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Jewellery Essentials that Every Style Savvy Woman Must Have

Accessories and jewellery are indispensable to a woman’s wardrobe. From a businesswoman to homemaker, from party animals to show-stoppers on the ramp, every woman wants to have a chest full of mesmerizing accessories. The online world has brought shopping platforms within easy reach and shopping for jewellery is no different. However, unlike other things you can buy online, buying jewellery is slightly different. There is a huge room to make fundamental mistakes even if someone has been shopping for ages.

This discussion helps you understand basic checks that everyone buying jewellery online should follow…

Buy Better! Overview of Basic Checkpoints…

Always remember this one fashion rule for jewellery shopping—choose simplicity when you cannot differentiate any longer, with confidence. Only a simple piece of jewellery can blend in with different colours and outfits. There is nothing like truly outdate or irrelevant jewellery. You can still wear the most basic stuff if you know how to match it with your wardrobe and pull it off. The second mantra to jewellery styling—choosing versatile options rather than investing in overtly exclusive stuff. This is the key to dressing classy and sophisticated. Don’t lose to the appeal of exclusivity unless you very sure about the premium pricing and the boutique appeal. Simpler designs are any day, more classic. This does not imply that you cannot buy jewellery that uses metals like gold, silver, titanium, and platinum. Experiment with these metals too. Take the time to move upwards on the style ladder and go slow with experimenting different finishing options. More suggestions that will undoubtedly help you shop for jewellery better, include…

1. Never Give-up on Diamond Stud Earrings

Having diamond stud earrings is playing safe and still not turning-out boring. This piece of jewellery is largely non-debatable. Why? Diamond earrings can be simple in design or exotic but either ways, they are regarded as a classic. Even ageing diamond studs are most likely to be called classically designed or retro themed rather than being termed traditional. This is about owning fashion staples that make sense with most things in the closet. These earrings work wherever, for whomsoever, from business lunches to date nights and special occasions. Diamond studs add sparkle without competing with other fashion accessories.

2. Pearls, Pearls and Pearls

Pearls have always been timeless classics—work with nearly any wardrobe and never look out of anyone’s league. These tiny little teardrops of the moon are known for their versatility. As Jacqueline Kennedy once stated, “Pearls are always appropriate”. She was correct, as pearls always fit the role, in necklaces, earrings or even charms. If you are confused about the large array of designs or want minimalism with loads of grace, choose Pearl jewellery!

3. Contemporary Chain Bracelets

If minimalistic trend is your thing, then adding a gold or silver chain bracelet to your collection seems like a very wise decision. It gives you a choice to stack it up and layer it with other charm bracelets or fashionable bangles for an ultra-chic style. Fashion bloggers, and even celebs like Gigi Hadid, advocate this trick with chain bracelets. A simple chain bracelet adds a great accent to any outfit.

4. Dress Watches

The trend of wearing a watch as a fashion accessory is not restrictive. Easy to couple with your work attire or semi-formals, dress watches look stunning no matter how you wear them. Whether you have to accessorize to rock a party or look stunning at a business conference, dress watches get the job done. You need at least one simple Metal Dress Watch in either gold or silver/platinum finishing.

5. Classic Hoop Earrings

Hoop earrings might remind you about the style books form 80s, but they have certainly made a comeback. They add that extra drop of stylishness that works with almost any outfit. 2018 is more about experimenting, and you can have fun with different types of classic hoops in fun shapes and styles. If you want something trendier, try beaded and crystal-heavy hoops.

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