Love Stories: An Anecdote by Trollbeads

As spring season arrives, we notice days become longer and there is activeness all around. It can be witnessed in the sprouting branches and the blooming flowers. This gives birth to love and romance; romance with nature and its bounty. Keeping this in mind, Trollbeads has launched its Spring 2020 collection of distinctive beads design under the theme LOVE STORIES.

It is about time you embrace the new collection and create a new narrative for your life.

Glass Narrating the Tales of Love

Trollbeads has launched two new glass kits- Trollbeads Love Song Kit and Trollbeads Love Story Kit. The Love Song Kit consists of an array glass beads with exemplary colours from orange and plum to pale early spring greens. The kit gets its name from the emphasis it lays on songbird designs. This collection also exhibits new floral with their mixed colour bases and glitter accents on the petals. The attractive Trollbeads that the collection offers include Trollbeads Aisle of Passion, Trollbeads Song of Love, Trollbeads Voice of Romance, Trollbeads Aisle of Luck, Trollbeads Song of Hope, and Trollbeads Voice of Happiness

Yet another collection under the category is Trollbeads Love Story Kit. This collection features a combination of glitter scroll beads and a new, slightly fern like design. There is a slight overlap of colours in this range of beads. This creates a vibrant colour scheme for the spring season. The collection includes Trollbeads Promise, Trollbeads Romance, Trollbeads Joy, Trollbeads Trust, Trollbeads Kindness, and Trollbeads Innocence

Gemstones that Enhance Your Story

Trollbeads has launched two new stones for gemstone enthusiasts. The new collection presents Feldspar Quartz Rock that has soft colour denoting the vibrancy of spring season. The shade variations of this gemstone add versatility to the overall look of the jewellery. Yet another gemstone making its debut is Serpentine. This stone has dramatic colour that is rare and apart from the existing stones in the collection.

Silver and Gold Symbolizing Love Stories

The brand has launched a range of silver beads, pendants and spacers. Accessories like Trollbeads Joyful Flowers are a slight variation to the conventional spring floral design. The beads like these are designed for those of you who like to coordinate the jewellery with complementary earrings.

Other pieces in the collection include Trollbeads Ladybugs, a ring of these iconic summer creatures. Another attraction in the collection includes Trollbeads Love Rings. They are an interesting take on romantic beads. The design features two flowing rings connected with a small heart motif. The Silver and Gold collection also includes First Dance pendant is suited for necklace.

Lock Your Love with Trollbeads Lock

The new locks in the series add a finishing touch to any bracelet. Spring 2020 collection introduces two new clasps- Trollbeads Ladybug Lock and Trollbeads Flow Lock. These locks enhance the overall look of the bracelets with their distinctive design. They tend to add romantic elements to the jewellery piece.

Trollbeads Rings

Spring 2020 collection also includes two new rings- Trollbeads Elegant Fantasy Ring and Trollbeads Swirling Fantasy Ring. What make these rings special are their open ends that allow you to wear beads along with them.

Why Buy Trollbeads?

Trollbeads has launched a new collection for Spring 2020. This collection is the much needed revamp your wardrobe requires. The new collection includes an array of charms and beads that can sweep you off your feet. Do not miss the chance to make your fashion sense look more unique, even if does not tick all the boxes in a typical fashion guide. You might want to try this collection for its season-inspired jewellery pieces. Yes, there are spring-inspired colours and designs that should transition into season-focused jewellery options.

Spring 2020 Collection on Acotis Diamond

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