A Gentleman’s Style: Choose Perfection this Father’s Day

Summer is a season of celebrations and comes loaded with many festivals and occasions to satisfy the party fanatic inside you. From summer brunches to Mother’s Day dinner and Pride Month celebrations, summers will have you disappointed in the department of festivities. One such fine occasion is Father’s Day – celebrated across the globe on the Third Sunday of June honouring fatherhood, male parenting, and the contributions that fathers or father figures make in the life of their children. And what better way to express your love and gratitude with... Read More

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Swarovski Women’s Wristwatches for Special Occasions

Scribbling down the number of things to gift to your loved ones and then juggling in between to find out the best is indeed a difficult and mind-boggling task! Selecting from the numerous options available in the market can be a real pain, but keeping it simple and elegant would be the best thing you can do. When it comes to present a gift to your mother, fiancée or sister, you can never go wrong with watches. She might not be fond of cosmetics, expensive jewellery, classy bags, but the... Read More

Watches Powered by Light

Technology advances and so does the art of making watches. Over time, there has been a significant use of technologies that make the wrist watches more convenient. One such technology is Eco-Drive by Citizen-Better Starts Now. What makes these watches special is that they harness energy from any source of light, whether artificial or natural. The energy is stored in rechargeable lithium-ion cell. It can be charged continuously and operate forever. This can make you fall in love with watches all over again the battery exhausts. The Eco-Drive concept became... Read More


Make the Season of Love Extra Special: Valentine’s Gift for Him

It’s that time of the year again and just like every time; it is going to be extra special for all. Valentine’s Day is around the corner and nothing beats a thoughtful gift of accessories with exquisite designs and quality. While all the men are sorted with what they will be getting for their beloved, it is rather tricky for the ladies to decide on something which will be equally special and exceptional for their man. Exploring the widespread options available in the market, one will discover that there is... Read More


Dive in the Ocean of Spunk: Eccentric Jewellery for Men

Men’s jewellery and apparel are often plain and minimalistic in comparison to the huge reservoirs which are available especially for women. While there are many people who would say they are happy with the minimalistic jewellery options that they have at their disposal, some would favour the term “experiments with look”. If you fall in the second category, then rejoice because unlike the far forgotten past, there are plenty of designers and brands which have shifted their focus a lot towards creating fabulous designs to aid all fashionista men out... Read More

Timex: A Twist of the Wrist

We live in an era where a wave of transformation has hit, and that too hard! Watches have been revolutionised from the traditional ones to high-tech bands and gadget watches to do way more than just convey the time. While traditional watches have reduced simply to collectibles and the occasion of seeing someone’s wrist adorned with one has become scarce, for those who do wear them, it’s time to wear the best!

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Put a Stop to Time: Everlasting Watches For Every Style

Some people are jewellery people, and some are not. It may be a matter of comfort of personal style but the trend, fashion and a bit of outfit styling is something that everyone swears by. So, no matter how minimalistic a person may be, they always look and find one or two pieces that go with their personal style and comfort zone as well. One of these ‘ever-loved’ pieces of accessories is watches. Timeless fashion dedicated to time itself is what watches are. From unique to the classic, there are... Read More

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International Men’s Day: Gift of Expression

November 19th is celebrated as International Men’s Day worldwide. The aim of International Men’s Day is to acknowledge the positive male role models and to raise awareness about men’s issues. These include the topics like toxic masculinity, mental health and the prominence of male suicide. When it comes to the notion of toxic masculinity, there is a taboo that the society holds regarding men wearing jewellery.

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Christmas Gifting Ideas that Cannot Go Wrong for the Men in your Life

The countdown for Christmas is on—the time when the calendar is packed with holiday parties, a formidable to-do list of festive chores, decorating, shopping, cake baking and merry making. You can make the festival extra special with a gift that speaks from the heart. They say that a right gift can be a perfect opportunity to create a lasting memory. The time to hunt down the best gifts is flying and like for every member of your family and friends circle, you need an ever-elusive perfect gift list for the... Read More