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  • Thomas Sabo Pendant by Acotis Diamonds

    Browse Our Exquisite Thomas Sabo Pendant Collection

    Wearing beautiful items of jewellery allows us to inject a little glamour into our life, helps us stand out in a crowd, and gives us the confidence we need to be the best we can be. Unfortunately, finding the perfect necklace can be challenging because there are so many options to choose from, but it doesn't have to be if you decide to make your own using a stunning Thomas Sabo pendant. Browse the extensive selection of designer products online at Acotis today.

    For thousands of years, humans have been adorning themselves with the world's rarest and most beautiful metals and stones to convey style, power and confidence. Nowadays, there are more styles and designs to choose from than ever before. If you want to know that no other person in this world has a necklace that's identical to yours, you should consider making your own bespoke creation.

    Our Thomas Sabo pendant collection promises to include something that's perfect for everybody, whether you're looking for an ideal gift for your loved one or just want to spruce up your appearance with the latest jewellery items. From simple styles to intricate designs, you'll find it all in our beautiful collection of designer pendants.

    Here at Acotis, we provide the highest quality jewellery items from the world's leading manufacturers to people all over the UK. If you can't find the Thomas Sabo pendant you're looking for, don’t hesitate to get in touch with our professionals for product recommendations and advice.

    Thomas Sabo Pendant Hand Of Fatima PE822-961-7


    Thomas Sabo Rebel Madonna Power Pendant PE818-643-25


    Thomas Sabo Black Cat Large Pendant PE814-845-11



    Spruce Up Your Appearance with a Thomas Sabo Pendant

    Thomas Sabo has been capturing the hearts and minds of jewellery lovers with its stunning and exclusive collections for over three decades. Because this renowned manufacturer knows there's a demand for jewellery items with a touch of originality, it has created a range of beautiful pendants that you can mix and match with beads and other pendants to make bespoke creations.

    • Express Your Personality The clothes and jewellery we wear are an extension of who we are, so if you want to show people that you care about the way you look, you should consider making a unique necklace with a Thomas Sabo patent.
    • Be a Trendsetter You can feel confident that people will notice your necklace that adds a touch of originality to your appearance.
    • Feel Like Royalty Wearing jewellery makes us feel great about who we are and what we've achieved, so why settle for anything but a necklace that complements your style perfectly?

    Learn More about the Thomas Sabo Pendant Collection

    Here at Acotis, we only stock jewellery items from the world's most renowned jewellers because of our commitment to providing you with the highest quality and most stunning products available. Now, thanks to the collection of Thomas Sabo pendants, you can achieve any look you desire and make alterations to your necklace as your stylistic preferences adapt.

    If you have any questions about our Thomas Sabo pendant collection or would like our knowledgeable employees to help you narrow down your options, don't hesitate to contact us on 01902 742444.

  • Thomas Sabo Beads by Acotis Diamonds

    Create Your Own Jewellery Masterpieces with Beads from Thomas Sabo

    If you struggle to find jewellery items that perfectly complement your style when browsing the high street store collections, you might want to consider making your own unique creations by purchasing a set of beautiful Thomas Sabo beads. You'll find exclusive designs at high-value prices here at Acotis, whether you're looking for your next high-quality bracelet or the perfect gift for your loved one.

    We all like to add a touch of originality to our style because we want to show the world that we have a unique personality. However, finding those perfect jewellery items is never straightforward, but why settle for anything but the very best when you might wear your new necklace or bracelet for years to come?

    Thanks to our Thomas Sabo bead collection, you can mix and match our beautiful products to dream up a design of your own, and we guarantee you'll proudly adorn yourself with your luxurious masterpiece for years to come.

    At Acotis, we have a mission to be the UK's go-to provider of high-end jewellery items for men, women and children. Whether you want to buy your little girl her very first bracelet or just want to give your jewellery box a makeover, you'll find exactly what you're looking for by browsing our stunning collections online.

    Thomas Sabo Charm Club Empire State Building Pendant 1372-637-12


    Thomas Sabo Charm Club Sterling Silver Ti Amo Charm 1406-001-12



    Thomas Sabo Charm Club Silver London Bus Pendant 0495-007-7


    Complement Your Style with Your Own Jewellery Creations

    Humans have been bolstering their appearance with fine items of jewellery manufactured from the world's rarest metals and stones for years, but never before have we had access to such a diverse range of beautiful designs. Unfortunately, finding the perfect style for you can be challenging when there are so many options to choose from, which is why many people are now creating their own necklaces and bracelets.

    If you want to join the group of proud jewellery owners that craft their own masterpieces rather than buy pre-designed products, you should take a look at our Thomas Sabo bead collection. From unique bracelets to necklaces that express your character and style, the possibilities are endless thanks to the quality range of products on offer at Acotis.

    Contact Our Professionals If You Need Advice

    We know that you want to protect your investment when purchasing jewellery items, which is why our friendly and experienced employees are more than happy to answer your questions and offer recommendations. Simply tell us your requirements and what appearance you want to achieve, and we'll provide guidance to help you find the perfect Thomas Sabo beads for you.

    We always add new lines to our extensive selection of products from the world's most renowned jewellers to make sure we have something for everybody, so don't forget to check back from time to time to see the latest wonders we have available. Contact us today on 01902 742444 to learn more about our exclusive Thomas Sabo bead collection.

  • Nothing Says Season's Greeting Better than Diamond Necklaces for Christmas

    Keep the spotlight on and indulge in the little extra sparkle this Christmas! Celebrate it with twinkly lights, sugar cookies and diamond jewelry! Diamond greets you in the classic way to make your holiday season more fun. The magnificent sparklers are versatile and always blend well with your styling theories. We all dream of dripping in diamonds, yes, the more the better! This Christmas, celebrate diamonds in the most creative way possible. The luxe jewelry adds to your personal style and uplifts your overall appearance.

    Put an end to your styling dilemmas by adding a sumptuous necklace to your look! When it comes to buying a necklace, you need to stay updated about the upbeat fashion trends. There is a myriad of designs available, all you need to do is find a perfect one for you. Every style needs a touch of luxurious appeal especially when it comes to holiday parties and you can rock the look with diamond perfection.

    Women with knack for diamond necklace and urge to know all about the latest trend make sure they keep their collection updated. So, for all those women, here is the list of necklaces that will solve your necklace styling queries! From the dainty details to statement stunners, keep what is stylish and trendy!

    Pendant Necklace


    Pendant necklaces perfectly complement your everyday style! Elevating your classic jewelry collection, these dainty necklaces add elegance and extravagance to your appearance. The intricately designed pendant with extra sparkle exuding flair of sophistication and sumptuousness takes your style game up a notch! Another option that you can go for is long pendant, these are highly versatile and appropriate for any time of the year. You can layer these necklaces over your winter sweaters or turtlenecks. Perfectly goes with your plain t-shirts and tank tops during the summers as well.

    Collar Necklace

    Statement-making collar necklace has become instant classic! Offering the much-needed juxtaposition of modern and streamlined look, close fitting necklace is versatile and perfectly goes with your styling spirit. You can spice up the look a little by combining the two collar necklaces to create a unique look for the next event you’re attending!

    Lariat Necklace


    Yes, Lariat necklaces are the easiest way to elevate low necklines! These necklaces are also referred as Y-shaped necklace and are seriously taken as trendy option that tend to uplift your appearance effortlessly.  Every V-neckline dress needs a lariat necklace. The delicate diamond lariat necklace can be your next statement jewelry that will get you tons of compliments! Be prepared to stand out at dinner parties with stylish lariat and to receive some compliments!

    Chic Feminine Vibes with Dainty Diamond Necklaces

    Level up your Christmas jewelry collection with diamond necklaces that wrap around your neck conveying timeless elegance and eye-catching sparkle. You can always recreate styles by stacking up the necklaces and walk out with your desired look. Combining modernity and authenticity, the uniquely designed diamond jewelry by Acotis Diamonds will keep your styling theories intact. The finest diamond embellishments allow you to add that impressive finishing touch effortlessly!

    Why Choose Acotis Diamonds?

    Acotis Diamonds with an uncanny knack for capturing modern designs stands out in the market. Creating the best and stand-out work of art by best designers, our jewelry collection will prepare you for a special occasion or well-deserved indulgence! Watch out for more collection, as we bring more edgy and spectacular designs! From worthy of being flaunted on the red carpet to minimalistic fashion jewelry that looks best on work attire, we have the perfect mixture, ensuring there is something for every fashion sense!

  • Making Christmas Merrier with Luxurious Fashion Accessories

    The festive mood of Christmas is not only supposed to be felt but manifested as well. The embellished pine trees and vibrant decorations fill us with immeasurable elation. This ecstatic feeling encourages us to accessorize ourselves in a way that would keep us excited through the Christmas Eve. Sometimes, fashion accessories like a trendy necklace, classy watch, or dazzling bracelets are enough to make festivities more invigorating. To match the excitement that you keep holding up for this time of the year, consider wearing these luxury accessories.

    Timepiece: Eternally Elegant Ornament


    Nothing is better than a watch when it comes to styling minimally. If you are not a fan of wearing jewellery but searching for an accessory that is chic as well as functional, then a luxury watch is all you need. When thinking of luxury watches, you must take a glance at the collection by Guess. The range includes stunningly designed wristwatches for both men and women, which feature intricate detailing that sets them apart. Wearing one of these watches on Christmas can be the most thoughtful present you can pamper yourself with.

    Bracelets: Accessorising Your Wrist Right


    The reason why bracelets are counted amongst most-worn accessories is their versatility. Whether it is a casual evening get together, formal dinner party, or some sunny brunch gathering, a luxury bracelet would be the easiest choice to team with any attire. A wide, opulent variety of bracelets can be found in the assortment arranged by Guess. The collection is inclusive of bangle bracelets, patterned bracelets, crystal bracelets, and chain bracelets. These wrist ornaments are available in different finishes — you can find gilded, rhodium plated, and rose-gold plated bracelets. Each bracelet has been meticulously provided with a versatile design that would easily go with your festive look.

    Neckpieces: Spot-On Way to Highlight Your Neckline

    Necklaces are just what you need to add gleam to your overall look. Even a slender pendant neckpiece is enough to bring a noteworthy change in ordinariness. Sometimes, you do not even need other pieces of jewellery if you have worn the right necklace, for it becomes the highlight of your style being at the centre. While styling for celebratory times like Christmas Eve, nothing better than luxury necklaces can do the needful. The range of necklaces by Guess comprises varied types — from chokers to pendant necklaces, each with an exclusive design.


    A Notable Pair of Earrings

    Earrings play the most interesting as well as pivotal role for a woman getting ready for an occasion. The size and style of a pair of earrings matter the most and should be carefully decided according to an event. For this very reason, the collection that Guess caters contains earrings in all sizes and designs for you to choose from. This range contains hoops, dangles, and studs in silver, gold, and rose gold. What makes these earrings desirable is their lush appeal reflected through the finishing. The most suitable time to wear these eye-catching embellishments is festivities — the preparation for your Christmas look is halfway sorted.

    Nail it with a Ring


    To give your overall look a final touch, wear a ravishing ring and let your hands do the talking. Often seen as a wedding souvenir, a ring is more than that. A ring that fits you right and is in appropriate proportion with your finger size is exactly what you need to fully prep yourself for this Christmas. Choosing the right luxury ring for your finger can be a task. Therefore, Guess has assorted an exclusive collection of rings — ranging from double rings and waterfall rings to wave rings for him and her. Every ring in the collection is an epitome of smart craftsmanship. Since these rings belong to a reputable brand, quality is understandably guaranteed.

    Why Trust Guess for Luxury Fashion Accessories

    Renowned for its lush range of accessories assorted for men and women, Guess is one of the leading brands in the industry of luxury lifestyle products since more than 30 years. Covering a large gamut of designs, the brand keeps its inventory updated as per growing customer demands. With convincing motifs and intricate designs, Guess is always proactive in meeting the desires of its clients when it comes to choosing the right jewellery and luxury watches.

    Buying from Acotis Diamonds

    Acotis Diamonds is one of the pioneer suppliers of jewellery that obtain all the products from reputable designers. This online retail store makes the huge gamut of ornaments available all over United Kingdom. Since the web store provide innumerable products, we have simplified the selection procedure for you by segregating them categorically. We are always at the forefront when it comes to attending our customers when they have queries. Moreover, our safe and swift delivery service always add on to the convenience.


  • 5 Best Jewellery Gifts for Your Wife this Christmas

    Though there are many opportunities to pamper your wife throughout the year, Christmas is the perfect time to give her a gift that she would remember for a lifetime. Finding the perfect piece of jewellery can make her holiday special. In case you are looking for a little shopping inspiration, our top 5 jewellery gift ideas will help you find a special gift for your better half.

    Quirky Bracelets


    When it comes to selecting the best Christmas gift for your lady love, bracelets are one of the best choices. At Acotis, there are many fun options for elegant bracelets, such as  bracelets with designs inspired by floral themes. Not only are they unique, rather they work well with any outfit. Orla Kiely’s iconic petal flower motif bracelets make for a pretty Christmas gift. The daisy chain flower bracelets lend a retro-style to any outfit. The chunky fashion bracelet with enamel flowers will look stunning on her wrist.

    Choker Necklaces


    If you are looking for a show-stopping gift to impress your wife this Christmas, then spoil her with a choker necklace. Necklaces are undoubtedly one of the most treasured holiday gifts. Choosing a choker necklace over a pendant necklace this Christmas would be a good idea. At Acotis, you will find a huge range of choker necklaces with interesting patterns. Orla Kiely flower choker necklaces come with consistent daisy patterns in an 18k gold plated necklace. This chunky choker necklace can be the most graceful way to show your appreciation and love for all the hard work she does throughout the year.

    Drop Earrings


    A woman can never get enough of too many pairs of beautiful, exquisite earrings. A popular gifting idea, earrings are always known for their versatility. From simple studs, drops and big hoops to bold spikes, barbells and tassels, fashion earrings are a great choice for gifts. A pair of drop earrings represents a classic jewellery staple, which can go with any outfit. At Acotis, you will always find it easy to select a design which closely matches your wife’s styling needs.

    Dainty Rings


    What sweeter way to express your love than a stunning ring? A symbol of never-ending love and bond, rings are a thoughtful way to treat your wife this Christmas. Choose a perfect fashion ring from Acotis, a gift that has been tailor-made just for her. Dainty flower motif rings can the add the right amount of sparkle to any outfit she wears. After all, rings are jewellery staples that can complement a variety of wardrobe choices.

    Charm Necklaces


    This Christmas, gift your loved one a feminine charm necklace. Alluring yet subtle, charm necklaces are elegant fashion accessories. At Acotis, you find a wide selection of fashion charm necklaces. Choose a stylish charm necklace as a token of your love for your wife.

    Why choose Orla Kiely for Christmas Jewellery Presents?

    Orla Kiely is renowned for making fashion jewellery that is timeless, elegant, youthful and avant-garde. Orla Kiely brings forth the beauty of the British past in her jewellery designs. The brand has been setting novel standards of individuality in crafting unique jewellery creations. With Orla Kiely, you can never go wrong. Loved by celebrities across the globe, Orla Kiely is a name that is synonymous with perfection and quality. Browse through an exclusive range of jewellery by Orla Kiely at Acotis for selecting the best Christmas gift for your wife.

    Where to find Stunning Collection of Jewellery Presents for Christmas?

    Acotis has a perfect holiday gift for every occasion in your life. Online jewellery retail stores are swamped with duplicates, but at Acotis Diamonds you will find the authentic collection. Here, you can explore the rarest collection of necklaces, charm bracelets, vintage-inspired jewellery, dainty earrings, and statement jewellery for gifting purpose on Christmas and other holiday seasons. Acotis is a stockist for all luxury jewellery brands including leading jewellery makers like Orla Kiely, Trollbeads, Thomas Sabo, Swarovski and many more.


  • Christmas 2018: 5 Best Sterling Silver Jewellery Gifts for Special Someone

    Giving a quirky or beautiful piece of jewellery is a considerate way to treat the special woman in your life. Christmas is an auspicious time of the year to give exciting, memorable gifts, which can last beyond the season. As a gift, jewellery can be really challenging to buy. This is because personal preference plays a huge role, so it is indeed tough to pick out pieces, which might actually match the interests of someone you love. But the effort to get the choice right can score many sentimental points!

    In case you are searching for a perfect piece of jewellery to buy for your mother, wife, daughter or girlfriend, we have put together the latest sterling silver jewellery styles to match the trendsetting demands on your shopping list.

    Pebble Stone Rings


    Stackable with plain rings or worn singly, the pebble stone ring makes a great gift for fashion-forward people. A single turquoise pebble stone sits atop a delicate sterling silver shank. These fashion rings are a perfect way to add style to your everyday jewellery and outfit choice. The silver rings are a perfect complement to all skin tones. Irrespective of whether your loved one prefers an understated or a more glamorous look, there is always a special sterling silver ring for her.

    Drop Earrings

    Sterling silver rings are the newest trend in the fashion world to turn heads. The latest style features an ornamental backing that clips onto the post from behind and hangs below the curve of the earlobe like a drop. A pair of elegant drop earrings can highlight ear and neck area. Also, drop earrings go well with any jewellery and attire. At Acotis, this pair of chain drop earrings is a unique piece to stash to your jewellery repertoire.

    Alphabet Pendant Necklace


    Gift the special woman in your life with an alphabet pendant necklace from Kit Heath Collection. Mark those ‘who mean the most in your life’ with this capital letter pendant in a contemporary font. The sterling silver pendant from Kit Heath can help flaunt initials in a stylish manner. Featuring an adjustable clasp closure, this sterling silver pendant provides a custom fit.

    Hoop Pendant Necklace


    If the special woman in your life is a minimalist, look for a sterling silver hoop pendant necklace with a simple design that highlights her natural neck line. This unique pendant necklace from Kit Heath is for those who love to mix and match their jewellery. Radiating glimmer and elegance, this minimal piece of jewellery makes a refined yet subtle trend-led statement.

    Heart Bangle


    The evocative yet simple look of this Heart Motif Bangle helps you celebrate the spirit of love with the woman in your life. A delicate heart motif charm adds a romantic and elegant touch to the design of the bangle.

    Kit Heath Sterling Silver Collection

    It is easy to indulge in sterling silver jewellery at Kit Heath. There is so much to explore in the sterling silver jewellery. The designers are Kit Heath are undeniably in a fashion frenzy, bringing you extravagant collection of world’s stylish sterling silver jewellery. With so many variations in sterling silver necklaces, you will find that dreamy jewellery piece for gifting.

    Sterling Silver Jewellery at Acotis

    Acotis helps you add a sparkle to that special person in your life. Sterling silver jewellery are a woman’s best friend, so silver jewellery is going to be a hit on Christmas Day. From gleaming drop earrings to sparkling rings, sterling jewellery comes in a variety of designs. At Acotis, you get to explore numerous style choices to help your loved one coordinate with her jewellery collection. Pick a unique jewellery piece that she’ll totally fall in love with.

  • Christmas Gifts Guide For the Best Holiday Season Ever

    That Christmas vibe always cheers you up! Isn’t it? You live up to experience that ecstatic feeling every year of waking up on a Christmas morning, discovering a small gift box under the tree or in a stocking. Gifts always make you feel happy, no matter what the occasion is! Christmas gives you a beautiful chance to express your love and affection for the special people in your life. Sweets would empty the jars one day and flowers will die, but a fine piece of jewellery is something timeless that will last beyond a season. Instead of just handing over a conventional gift item wrapped with bow ties, get something memorable for them to cherish. We understand that it’s difficult for you to find the right jewellery aesthetic for your loved ones. We have thoughtfully curated a list of jewellery edits that are surely going to make your Christmas gift a big hit!

    Trending Rose Gold Jewellery

    Rose gold is the most talked about jewellery metal of this season. The warmer tones and luxe appeal of pinkish hue make this jewellery alluring. The fact that rose gold jewellery can make it to the list of a great present is because it looks flattering on most of the skin tones. Just like this designer ring from Thomas Sabo, the rose gold accessories are the new classic for its beauty and versatility. It does not matter if the receiver of this gift is a glamor loving woman or if she prefers an understated look, rose gold style is going to please everyone if carved in a flattering shape and design.


    Mystical Gemstone Jewellery

    From ancient days till today, gemstones are known for their importance and mystical powers. These are considered as some of the most treasured and preferred jewellery accessories for gifting. Sapphire, emerald, ruby, amethyst and turquoise are some of popular gemstones that fall in the niche of lucky birthstones as well. Gifting a gemstone accented jewellery piece is a smart choice. The intricately carved jewellery accessories like this Karma bead can be gifted as a Christmas keepsake that brings good luck. Turquoise stone symbolizes love, creativity and positivity and it is a birthstone for Cancerians. If you know a Cancerian and you wish to surprise them on this Christmas, then this is what you should be looking for!


    Timeless Wrist Watch

    Staple for every stylish man’s and woman’s wardrobe, a classy wristwatch is never an afterthought. There can never be a number that is enough for the collectors of designer and high-end watches. So if you know a watch-obsessed person and you want to please them with your Christmas gift, then a branded watch with a contemporary style can be your go-to option. You can also refer to Thomas Sabo’s designer watch collection for short-listing some impressive designs of watches. These are the modern designs of watches that everyone would love to add to their collection!


    Overwhelming Engraved Jewellery

    Personalised jewellery makes a perfect gift for this holiday season. It gives a special and unique twist to the piece of jewellery that means it can only belong to the person it is made for. There are so many jewellery pieces that are accented with a special quote or message, a special date or any name, making it a Christmas gift worth cherishing for a lifetime. You can refer to the Thomas Sabo’s engraved jewllery collection and make this Christmas memorable for your loved ones.


    Why choose Thomas Sabo for Christmas Jewellery Presents?

    Thomas Sabo is renowned for making some of the best pieces in the niche of fine jewellery, boutique accessories, and vintage accent pieces. The versatility in design and innovation in style make it one of the most reliable jewellery brands. With Thomas Sabo, one can expect nothing less than perfection. So, if you want your Christmas present to be the best, then nothing can beat the exclusive range of jewellery by Thomas Sabo.

    Where to Find The Stunning Collection Christmas Jewellery Presents?

    Find graceful jewellery accent pieces that exudes sheer excellence in craftsmanship and timeless appeal. Online stores are swamped with replicas but you can always trust Acotis Diamonds with its rare and explicit collection. Acotis is a retail jewellery store that allows you to buy jewellery from some of the most prestigious brands in UK. You can explore through its wide collection of charms, necklaces, vintage-inspired jewellery, bracelets, and statement jewellery for gifting purpose on this Christmas.

  • Dance to the Beats of Trollbeads: Christmas Gift Ideas

    Christmas comes with an energetic vibe and you get a chance to celebrate it with all the love and passion. For such special occasions, you need special jewellery that will not only express your individuality but also makes a perfect gift that helps you exhibit your love and affection for the people who matter! For this holiday season, find the jewellery that adds the meaningful accented charm to your collection.

    Charming jewellery adds spirit to your look and are sure to brighten up your holidays. Adding the classic flair, these accent pieces exude meaningful expression with vibrant presence to your unique fashion accessory. Here is a thoughtfully curated guide that will add perfection to your Christmas jewellery gifting, and will help you to liven up the festive season for you loved ones:

    Let your Partner Feel the Rhythm of Pearls

    If you have a special someone in your life who loves all the romantic gestures, then this pearl accented ring will be perfect for them. Pearl ring makes a perfect Christmas gift because of its timeless appeal and classic charm. Pearl jewellery is like the everlasting fashion trend that is always going to be in-vogue no matter how many fashion decades come and pass. So, buy this Trollbeads pearl ring today, plan a Christmas surprise for your partner and impress her with this beautiful Christmas gift. Let her feel your love!


    To Spruce up that Teenage Spirit

    If you know a stylish teen girl, full of life, having a potential to be a star one day, then these butterfly earrings make the best gift for her. Whether it is your daughter, sister or friend, stylish jewellery gifts like these earrings allow you to celebrate your bond with them on occasions like Christmas. Butterflies represent innocence combining the beauty in the most impeccable way. This gift will always remind her of her innocence and your unconditional love! You can buy these earrings from the extensive jewellery inventory of Trollbeads.


    For the Bond you Share with Your Mother

    Being one of the most important persons in our lives, mothers deserve all the love in this world. Instead of surprising her with flowers or other home décor items, gift her something that will last with her forever to cherish. This set of delicate bangles made with pure silver is an elegant gift option for her. These silver bangles are something timeless yet sophisticated which she can wear with confidence on special occasions. Make your Christmas gift a token of your gratitude and love towards your mother!


    For your Friend Who Knows You Better

    There can never be a better gift than a thoughtfully chosen charm for your friends. These charms are designed to accent jewellery pieces like a bracelet or a neck chain. You can choose from a wide range of personalised pendants as well that are utterly charming. Trollbeads offers you with a collection of personalised charms and pendants that can be the perfect present for your much-loved friend this Christmas. An individual and unique charm pendant will engrave a long-lasting memory that she will never forget.


    Where to Shop for The Best Collection of Beaded Jewellery For Your Upcoming Vacations?

    Christmas is that time of the year when you show your love and affection for all the important people in your life. Whether it’s your partner, mom, sister or best friend, a beautiful accented piece of jewellery makes for an unforgettable gift. There are many jewellery stores online but the authentic ones selling the best designs at affordable deals of prices are very few. Acotis Diamonds is retail jewellery store, selling a great range of impressive jewellery options designed by renowned designers across the world. The wide accessory collection available at Acotis is crafted from genuine metals like gold, silver and rose gold. You can browse through the exclusive Christmas Gifts range and pick the best presents for your loved ones.

    Why to trust Trollbeads while shopping for Summer Jewellery?

    Trollbeads is one of the most successful accessory and jewellery brand in the world, established in Denmark in 1976. The brand works on the Mantra to express beauty through all that is magical, mystical and whimsical in the world around us. Their craftsmanship is phenomenal as they seek to create jewellery designs inspired from nature’s finest elements. Providing the customers with high-quality and stellar designs Is what they aim for at Trollbeads.




  • Trollbeads Hello Collection by Acotis Diamonds


    Trollbeads Konnichiwa Necklace 90cm TZZUK-01702

    Polished silver, copper & pearl. What more could you want?

    The Konnichiwa Necklace is part of the Hello Collection.


    Trollbeads Kia Ora Ring TZZUK-01735

    A freshwater pearl sits proudly on the sterling silver band - the perfect addition for any Hello bangle.

    The Kia Ora Ring is part of the Hello Collection.









    Trollbeads Salut Silver Bangle TZZUK-01724










    Trollbeads Aloha Silver Bangle TZZUK-01719

    A simple freshwater white pearl surrounded by copper & silver. Pure magic!

    The Aloha Silver Bangle is part of the Hello Collection.










    Trollbeads Namaste Bangle Stack TZZUK-01714

    Good things come in threes! The simple sophistication of the Namaste Bangle Stack will add a touch of class to any outfit!

    The Namaste Bangle Stack is part of the Hello Collection.










    Trollbeads Ciao Copper Bangle TZZUK-01709

    Wear the metal of love in its entirety! A copper bead sitting between two copper spacers, all worn on the elegant copper bangle.

    The Ciao Copper Bangle is part of the Hello Collection.










    Trollbeads Hey Copper Bangle TZZUK-01701

    Think PINK with the 'Hey Copper Bangle'. The Pink Prism bead delicately sits between two copper spacers.

    The Hey Copper Bangle is part of the Hello Collection.










    Trollbeads Hola Silver Bangle TZZUK-01696

    Say 'Hola' to the stunning silver bangle, which the Pink Prism bead is the star attraction, secured with two silver spacers.

    The Hola Silver Bangle is part of the Hello Collection.










    Trollbeads Bonjour Silver Bangle TZZUK-01690

    Sterling Silver bangle, featuring the Feldspar Moonstone bead, which helps balance your mind. Finished with two copper spacers.

    The Bonjour Silver Bangle is part of the Hello Collection.










    Trollbeads Bonsoir Copper Bangle TZZUK-01685

    A delicate copper bangle which features a Black Onyx bead - giving you constant strength & support, married with two copper spacers.

    The Bonsoir Copper Bangle is part of the Hello Collection.

  • Trollbeads Autumn Release at Acotis Diamonds



    This Acotis Trollbeads blog brings a complete review of the upcoming Autumn 2018 release and Pre Order.

    Last night saw pre-orders for the Autumn 2018 begin, ahead of the global release onFriday 14 September 2018.

    Please see the entire list below of the Trollbeads New Collection 2018.

    Predictably there has been much talk centred around these beads since live images began to appear....please take a look and feel free to email your thoughts to  us at info@acotisdiamonds.co.uk or visit www.acotisdiamonds.co.uk to place your order tonight at midnight.

    Our Trollbeads collection has grown into beautiful exquisite jewellery including silver and glass beads and more. Trollbeads have introduced amazing new pieces this season...Alice bands to be personalised with your choice of beads...French twist comb to make a statement. Add your favourite beads to your jewellery and create completely unique pieces that reflect your individuality.

    The collection is magical, mystical and whimsical  so that we may find self-expression and enjoyment through our jewellery.

    Trollbeads has created jewellery from nature's finest and most durable materials, constructed of the highest quality to bring admiration and passion to your individual taste, to be envied by others.  Express yourself as an amazing individual today by making your choice of this wonderful collection.

    The collection is handcrafted from stunning, colourful glass and solid Sterling silver. Each piece of jewellery is a work of art. We all deserve to treat ourselves and our loved ones...This Trollbeads collection is passionate, desirable and unbelievably sensuous.


    Trollbeads Wild Jungle Glass Bead TGLBE-30035

    Sometimes you need to stop and take the fight instead of running away.

    Collection - Autumn 2018 Weight - 1.95g


    Trollbeads Angel Wing Alunite TSTBE-20028

    Angel Wing Alunite is balancing the yin and yang energies, and it is said to help to stabilize you both physically and emotionally.

    Collection - Autumn 2018 Weight - 2.56g


    Trollbeads Steel Hematite TSTBE-20027

    The hematite is said to energize your body and enhance your courage. Let it help to make your dreams come true.

    Collection - Autumn 2018 Weight - 2.56g


    Trollbeads Festival Glass Bead TGLBE-30034

    Celebrate life by travelling and get memories for a lifetime.

    Collection - Autumn 2018 Weight - 1.95g


    Trollbeads Polar Dreams Glass Bead TGLBE-30033

    Behind the ice mountain, true wonders are waiting.

    Collection - Autumn 2018 Weight - 1.95g


    Trollbeads Open Sky Glass Bead TGLBE-30032

    The sky is the limit. Only your mind allows for limitations.

    Collection - Autumn 2018 Weight - 1.95g


    Trollbeads Quiet Landscape Glass Bead TGLBE-30031

    Take time to reflect and listen to your heart.

    Collection - Autumn 2018 Weight - 1.95g


    Trollbeads Lonely Island Glass Bead TGLBE-30030

    Dare to go new ways and be open for the adventure.

    Collection - Autumn 2018 Weight - 1.95g


    Trollbeads Warm Breeze Glass Bead TGLBE-10436

    Let the warm breeze make the cold disappear.

    Collection - Autumn 2018 Weight - 1.95g


    Trollbeads Fresh Breeze Glass Bead TGLBE-10435

    You cannot control the wind, but you can direct the sails.

    Collection - Autumn 2018 Weight - 1.95g


    Trollbeads Stepping Stones Glass Bead TGLBE-10434

    Turn your wounds into stepping stones for success.

    Collection - Autumn 2018 Weight - 1.95g


    Trollbeads Drifting Balloons Glass Bead TGLBE-10433

    Let nothing keep you down.

    Collection - Autumn 2018 Weight - 1.95g


    Trollbeads Mountain Climb Glass Bead TGLBE-10432

    The best view comes after the hardest climb

    Collection - Autumn 2018 Weight - 1.95g


    Trollbeads Harvest Glass Bead TGLBE-10431

    "Always do your best. What you plant now, youメll harvest laterヤ? - Og Mandino

    Collection - Autumn 2018 Weight - 1.95g


    Trollbeads New Adventures Glass Kit TGLBE-00163

    Say YES to new adventures. Beads included in this kit: Lonely Island, Quiet Landscape, Open Sky, Polar Dreams, Festival, Wild Jungle.

    Collection - Autumn 2018 Weight - 1.95g


    Trollbeads Drift Away Glass Kit TGLBE-00162

    Nothing new happens by staying in the same place?. Beads included in this kit: Harvest, Mountain Climb, Drifting Balloons, Stepping Stones, Fresh Breeze, Warm Breeze.

    Collection - Autumn 2018 Weight - 11.7g


    Trollbeads Foxtail Lock TAGLO-00059

    Since ancient times, the foxtail has been an amulet for good luck.

    Collection - Autumn 2018 Weight - 3.65g


    Trollbeads Dancing Butterfly Lock TAGLO-00058

    Feel the lightness and joy - just like the dancing butterfly.

    Collection - Autumn 2018 Weight - 3.15g


    Trollbeads French Twist Comb TAGHP-00003

    A timeless look that never fails. Use the French Twist Comb to make the perfect hairstyling.


    Trollbeads Alice Band Twisted TAGHP-00002

    Use beads and spacers to create the headband of your dreams, or wear it elegantly as it is


    Trollbeads Alice Band TAGHP-00001

    Use beads and spacers to create the headband of your dreams, or wear it elegantly as it is.


    Trollbeads Scarecrow Bead TAGBE-20196

    What you believe to be the most dangerous often turns out to be an illusion. The Scarecrow Bead can also be used as a Pendant.

    Collection - Autumn 2018 Weight - 2.6g


    Trollbeads Air Balloon Bead TAGBE-20195

    To rise you have to let go of what is holding you down. The Air Balloon Bead may also be used as a Pendant.

    Collection - Autumn 2018 Weight - 2.3g


    Trollbeads Oldschool Suitcase Bead TAGBE-20194

    Ready to go! The Oldschool Suitcase Bead may also be used as a Pendant.

    Collection - Autumn 2018 Weight - 2.06g


    Trollbeads Witch Shoes Bead TAGBE-20193

    モDo not judge my path, you haven't walked in my shoes or ridden my broomヤ A M Galdorcraeft

    Collection - Autumn 2018 Weight - 2.29g


    Trollbeads Locomotive Bead TAGBE-20192

    Hop on the train - ahead waits an adventure.

    Collection - Autumn 2018 Weight - 1.9g


    Trollbeads Automobile Bead TAGBE-20191

    Enjoy the ride - it's not all about the destination. The Automobile Bead may also be used as a Pendant.

    Collection - Autumn 2018 Weight - 1.36g


    Trollbeads Vintage Airplane Bead TAGBE-20190

    Life is journey - make the most out of it.

    Collection - Autumn 2018 Weight - 1.68g


    Trollbeads Crown of Leaves Spacer TAGBE-20189

    Wear your crown with pride.

    Collection - Autumn 2018 Weight - 2.03g


    Trollbeads Paradox Bead TAGBE-10200

    Choose your path - the world is your playground. The Paradox Bead may also be used as a Pendant.

    Collection - Autumn 2018 Weight - 1.6g


    Trollbeads Ratatorskr Bead TAGBE-10199

    In Nordic mythology he travels between the worlds bringing news from one to another.

    Collection - Autumn 2018 Weight - 1.23g


    Trollbeads Maple Leaves Bead TAGBE-10198

    "Autumn is a second spring when every leaf is a flower." - Albert Camus

    Collection - Autumn 2018 Weight - 1.23g


    Trollbeads Foxtail Spacer TAGBE-10197

    Since ancient times, the foxtail has been an amulet for good luck. Spacers prevent other beads from rolling on your bracelet and make beautiful endings on your bangle. Please note: The price is for the spacer only.

    Collection - Autumn 2018 Weight - 1.8g

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