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Jewellery always leads us musing over women, but recent times have changed the styling need of men by incorporating jewellery in their accessory collection. Fred Bennett is the only men’s jewellery brand that is covering all of your accessory needs from leisurely downtime to strictly business. The ultimate collection from Fred Bennett has got an irresistible finishing touch, providing numerous options for all ages. Classic silver, contemporary stainless steel, durable leather and semi precious stone jewellery creation is what they master in. This is an added advantage of getting all the features within a collection of innovative designs that give a nod to smart masculinity. They have an amazing collection with diverse range, the brand has evolved vividly making it the prime option for fashionable men who want to make an impression.

Fred Bennett Tan Key Chain Y2627

Fred Bennett Plait Leather Keyring Y2626

Fred Bennett Black Microfiber Key Chain Y2625

Fred Bennett Brown Wallet With Coin Purse W016

Fred Bennett Narrow Rubber Band Tie Slide Y029

Fred Bennett Pyramid Rectangle Tie Slide Y028

Fred Bennett Sterling Silver Tie Clip With Enamel Lines Y027

Fred Bennett Black Leather Cardholder W015

Fred Bennett Black Leather Wallet With Coin Purse W014

Fred Bennett Blue Leather Wallet And Box W010

Fred Bennett Steel Ring With Ip Brown Stripe R3669

Fred Bennett Steel Textured Mixed Plate Ring R3668

Fred Bennett Brushed Square Ring R3568

Mens Jewellery

Fred Bennett Chevron Pattern Band Ring R3567

Fred Bennett Epoxy Resin Rectangle Ring R3566

Fred Bennett Stainless Steel Textured Ring R3414

Fred Bennett Stainless Steel Large Plain Signet Ring R3412

Fred Bennett Scratch Finish Ring R2621

Mens Jewellery

Fred Bennett Polished Band Ring R2510

Mens Jewellery

Fred Bennett Silver Band With Ribbed Details R3046

Mens Jewellery

Mens Jewellery

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