Engraved Jewellery Say a LITTLE & Mean a LOT

Contemporary jewellery doesn’t have a precise definition for narrative jewellery. This too adds to the undefinable charm of this elite genre of exclusive jewellery that is thoughtfully personalized. Without delving into academic definitions, you can interrupt narrative jewellery as embellishment that communicates and has a soul. It is much more than just visual brilliance.  The whole idea behind the creation of Engraved Jewellery is to capture emotions and create memories.

What to expect?

Boutique creations with unparalleled personalization

This collection is low on numbers. The emphasis is solely on creating boutique pieces, perhaps some not-to-be-repeated designs. Each jewellery offers unrivalled room for embellishment in the form of Engraving Imprinting, Etching, or Embossing. This is not about mere style or grace. Engraved narrative jewellery caters to those who believe that lesser said things convey messages beautifully. This range is about indulgent personalization where each alphabet or symbol needs your creative pondering. The outcome is meaningful pieces that can be treasured for a lifetime, some perhaps even heirlooms and others that are immortalised with the intimate thought they carry. Yes, it wouldn’t be wrong to define this niche as Keepsake or Soulful Jewellery—this collection is about transformational pieces that are about you and not what style gurus preach!

Narrative Jewellery

Making Inanimate Creations Emote & Express

There is a thin line that separates symbolic jewellery from narrative jewellery. Either ways, these are exclusive pieces that have a persona. Rather than accentuating your wardrobe, they have a tale to share. Everyone involved in the process of creating something so special – the wearer, owner, creator – needs to understand that such a narrative cannot be categorized. It cannot be categorized for being correct or flawed. What might seem like eternally charming pieces to you might seem creatively flawed to others. However, these are not imperfections. This is the essence of narrative jewellery. It communicates to a few in a crowd, its splendour is restrained, and is unaccountable worth is more emotional rather than being a computed number. Narrative engravings can be abstract ideas or rooted in pure materiality—there are no standards to follow here. Links of London collection of narrative necklaces include sterling silver mini disc charms and petite engravable pendants embellished with stylish chains. With these narrative necklaces you can get your message engraved on both sides of the pendant to make it extra special.

Not Just Fashion Accessories!

Keepsake Jewellery that Tells Stories

Engraved jewellery is much more intimate, sentimental, unique and therefore, precious! The smallest of words, initials, monogram or a date can be very meaningful. A lesser known fact about engravings on jewellery is that it is one of the oldest art forms practised and this has been impressively documented. However, the finesse has evolved over the decades. This is apparently when you view the detailed artwork-like engravings we render on traditional signet rings where family names or signatures are often the preferred option. Now, customized engraving jewellery range includes rings, charms or cufflinks. The engraving choices usually include significant date, names of places with a connection, or anything that is at par with a legacy to continue. You can get more creative and try doodled motifs—there are no rules to what you want to get imprinted on a ring or charm. These are not fashion accessories. You are buying keepsake jewellery that will forever be the best conversation-starter!

Creative Process

Impossible to Acquire Art Fuelled by Passion

Engravable jewellery is not for the standard craftsmen. This is not an acquired art or trained skill. This is about using years of experience in shaping forms and thoughts and then applying it to customized jewellery. The engravings are essentially distilling and condensing ideas or thoughts. In a way, the challenge lies in saying the most but with canvas struggling with minimal room for visual representation. For many jewellery-makers, narrative jewellery includes sensual possibilities while others interpret it as jewellery that is more connected with the human form. A bracelet or dangler disc carrying the etching is an exhibition of feelings—an artwork that is seldom given its due credit. These striking pieces can be about lust, love, achievements, remorse, redemption, or celebrations!

What makes the Links of London engraved jewellery collection special?

Links of London believes in creating bespoke jewellery. Expect less of the regular and more imaginative designs. The uncompromised craftsmanship shows in never-attempted-before silhouettes. The interplay of beautiful materials and textures has something special in every collection. There are many timeless classics on offer, including those that are still relevant and will be stylish even in the distant future. Internationally-acknowledged excellence underlines the authenticity associated with the brand. Take the time to explore an enlightening range of necklaces, bracelets, cufflinks, charms, tie bars, and much more!

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