based on Thomas Sabo jewellery, there are numerous hand-polished semi-precious stones and freshwater cultivated pearls. The filigree decorative beads are set with artistic ornaments or sparkling stones. They make unique style statements with 18k yellow gold or rose gold plating.

    Every bead contains one's own karma and this inspires strong thoughts and deeds. The "Wheel of Karma" – the heart of the collection – is designed with much love of detail and concentrates everything good and positive within itself.






    Acotis Diamonds Jewellery enhance the desire to adore the beads. Thomas Sabo has developed silver bracelets, necklaces and ankle chains, each of which is closed with a bead element. All the beads selected can be strung together in any desired order. Different stopper elements vary the place of the beads on the bracelet or chain.

    We all have an inner karma that needs to be encouraged and loved by wearing Thomas Sabo Karma Beads on a necklace, bracelet or bangle.  Treat yourself or a loved one today, make this day a day to be remembered at Acotis Diamonds Jewellery.

  • Accessorise your style with Great Jewellery From Acotis Diamonds

    Jewellery has had a significant meaning for both men and women across the globe over centuries. In some cultures, women's jewellery is seen more than just decoration and has a lot of value added to it. In today's world, there are so many inspiring and beautiful pieces available on the market, that they can provide countless styling options. Using what you wear strategically is an important tool for any woman, especially in the business world. The key is to learn which pieces, whether they be designer jewellery items or not, add the best finishing touches to your outfit. Acotis Jewellery, a leading provider of designer jewellery and accessories in the UK, have put together the following jewellery tips and tricks to help you get it right every time.

    Add value to your outfit

    Over or under accessorising are common jewellery errors and should be avoided at all costs. Just because a piece is pretty or has sentimental value, it does not mean you should wear it with every outfit. It’s also important to bear in mind, that just because you are a professional, you can't have fun with jewellery. And that goes for men's jewellery too. Links of London have a great collection of designer cuff links on the Acotis Jewellery website which, would suit any men's shirt or jacket.

    Make it proportional to your facial features and body frame

    When designer jewellery is worn well, the focus of the beholder's eye should still be on you. Jewellery can either support or divert this objective. For example, layering on necklaces can help lift an outfit, but if you overdo it, you can appear swamped by it. The length of necklaces should also be given special attention. A small choker piece is more suitable for a night out, while delicate designer necklaces, like those offered by Swarovski, work well as everyday wear. Jewellery should complement skin tone and outfit

    Picking jewellery that illuminates your skin tone should be considered as it can be very flattering. There are a wide range of colours and gemstones out there, such as gold, silver, rose gold, emerald, and amethyst, that will do wonders for both your outfit and skin. Play around with different colours to find jewellery pieces that suit you. Gold tones work well on most women, regardless of their skin tone. Check out the various gold designer jewellery items offered by Thomas Sabo. They do some clever gold designer earrings, which will have heads turning.

    Ensure jewellery pieces are versatile

    A great jewellery buy is when it is both pretty and complements several of your outfits. This is where matching jewellery pieces are not a good investment. It leaves you limited to how many times you can wear them. Instead, it's worth investing in statement designer jewellery pieces that you can wear time and time again. Designer charms are a great way of getting maximum wear from one jewellery item. You can create your very own fabulous charm bracelets that are unique to you.

    Acotis Jewellery is a leading provider of stunning designer jewellery and accessories in the UK. They source products from some of the most-respected designers, and make them available online for customers across the UK. You can buy online from www.acotisdiamonds.co.uk.

  • Make your jewellery stand out.

    Fashion is about many different elements. From your hair to your makeup, your grooming to your shoes, fashion covers a huge range of facets, and it can be time consuming to make sure you tick all the necessary boxes. Here at Acotis Diamonds, we understand this completely!

    If you want to look as fashion forward as possible, a good tip is to dress around your jewellery, not the other way around! Statement designer jewellery pieces can be lost within a busy outfit of patterns and textures, and a beautiful piece of men’s jewellery can be understated when not worn in the right way. If you’re going to adorn designer pendants or designer rings then you want them to stand out and be noticed and the best way to do that is to base your outfit around them.

    The Foundation of Your Style

    Let’s give an example here. If you’re going to wear one of the many high fashion designer necklaces around, then you need to give it a canvas on which to shine. A silver necklace should be worn with a plain background, so black, navy, or a bright colour without pattern. This gives the necklace a background on which it can be framed, without being lost amongst a vertigo-inducing pattern! Women’s jewellery should be the centrepiece of the outfit, especially if it is of the expensive variety, so whether it’s designer bracelets or designer bangles, it’s important to keep the canvas clear.

    As you can see, building your jewellery around your designer chains and designer charms isn’t particularly difficult, it’s really about thinking what will give your jewellery the best foundation so that it can stand out.

    Jewellery can also make an outfit look extremely classy when worn the right way. A simple little black dress can be seriously glitzy upgrade with a pair of hanging designer earrings. This also elongates the neck and gives an extra air of sophistication and classiness. You could dress said LBD down by not wearing jewellery at all, but the addition will take the look up a notch or two.

    It’s not just for women either, as a pair of designer cuff links worn against a simple, crisp, white shirt can take a look from zero to hero, with a simple flash of sparkle when the arms are moved around. Talk about a great way to catch attention!

    Simple Yet Effective

    Jewellery is the best way to upgrade your outfit with minimal effort, so designing your entire look around the piece you want to wear is the best way to shine. Of course, it’s not just for adults, because a classic piece of children’s jewellery can give your child that grown up feeling, as well as offering them a piece to remember when they’re older, a keepsake.

    So, if you’re not one for putting together high fashion outfits, simplify it all by building your look around your jewellery. You can buy a huge range of pieces online, making life much easier overall! You can buy online at www.acotisdiamonds.co.uk


    THOMAS SABO REBEL AT HEART by Acotis Diamonds

    Acotis Diamonds Jewellery have fallen in love with Rebel at Heart Jewellery with its free spirit and revel in its spontaneous emotions. The jewellery channels your mindset energy to enhance a source of inner strength. It is symbolically powerful and open to new discoveries. The Rebel at heart line stands out with its iconic statement jewellery for men and women.






    Created by hand with precision craftsmanship, made from blackened 925 Sterling silver and with hand-picked, precious stones: the iconic Rebel at heart line is characterised by the special feel for masculine design codes. The subtle mix of materials and the detailed signature characterise the unique aesthetics of the collection. It shows a graphic design language with an iconic look with extensive abstract styles.  The compositions are eye-catching and envied by all, worn by many stars of the stage and screen.

    Thomas Sabo’s Rebel at Heart collection brings an individual touch to your look, with rebellious designs and unique aesthetics at its core. Bringing confidence to its wearer, each piece expresses individuality. Many of the bracelets are vibrantly upgraded with a sterling silver centre skull accent, tiger's eye and jasper combining to masculine effect. Some compositions have expressive rivets to form a modern cross pendant. The eye-catcher of the jewellery item is that the centres are adorned with black zirconia stones, a seemingly-magical tiger’s eye, framed by detailed skulls, lends its wearer an enigmatic attitude. Thomas Sabo is bringing the heat with their Rebel at Heart Collection! The collection is all about the celebration of personal taste and individuality. The collection features some slick timepieces, cuff-links, rings and bracelets. Featuring skulls, crosses, dragons, falcons and other interesting hip motifs and masculine materials! Among the Rebel at Heart collection are some slick cuff links! Cuff-links are a must for the modern gent and Thomas Sabo does not fail to deliver with their classy yet quirky cuff-links, that show the inner Rebel in every guy. Heart with wings is an internationally popular tattoo design and represents all too transient love that we all try so hard to hold on to.






    At Acotis Diamonds Jewellery we love to stand out in the crowd with Thomas Sabo’s Rebel at Heart Jewellery…team your skull pendants with beaded bangles and power bracelets.  Treat the special person in your life today, we all deserve to enhance our emotional and spiritual lives with Thomas Sabo jewellery.

  • Thomas Sabo New Collection Spring 2018


    Thomas Sabo exquisite items of jewellery are crafted by hand and made to last for eternity…A bond is realised when giving and receiving of Thomas Sabo Jewellery from Acotis Diamonds, contemporary jewellery to complement your style. Elegant, ultra-wearable and with a truly modern feel: discover THOMAS SABO’s Graphic Designs - jewellery with an edgy twist that, once you wear it, you’ll never want to take it off!








    Jewellery has been translated into graphic jewellery designs in 925 Sterling silver and 18k yellow and rose gold plating, featuring sparkling diamonds and cubic zirconia stones. The range includes architectural bracelets, stacking rings, statement earrings and layered necklaces with a minimalist appeal, created to be mixed together in many different ways to create a unique style. Acotis Diamonds Jewellery adore the beautiful exotic pieces ready to show off your individual style today. Stand out in the crowd with your personal choice of Thomas Sabo’s new collection, so much to choose from in beautiful shapes, design and colour.







    Bold shapes, simple lines and understated elegance are the key ingredients of this range, created for those who wish to make a statement by maintaining an effortlessly chic look. Keeping in line with the move back to the minimal style - seen everywhere, from the catwalks to glossy magazines and street style - pure shapes are a refreshing addition to the new season’s look and are elected as undiscussed must-haves for anyone’s jewellery box. If you’re looking for those contemporary jewellery pieces that are easy to wear, then look no further that THOMAS SABO’s Graphic Designs: they’ll surely become your never-without jewellery daily staples! Whether for a glamorous evening out or to complete a smart office ensemble.







    THOMAS SABO’s graphic jewellery offers the perfect complements to any outfit: brighten up your minimal style attires with some dazzling graphic. Dress up your little black dress with layered necklaces in different lengths and complete the look with striking Triangle stacking rings that further the effect in pairs: mix and match silver and gold for an even more statement two-tone composition. Eighties hoops with a punk twist, featuring geometric metal triangles are a reference to the 80’s party girl’s style and are surely able to provide your look with a wow-factor that won’t go unnoticed!
  • Thomas Sabo Watches


    THOMAS SABO Watches for women: reading the time has never been so glamorous! 







    The Watches Collection offers the perfect timepiece for all occasions. Regardless of whether for a cocktail party, an elegant dinner or as a favourite daily companion. You will find the perfect watch in our Watches Collection. Spend quality time with your beloved ones. So many gorgeous watches to fall in love with today. Choose your favourite colour…stainless steel, gold or rose gold coloured.






    Thanks to the THOMAS SABO Watches Collection for women, telling the time has never been so glamorous! The range includes watches for women who are confident about their look, who do not compromise on quality in order to wear the latest fashion trends.

    THOMAS SABO Watches are stunning pieces of jewellery featuring a Japanese quartz movement: ultra-stylish and feminine on the outside, resistant and precise in the inside. The range includes over 60 striking models in a variety of shapes, materials, colours and designs; they all have a hardened, non-reflecting mineral glass with sapphire coating and are made in stainless steel or ceramic, with variations of stainless steel and ceramic, rose gold and yellow gold coloured stainless steel and with the addition of sparkly zirconia pave and crystals both on the bezel and in the dial.

    Many of our watches have oversized crowns which meet filigree patterns, these classic statement watches truly radiate good karma! The design is based on the popular Arabesque Bead. Start the week with good Karma time! ? Discover our precious Karma Watches here:

    The Bordeaux-red sparkling dial in sunray finish also incorporates the design and skilfully draws attention to the round case. Framed by a high-quality, rose-gold coloured stainless steel bracelet, this model becomes the ideal companion with style. Karma watches are unique, trendy and perfect to showcase your individual personality. Classic designs are given a contemporary update with a choice of elegant leather crocodile-look straps and two-tone rose gold and silver stainless steel bracelets - the options are really infinite!

    By public demand, THOMAS SABO have also recreated the most popular men's watch style in a smaller women's watch design: Glam Spirit, also available in rose gold and yellow gold and with different colours for the dial. Sleek steel watches with Milanese bracelet appeal to women of all ages, as they donate a touch of understated elegance to any look. A range of rectangular watches like Century have also made their appearance in the THOMAS SABO Watches for women collection: classic designs with a modern twist which can take you from the office to a night out!

    So many amazing watches to launch your fashion style and interpretation of your fabulous life. Make your statement with a super-stylish THOMAS SABO WATCH they are evergreen pieces that never go out of fashion.

    A watch design for every type of woman: pick yours!

    Perfect as presents for graduations, to celebrate Birthdays, Christmas and mark special occasions THOMAS SABO Watches are majestic pieces that never go unnoticed.

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