Give new Definition to the Classics with Chlobo

When it comes to buying jewellery, one of the top choices among metals and materials are gold and silver. While there are many reasons one would choose them, the main remains their lustre, quality, durability and the classic vibe. Gold and silver jewellery has been in fashion since the time of its origin and has seen many a change in the designs and the style. It’s no news that gold and silver-tone jewellery is very versatile in nature and hence can be styled in any way possible. From the most intricate to the simplest and most minimalistic designs, gold and silver jewellery has seen it all and presented it all.

Many designers and jewellery stores have risen with time with some exclusively wonderful gold and silver-toned jewellery and one of these designers is Chlobo. In the millennial world, it is of utmost importance to the fashionistas to put on a glimmering show of their personal style in the best possible manner. This is why most prefer jewellery with some texture and charisma and that is exactly what Chlobo has in store.

Delicate yet Powerful: A New Kind of Statement Rings

These are the times when big statement rings are becoming an everyday thing instead of staying limited to the limelight of a fashion show. However, delicate rings with intricate designs are also facing upwards with some solid strength of design and craftsmanship. With details like ball chains and small ring pendants, these rings suit the everyday style as well as party accessorizing needs. From the simplest bands to the specialised designs dedicated to stars and planets, Chlobo offers a wide variety of collection for all ring lovers.

Layers for your Flair: Necklaces

The ethnic and more classic way to accessorising prefers to flaunt one single piece at one time instead of adding a bit of many things and making way with it. However, adding and mixing things up seems to be one of the trendiest ways to not just when accessories are concerned but also in terms of clothes and outfits. Lovers of this trend of layering will be super psyched with the enormous selection of thin delicate necklaces and chains which creates a look nothing short of that a Greek goddess.

Capture the Sun and Stars in Mythical Bracelets

It is finally time to move your attention a bit more towards your wrists and adapt to the bohemian style. With the spirit of the Sun and the Stars, some wondrous pieces have been created by Chlobo to grace your wrists. Not only that these bracelets outshine every other contemporary, but they can also be chosen with care to present your inner spirit and thoughts. Try out some of these options including Dainty Moon and Sun Bracelet, Tree of life Bracelet, the Cute Buddha Charm Bracelet and more. From the Spiritual to the godly and earthly, Chlobo bracelets offer a unique set of charms for you to sail through the fashion parade,

Too Glam for Them: Eccentric yet Minimalistic Earrings

A simple yet making a loud statement is the idea behind these beautiful earring sets from Chlobo’s exclusive collection. No matter if you are someone with a taste for carrying a huge set of jewellery at once or someone would like to carry as less as possible and still get the look right, Chlobo’s collection will rock in both ways equally. Style your outfits with a number of pairs including small star earring, lotus earrings, etc., or just grab an Evil Eye Hoop and complete your look with ease.

Chlobo – A Companion for Life

Along with a window to your soul and heart, jewellery could be your lifelong friend if bought after putting a bit of thought and care. There are countless platforms, designers and manufacturers with an abundance of designs and material ready for your but authenticity and quality should top your list of attributes right beside ‘perfect design and style’. Chlobo is one of those few designers that are constantly striving towards creating a beautiful and unique design to satisfy the personal choice of millions of jewellery lovers out there. With a promise of 100% genuineness, Chlobo presents collections for every occasion and mood of the time.

Acotis for Captivating Jewellery Collections

Experimenting with style is an ongoing event with no visible end. And it should stay that way because that’s how new ideas and trends emerge taking our imagination forward with evolution. However, all the playful experiments should be accompanied by a partner that you trust with authenticity. There is an array of online stores with a compelling collection of unique, classic, unconventional and such jewellery, ornaments, adornments, etc., but the genuineness is a benchmark that one should always live by. Acotis Diamonds is one such store with amazing piece handpicked pieces from globally renowned brands in the domain Elements Gold, Elements Silver, Links of London, Swarovski, Thomas Sabo and Chlobo are just a few to name.

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