Charms are Essential for Your Personality: Nomination Essentials Collection

Charm jewellery is no new trend that has been bestowed to the world of fashion. This jewellery style dates back to ancient times where Romans believed that amulet brings good luck, ensures protection from the evil, and brings prosperity. Charms have been an integral part of jewellery for centuries. Charms on bracelets have been the longest time. The great Queen Victoria often displayed love for charms and established a new trend for the women of that era. Their chic and sophisticated style continues to keep them trendy.

Nomination Jewellery is a name synonymous with Italian charm jewellery. The company is not only loved for its composable charm links but also for the regular charms. It has launched ESSENTIALS COLLECTION, a range of jewellery made in sterling silver and attached with charms. The collection is an assortment of chic and minimalistic bracelets and necklaces that are perfect for casual and occasional wear. This write up will dig deeper into what the collection has to offer.

What makes Essentials Collection Special?

The jewellery collection encompasses bracelets and necklaces made from 925 sterling silver with rose gold plated or rhodium treated finish. Boasting a simple and elegant design, the jewellery pieces feature charms such as Italian Horn, Clover, Heart, Crescent Moon and Star, Snake, and Flower.

Relevance of Charms in the Collection

Italian Horn

The collection includes necklaces featuring Cornicello. This little horn is often adorned to protect wearers against the evil eye. The evil eye is believed to possess a curse for someone, especially for women to affect their fertility. The horn appears to be twisted and finds its origin in Roman jewellery. The horn is synonymous with fertility, virility, and strength. This Italian amulet is worn to protect against the evil eye.

Star and Moon Charms

Celestial jewellery is perfect for the dreamy version of you. The crescent moon and star charms are symbolism of light and hope. Stars hold relevance in many religions and cultures. The crescent moon and star charms have magical and sacred dimensions.


The four-leaf clover is a multi-purpose charm for good fortune. Each of the four leaves represents faith, hope, love, and luck. It is often considered a symbol of happiness. The four-leaf clover is believed to contain infinite blessings and sincerity to harvest joy. It is an expression of love, affection, and friendship and a preferred charm for the necklaces.

Snake Charm

Jewellery featuring snakes is nothing new. They have been worn and adored by ancient and modern civilizations. Throughout history, snake has been associated with different connotations. Ancient civilizations like Mayans worshipped snake as God and revered it for representing knowledge and protection. Snakes were featured in Greek and Roman mythology. They were seen as a symbol of regeneration and rebirth.

Trust Nomination When Purchasing Jewellery….

Nomination was established in 1980 in Florence, Italy. Ever since the beginning, the brand focuses on delivering qualitatively crafted jewellery and accessories. The makers of Nomination jewellery have been successful in mating the Florentine traditions with innovative technologies and materials in their unique collection. You can explore through their wide collection and choose the best gifts for your loved ones.

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