Celebrate Your Infinite Virtues with Trollbeads

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“A virtue is a good habit that you develop out of love for others – a behaviour that shows a high standard in living.” On March 20th Trollbeads launched a brand new collection of silver beads – Infinite Virtue Collection. The collection is inspired by the virtues identified by many thoughtful philosophers throughout history. The collection comprises of stylish and conventional Trollbeads. The collection consists of five knots, each knot denoting a virtue. This blog throws light on these virtues and the knots.

Virtue of Humility

Humility is often considered a state of being that is highlighted by your behaviour and approach towards things. It is one of the most crucial virtues of the human condition. The virtue is not about the absence of pride, but about realizing that your abilities and actions are not better or less. Humility does not require ranking things, but it calls for an understanding of the true value of things. The humble knot by Trollbeads is inspired by this virtue. It is all about being humble and showing politeness and respect to everybody. A perfect charm that exhibits your inner strength!

trollbeads jewellery - infinite virtues collection- humble knot - sincerity knot

Virtue of Sincerity

Sincerity is often defined by simplicity, purity, veracity and the way to express oneself free of pretense. A sincere person expresses himself without deceitfulness, in a genuine way. The sincerity bead by Trollbeads is based on the idea that “It is a matter of balance. Believe in justice and be sincere.”

Virtue of Compassion

Compassion is all about getting attuned to suffering. The concept of this virtue is to rise above ourselves. Being compassionate implies being generous. It implies letting your actions be guided with love such as recognizing and appreciating the unique characteristics of every one. The Compassion knot is all about feeling the emotions in your heart and finding compassion for others.

Virtue of Courage

Courage implies resolving to act virtuously, especially in the most difficult situations. A courageous person understands the danger and chooses to overcome their fear and face the danger. The Courage Knot is inspired by the idea that “To act and to show courage is to live life to the fullest.”

trollbeads jewellery - infinite virtues collection - compassion knot - courage knot - loyalty knot

Virtue of Loyalty

Loyalty is considered a noble value for ages. It is anything ranging from devotion to faithfulness towards people, region, and religion. Loyalty is staying true to someone, even when it goes against your interests. The Loyalty virtue knot is all about being true and loyal and letting your inner compass lead you in the right direction.

Style your Infinite Virtues

These virtue knots bear an old Celtic design. When paired with stones, they enhance the look of the bracelet. To make these knots standout, mix them with small Round stones, creating a stunning composition. You can even style them with the glass beads from the Trollbeads Spring Collection 2020. Style these beads and adorn your virtues every day.

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Why Buy Trollbeads?

Trollbeads has launched a new collection for Infinite Virtue. This collection is the much needed revamp your wardrobe requires. The new collection includes five silver beads that exhibit your virtues and life state. Do not miss the chance to make your fashion sense look more unique, even if does not tick all the boxes in a typical fashion guide. You might want to try this collection for its conventionally-designed jewellery pieces.

Infinite Virtue Collection on Acotis Diamonds

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