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Welcome Fall Fashion with Trollbeads Autumn Collection

The harvest season is almost upon us and that calls for a wardrobe and a jewellery box upgrade. Trollbeads is here with an autumn special collection for you to add a few bright harvest colours to your collections of necklaces, bracelets and any other accessory that you prefer to fashion yourself. Harmony Harvest is the new autumn collection for the year from Trollbeads and it is all about harvesting the spirit of harvest in Trollbeads new porcelain beads which are stronger but every bit beautiful as the classic glass beads.... Read More

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Sneak Peek into Trollbeads’ Autumn Collection 2020 – Harmony Harvest

When stunning designs and a luxurious brand come together, magic happens! If you’re all about wearing jewellery that is classic and enhances the aesthetic appeal, then, Trollbeads is just perfect for you! The brand has just made your autumn look ravishing and mind-boggling by announcing the launch of its gorgeous autumn collection 2020 – Harmony Harvest. The jaw-dropping designs and premium-quality material construction are what you get at Trollbeads and in this new jewellery collection. The mesmerizing designs and use of porcelain beads make this autumn collection a must-have to... Read More

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Trollbeads Summer 2020 – Sunset at the Beach

Launched on June 5th, 2020, Trollbeads Summer 2020 Collection – Sunset at the Beach features a new limited edition glass kit, a lock, ring, and a decorative spacer. The collection is all about delightful colours that are reflecting the last sun rays of the day. It gives an essence of the sand between your toes and dance to the music of the ocean. Sunset at the Beach is all about getting a warm summer feeling as you look at the sunset by the beach. The Sunset Breeze Kit This Trollbeads... Read More

Together Apart in the Times of COVID-19

The world today is going through a critical situation where we are stuck at homes, the work has slowed down and the virus is spreading. An alarming state of Pandemic! There is no doubt that we are stuck in a scenario where gloom seems inevitable and the brightness has become a long lost thought. However, it is important to stay in alignment with positivity and not lose hope. In this time of difficulty, Trollbeads brings to you a bead of hope which is sure to bring you out of the... Read More

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Rejuvenation of Spring: Trollbeads 2020 Collection

Jewellery has a way of defining character and augmenting any personality. Creating a piece of extravagant jewellery to tell your story is what Trollbeads is all about. Beautiful bracelets, necklaces, and rings that reflect who are, cannot be created without custom beads elegantly being strung into a medley of cascading hues of spring. Selecting your own beads for your own style can be undoubtedly fun! Fuse together rejuvenating shades of pastel, soft hues, and charming patterns with the new Trollbeads Spring Collection. Trollbeads 2020 Collection features beautiful glass pieces in... Read More

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Trollbeads – Creating Jewellery with Jumbo Beads

Creating a medley of jewellery that exudes your personality has its charms and let’s just admit it, everyone loves doing it! The best way to customise your accessories and add a hint of your character into them is with beads. Strung into bracelets and necklaces, selecting your own beads for your own style can be undoubtedly satisfying and well, fun! Contrasting and matching beads to fuse together beautiful pieces can become overwhelming with the myriad of choices, but this particular style of beads will surely take your breath away…yes, you... Read More

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Love Stories: An Anecdote by Trollbeads

As spring season arrives, we notice days become longer and there is activeness all around. It can be witnessed in the sprouting branches and the blooming flowers. This gives birth to love and romance; romance with nature and its bounty. Keeping this in mind, Trollbeads has launched its Spring 2020 collection of distinctive beads design under the theme LOVE STORIES. It is about time you embrace the new collection and create a new narrative for your life. Glass Narrating the Tales of Love Trollbeads has launched two new glass kits-... Read More

Trollbeads Winter Collection by Acotis Diamonds

The new collection brings you one new amazing gemstone. The shape of a sphere stands for completeness, unity, equality and acceptance. Sunstone is a member of the Feldspar family and has its name because of its warm shades of gold, orange, reds and browns that shimmer like the sun. The Sunstone was originally discovered in Norway. Ancient texts tell that the Vikings used the stone to navigate the seas. Because of tiny particles of Hematite in the stone, Sunstone gets it distinctive shimmer from light-reflecting properties, which these famous seafarers... Read More

Trollbeads From The Heart Bracelet TAGBO-01139 21/10/2019

TROLLBEADS From The Heart Bracelet

Trollbeads From The Heart Bracelet TAGBO-01139 The best gift comes straight from the heart. This is a Limited Edition release. Limited Editions are rare or unique beads which are only released in very small quantities.

Trollbeads by Acotis Diamonds

Trollbeads Scarlet Spirit Bracelet TZZZUK-01741 “Throw  yourself  into  the  world  all  at  once” Courage.  Power.  Passion.  Strength.  All  our  most  unforgettable  and  lasting moments  in life  are  wrapped  in  the  colour  red. Life  is  too  short  –  take  a  deep  breath  and  throw  yourself  into  the  world, completely,  and  all  at  once. This is a UK Limited Edition release.  Limited Editions are rare or unique beads which are only released in very small quantities. All Trollbeads will come perfectly packaged in either a Trollbeads pouch or box, please let us... Read More