Nomination Jewellery: An Anecdote of Collection

Founded by Paolo Gensini, Nomination Jewellery was established in Florence, the centre of fashion and high-quality craftsmanship. Composable was born, the modular bracelet you can personalise. Nomination, today, is the world leader in gold and stainless steel jewellery. The brand’s innovative and original creations are explored in seasonal lines for everyday use and life’s most memorable moments. This blog is an anecdote of the various collections that the brand has launched.

Carsouel Collection

The Carsouel Collection brings the joy of long-lost youth, innocence, memories, and unchanged patterns of life. Nomination combines expert craftsmanship and authenticity, attempting to catch the glimmering presence of childhood and love in jewellery.

Composable Collection

The composable collection is the essence of Nomination Jewellery. The collection includes a unique collection of gold letter links. Some of them are made of stainless steel that is enhanced with gold and silver, enamel, and precious stones, making it a perfect choice for every style and occasion. It created a new way of communicating and expressing your personality through letters and symbols that represent you.

Antibes Collection

Inspired by the coastal resort town of Antibes, this collection is a symbolism of the white villas, aqua waters, and pale pink sunsets. It has an assortment of necklaces and bracelets that adorn charms and coloured gemstones such as Malaysian gemstone, black crystals, blue crystals, and green crystals. What makes the range special are the unique pendants and charms such as Tree of Life, Star and Shell, Starfish, Snake and Heart, and Heart and Arrow.

Essential Collection

The Essential Collection encompasses an array of necklaces and bracelets made of 925 sterling silver, with rose gold-plated or rhodium treated finish. The jewellery boasts a simple yet elegant design. It features charms such as Italian Horn, Clover, Heart, Crescent Moon and Star, Snake, and Flower.

Gentleman Collection

The Gentleman Collection from Nomination Jewellery brings the hottest trends in men’s fashion industry according to your repertoire. The collection includes subtle and understated designs that bring a classy touch to any outfit. Explore the collection for elegant bracelets, necklaces, and cufflinks.

Instinct Collection

The Instinct Collection is especially designed for stylish women who always manage to look stunning with their simple and sophisticated style. The collection allows keeping it chic and sleek with a range of necklaces and bracelets that feature stunning designs and materials. The accessories are made of stainless steel and include gemstones which make the jewellery special.

Mon amour Collection

Mon Amour Collection is a new way of communicating and expressing your personality through luxurious and chic jewellery and symbols. The collection includes a range of beautiful bracelets and necklaces bejewelled with single charms. The brand creates focal pieces to speak for your personality. This exudes a chic look to match your bold personality.

One for Me One for You

Nomination Italy has come up with a new campaign “One for me, One for you”, a new hymn for sharing. This new collection includes links that represent your loved ones, the relationship you share with them. One for me, one for you promotes the signature Composable Links in a fresh and modern way, emphasizing the common and personalized feeling of the jewellery.

Why Trust Nomination when Purchasing Jewellery?

Nomination was established in 1980 in Florence, Italy. Ever since the beginning, the brand focuses on delivering qualitatively crafted jewellery and accessories. The makers of Nomination jewellery have been successful in mating the Florentine traditions with innovative technologies and materials in their unique collection. You can explore through their wide collection and choose the best gifts for your loved ones.

Where to buy a Thoughtful Range of Expressive Jewellery Gifts?

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