Jewellery Gift Ideas for the Little One

All of us remember the time we were fascinated when our mom was getting ready to go out. The lovely necklace around her neck, shiny bangles and beautiful earrings, it was all so magical and beautiful, wasn’t it? Nothing has changed over time. Now your little one gets mesmerised by seeing you dressing up. Kids are fascinated by jewellery and the value it symbolises for them. They want to try it too, look like a diva and turn heads everywhere they go. Not their fault, who in their right mind doesn’t find jewellery attractive?

Children today are more integrated into the fashion world than ever and this integration is only growing with time. They also catch things fast and want the same necklaces and pendants their older siblings are wearing. Well, what do you do when they ask to try them out? Hand over a piece of your old jewellery? Absolutely not. Neither is it safe to hand over any expensive piece of jewellery to your kid nor do they deserve to hand me downs. Every child has her own style and they should get to flaunt it to the world. Their choices wildly differ from those of adults. Animal designs, sun, moon, and star patterns, and cartoon characters are an all-time favourite among children. You want something which matches their innocence but makes them stand out at the same time. Here are some jewellery gift ideas for your lovely child:

Cute Pendants

Kids love wearing cute and pretty looking pendants.  They make for neat daily wear jewellery options that your little one will not grow out of easily. They are also highly versatile and you can find a pendant for every occasion. From religious symbols to popular cartoon characters, to birthstone pendants and even the initial of a child’s name, you have a wide range to choose from. Also widely popular are nature-inspired pieces that come in a variety of shapes, sizes, and colours. Add a pop of fun to your kid’s life with beautiful pendants.

Fun Studs and Earrings

For kids who are simple and fun-loving, there is a large collection of charming earrings and studs made from precious materials. Designs can be seasonal like Christmas trees, stars, or snowflakes. Drop earrings made from diamonds, gold and silver fit perfectly for all occasions. Worn on a special day or as daily wear, a fun earring will always add charm to your kid’s look.

Bangles and Bracelets

Little kids adore delicate, whimsical bracelets. What makes them more special is that your child can see them, unlike earrings and necklaces, and admire their beauty more. A favourite amongst all, bracelets with unique patterns and intricate designs surely enhance any kids’ style. There are a plethora of options to choose from, both in design and make. You can go for charming bead bracelets with a touch of whimsy to them or opt for gold ones for an elegant look. Make those delicate pair of small hands look even prettier by covering them with mesmerising bangles.

Valuable Investment

Special designs are sure to hold a special place in your child’s life. Not only is jewellery gifting a fun way of adding colour to your kids life, but they are also a good investment to make. Diamonds and gold never go out of fashion or lose their value, making them belongings which age well with time. While your kid might not understand the value of their possession at first, the lesson in value recognition can be imparted over time. Good things come in small packages, it is rightly said!

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